What Does The Future Hold For Cabrera Dominican Republic

Louis Garcia Checks His Crystal BallCabrera Dominican Republic is a quiet little village on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic that offers a different future for expats seeking a simpler life. Louis Garcia escaped the hectic life of Santo Dominigo over 20 years ago to settle his Professional English School and his family in the village of Cabrera and he hasn’t looked back. In this interview you will hear Louis’s perspective about why Cabrera is different than the touristy towns in the DR and what type of resort development he predicts for Cabrera in coming years.

Cabrera is well along the path toward a different type of tourist attraction. Some of the countries largest and most successful private resort villas dot the hills and oceanfront cliffs of the Dominican Republic in Cabrera and the surrounding communities.

Rather than the typical younger beach crowd, the Cabrera villas tend to attract a higher end clientele, family groups and destination wedding parties. This should continue and will help Cabrera avoid the traffic congestion that so many beach towns suffer.

Check out Louis’s predictions….



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