Hurricane Maria Foiled By Cabrera’s Natural Defenses

Hurricane Maria Deflected By Cabrera Natural DefenseHurricane Maria ran it’s course along the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, in a pattern similar to Hurricane Irma just a few weeks ago. So the big question for those of us that live in or have invested in Cabrera is how bad was Cabrera hit by these storms.

Watch this video to see first hand the impacts of Hurricane Maria on the village of Cabrera Dominican Republic.

As we have pointed out in earlier videos, while hurricanes brush by Cabrera, we are surrounded by some very valuable natural barriers that have spared Cabrera from the major impacts of these big storms. First, unfortunately for Puerto Rico, they tend to deflect some what the natural flow of hurricanes up just a little north of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. The second major natural defense for Cabrera is the fact that it sits somewhat protected by surrounding little mountains. And finally, the third natural defense for Cabrera is the fact that it is not a low lying beach town subject to wave surges and street flooding as we typically see in the low lying beach towns. In fact ….


Cabrera sits on a small cliff of 20 to 35 feet which greatly reduces the chance of flooding.

It is the natural safety net for Cabrera that helped us decide on Cabrera as our Caribbean home. We have lived on various islands in the Caribbean over the years. Most are too flat to offer any real defense against hurricanes. Not so for the Dominican Republic. In fact, the highest mountain in the Caribbean (over 10,000 feet) is in the Dominican Republic and shields Cabrera from hurricanes approaching from the south.


If you are looking for a safe place to live or own a vacation home in the Caribbean you definitely want to check out Cabrera Dominican Republic.  Discover why other expats and foreign investors seem to gravitate to Cabrera.


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