A Nation Of Psychopaths

Yep the world’s in deep trouble. Really deep trouble.
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If Trump’s recent speech at the UN doesn’t make it crystal clear that all pre-election promises are null and void honestly you’re operating with the brain power comparable to that of a barnacle at low tide. Your brain is starving for nourishment; you’re not firing on all cylinders. All the attributes, the pieces fitting his campaign puzzle have been swiped off the table. Similar to a spoiled five year old losing in a game of snakes and ladders the pieces are scattered all over the floor none have come to fruition it’s game over!

If by now what should appear obvious still remains obscured if there’s any doubt the western nation is not only run by psychopaths but is populated by them I give a slight edge to the barnacle when it comes to gauging intelligence. On an IQ test I’ll place my bet backing the barnacle. At this stage after all that’s come about both politically and within the citizenry at this stage if you still find yourself undecided all I can ask is what more can it possibly take for you to recognize reality?

I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I can’t help but notice there’s a resemblance to the prior picture. Their body language is near identical.
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For those whose memories have faded here are a few remarks illustrating beyond reasonable doubt that all pre-election promises have swiped off the table. Perhaps it will serve to rekindle your recollection. Trump states “No longer can the United States remain policeman of the world”. I ask what happened to exiting the Middle East. Why is it necessary to increase the amount of troops being shipped to those areas?

Another cornerstone of his pre-election pledges was aimed at stitching the torn relations with Russia. What followed in that regard? Another important piece that somehow found its way to the floor then conveniently swept under the rug. As I write this post the relationship between both nations stands inferior than at the time of the Cold War. Again I ask what happened.

The bought and paid for makeshift of a President stood up in front of the UN council and actually threatened the annihilation of North Korea and I quote “wiping them off the face of the earth.” Shortly after the gelded spokesman for the West went on to impose several strong armed threats aimed towards Iran and Venezuela. What normal person acts in such a manner?

Personally the most melancholic part of the entire speech could be found in the audience. The addressees at the UN stood silent. What should have erupted into at least a shouting incident remained silent. You couldn’t hear a sound emanating from the horde least of all an objection. It is said that silence speaks volumes. The council’s support was apparent. The question is always WHY? Why did the council of the UN sit idly while half-truths and lies were being spread before the whole world?

Those engrossed in obtaining truthful answers simply do what I do follow the money. Money seems to be the one God we all believe in. The answer is always going to involve money! Did you know US taxpayers boast almost 25% of the UN’s annual budget?  There are over 130 countries in the UN, you do the math.

The psychopaths in Washington are steadfast in aiming the world towards a future apocalypse. WHY? Perhaps the holiest of the holy just want to become one with God, the money God. Seemingly the elected leaders of the world prefer money over anything else. It’s urgency outranks peace truth apparently even survival!

Some may be wondering WHY the other members of the UN seem to be going along with this smokescreen. It’s all about the addiction of worshiping the same God MONEY! Many in power see a tremendous opportunity by cooperating with the West. By exploiting their own countries the opportunity to make huge sums of money are there for the taking. Quite a successful God this money is, seems to have no trouble drawing all the believers it chooses. At this time the US Government is little more than a front for the CIA and the MIC. Trump understands this and by remaining President obviously accepts it.

It would behoove you know the only real reason the US remains unwavering about a possible conflict with North Korea is arms. That’s right arms! It’s an excuse to have nuclear arms on the border of China. Iran is the same case only arming the border of Russia. Case in point, in spite of having the most expensive military force bar none over the past two decades the West hasn’t been capable  of winning a war. Even when matched against small countries that at best would be considered marginally armed. Once again you should be asking WHY?

It’s because over time the US military has evolved into nothing more than a glorified jobs program. Its current mission is not to win wars but to prolong them. Consider among the many examples Vietnam Afghanistan Libya and now Syria. These are not wars to be won nor are they confrontations to be ended, they’re all designed to be prolonged. They all serve as ripe examples, opportunities for these misguided psychopaths to continue worshiping their God, their money God.

Honestly with the size and might possessed by the US military would you give any of these countries over ten days if the intention was to win. It’s imperative you understand when hosting such a jobs program that war represents job placement. Because of the absorbent costs occurred in operating this MIC job placement program if the jobs are not there the taxpayers funding this killing spree begin to squabble. After all since we all believe in the same God you too want your money’s worth and so the West has to scout, initiate and participate in makeshift wars.  It’s required to do everything other than win. Winning wars is bad for business. What’s taking so long for people to realize this?

We’re being let into Armageddon and hardly anybody seems to care. All along the rogue state has been Washington and the rogue nation’s been America. As taxpayers you’re supporting the carnage of millions of innocent lives. This represents an eagle eyed picture of what a psychopath’s version of putting your hard earned tax dollars to work resembles. Hope this gives you a sense of pride in supporting it.

I’m intentionally shifting the scope of this post to a near about face. I want to further demonstrate my point about how the western nation is being run by a small group of deranged psychopaths. Question: What would you think of a Government who would send out  public officials ticketing its residents four hours after a major cat 4 hurricane hit? I know this makes little sense, who would do something so nonsensical? Read: Florida Residents Warned they’ll be ticketed for Hurricane-damaged homes. This is the mindset of a psychopath this is the Governments running the Western Nation. Honestly as mentioned several times prior, you just can’t make this stuff up!

On a far more serious note what would you think of a Government who would literally spray neurological poisons dispensed from their own military’s aircraft on traumatized Hurricane victims while disguising it all as a means of controlling a bogus mosquito problem. That’s exactly what’s being done to the innocent victims of Hurricane Harvey over in Texas. After reading Mike Adams post if not fuming, you’re fitting pretty snug into the citizenry side of the Psychopath dilemma raging America.

I ask you. Who does these kinds of things to innocent people? Can you not see this behavior possesses many angles though normalcy is not one of them. Perhaps even a better question is what kind of people allow these things to happen? Citizens ignorant of these kinds of issues are no excuse. No one has the right to be ignorant when it affects others. Regardless of it being difficult at times even painful everyone has the responsibility to research and pass this information along. If instead you choose the path of comfort don’t cry to loud when it’s your children suffering in hospital beds or left out on the street. Like previously mentioned “silence speaks volumes” and by turning the other cheek you did it to yourselves! There is no neutral standing when it comes to such matters.

The same kind of person who will turn their back on personal responsibility will also turn their back on caring what evolves because of it. Their mindset operates on that low of a frequency. If it’s not affecting me then its fine I’ll look the other way. Agreed that might work for a while but cannot last. Perhaps when all’s said and done it’s those folks who will suffer most. Karma has a way of doing just that.

Somehow we seem to find time to research the so called important things. You know the money God issues. For me still the most difficult part to analyze remains the fact that We’re actually paying huge salaries to these people for doing this to us! I’m quoting Michael Moore who was mentioned by author and filmmaker John Pilger in his excellent piece The killing of history “Listen up,” said Moore, “putting aside what our governments do, Americans are really loved by the world!” Suddenly there was a complete silence. Until next time.


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