Coffee With Louis Garcia On The Malecon In Cabrera Dominican Republic

Coffee on the malecon with Louis GarciaCabrera Dominican Republic is the adopted home of an interesting bunch of folks. Louis Garcia of the Professional English School is one of those interesting transplants. Of course, no interview with Louis can start without a good “fish story”. This coffee on the Malecon was no different.

Louis tells us how he discovered Cabrera on a trip from Santo Domingo and basically never wanted to leave. He liked the safety and friendly people enough to move his well established language school from Santo Domingo to Cabrera.

And as you will hear in this video and the following interview videos, Louis has definitely grown his language school into a local institution. In this video….


Barry and Louis discuss how Louis ended up in Cabrera and some of the reasons that Cabrera has become the final destination for so many that were searching for a simpler life among friendly people.


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