What Is So Special About Cabrera Dominican Republic

Louis Garcia From Nantucket To CabreraContinuing our interview with Louis Garcia of the Professional English School we discuss exactly why Cabrera is so accepting of and friendly to expats from America, Canada and Europe. Louis is a well known and influential local businessman in Cabrera and he has a finger on the pulse of the locals in Cabrera. He understands what Cabrera has to offer and also understands why the Cabrera locals are so welcoming to expats wanting to move to Cabrera.

Louis gives his perspectives about what is so unique about Cabrera as compared to other regions of the Dominican Republic and points out those characteristics of Cabrera that make it ideal for expats seeking to escape the hustle and bustle back home….


Cabrera offers a quaint little village atmosphere, surrounded by some of the most amazing uncrowded beaches.  The people are welcoming and a little bit of Spanish goes a long way for new expats.

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