Louis Garcia Explains Why He Moved His Language School To Cabrera Dominican Republic

Why Cabrera For The Professional English SchoolTeacher, teacher… it is pretty common to see local Cabrera residents approach Louis Garcia on the street with the greeting… “teacher, teacher”. As you will learn in this segment of our interview with Louis Garcia, the Professional English School has carved a niche as the premier language school in Cabrera and the surrounding area. Louis’s school was even selected by the prestigious international Amanera resort at Playa Grande to provide language lessons for it’s staff and guests.

Barry and Louis discuss the best way to learn a new language with an emphasis on immersing yourself into the local community. It turns out that Cabrera Dominican Republic is the perfect setting for immersing yourself into a Spanish speaking community. It is safe, the people are very friendly and supportive, the little village is quaint and situated right on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. And the Professional English School is probably the most affordable language school in the Caribbean.

Check out this part 2 interview …..


It offers some great advise on how to make the most out of your time in Cabrera and in any other foreign language community for that matter.


If you are searching for a change, for a slower pace, for a more laid back community…. then Cabrera may be an important stop on your search.  Many of the participants in our free Discovery Tours have discovered another alternative and many have chosen to stay.

Matt Bergum October 15, 2017 at 7:11 pm

Barry, I thank you again for providing insight to the Real Dominican Republic. I am planning our second visit in a few weeks, and have been worried about the fact I do not speak Spanish. Louis both remonded me that there are many English speaking people around, as well as a great school to look forward to when we make the move. I can not wait until we are able to join Louis in his classroom…and better enjoy all the people of the area without a translator. Hope to see you soon as well.

Barry October 17, 2017 at 1:41 pm

Good to hear. Luis is a good teacher and he is the person who assisted us so many years prior. Remember you don’t need to be as fluent as you are in English BUT a high level of conversational Spanish I feel is a must. Those who fail to grasp this will sooner or later find out it was a grave error not doing this. It’s at that time that they’ll understand they’ve been totally dependent on others. Hard lesson when it happens.

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