Lately There Seems To Be a Sense That All’s Fine

The picture is a representation of all nations. But If asking the question which nation will be affected the most. Then you’re looking at an accurate rendition .

I was welcoming some recent relocates to Cabrera when an interesting question was fielded in my direction. I’m assuming it’s because of the amount of foreigners I encounter they felt they’d receive a well-rounded viewpoint for an answer. At some point during our dialog one of them raised the question “Have you noticed there seems to be a change in the urgency in the need to prepare?” Seems I wasn’t the only one witnessing to the same scenario. When it comes to their Plan B several of their friends and acquaintances seemingly have placed it on the back burner. “Lately there seems to be a sense that all’s fine. We’ve somehow eluded the dark times and things are returning as before.”

Actually when the conversation approaches the topic of preparedness I too have noticed similar sways in the sense of its urgency. I always do just after the nation’s debt limit’s been raised to the next temporarily sustainable level. Habitually a couple of weeks prior to reaching the nation’s debt limit and you get the same old dog and pony show. First the Government threatens to walkout and second a short time later the ceiling is raised and so the rats return to feed. Yep all’s returning to the way it was all right. Actually it never changed and still for me the most unbelievable part of it is. You’re actually paying them for doing it!

There’s a lot of truth when saying “separation creates clarity.” More should consider trying it sometime.

I honestly don’t know… perhaps its just plain old human nature to think in this fashion because as far as approaching the topic from a sensible format there’s just nothing there. The people keep repeating to themselves phew we dodged that one didn’t we? But when asking them what did you dodge? Some of the answers I receive would make you ill. The distance from reality can no longer me measured. One of many reasons why you’ll often hear me mentioning “You just can’t make this stuff up!”

The fact that the western nation needed to raise the bar AGAIN should be all the information that’s required to achieve the correct answer. The economy never was anything but a rolling debt bomb eventually set to explode. It’s past the point of no return. You’d be wise knowing this debt bomb can detonate from the slightest spark. Currently it’s that volatile! Think for a moment, there’s a better question to be asking here?

Ah but the blessed people, the masses sense all’s returning back to normal. A good example if you ever want to appreciate why all throughout history not once were the masses correct and this time’s not going to be different. The debt picture in the western nation is beginning to resemble a high jump bar. The bar’s being raised until finally it get knocked off its tethers and that my friends can now arrive at any moment. There’s lots of ducks swimming in that pond.

I agree a lot’s changed. Take for example the debt it’s changed. It’s gotten worse and now stands in excess of 20 Trillion. What appeared to be a strengthening relationship with Russia changed. At the time of writing this post relations have never been so far conflicting and I’m including the time during the Cold War. What else has changed? While China’s certainly got its own economic and environmental issues to contend with they still play a significant role when it comes to holding US based debt. That’s changed! They’ve lowered their exposure to its lowest point in years. Seems both superpowers have discovered the emperor currently finds itself naked. These bordering superpowers have merged and unanimously distanced themselves from the west while the west continues its slant towards sanctions and protectionism.

Let’s see what else has changed? More troops being shipped out to the mid-east instead of honoring what was said regarding scaling back operations, that’s changed! What’s happening over in North Korea that’s changed. It’s escalated. The divide among the people of the western nation that too has changed, it’s getting wider by the week.

My thoughts only. If this (false) sense of returning to what was before buys a bit more time delaying what is inevitable then consider using it as a window of opportunity. Use this time wisely. Finalize your plans whatever they are, just do it NOW! Common sense should tell you that a 20 Trillion dollar debt cannot be repaid and will not go on much longer before something in the engine goes cluck real loud! Currently the nation’s barely getting by with the interest. The interest is nearing total GDP. Think about that for a moment.

Actually there’s been lots of changes. For instance wiring’s are more difficult to send. Dominican Law firms issuing US checks instead of US wiring’s. My European subscribers have currency controls slapped all over them. Soon it’s going to be Shoulda, Coulda Woulda all over again but this time its permanent. So when I’m asked if things have changed my immediate answer is yes they have. I’ve recently rekindled an old bit of wisdom “The more things change the more they stay the same” again the vast majority won’t take an action till it’s too late. Yep things are returning to normal alright. Until next time.



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