“The business of America is war” – Gerald Celente Predicts 2018″

Gerald Celente. The balls to speak his mind. In my opinion that’s a Webster’s definition of what a true hero is.

I’m confident those who follow my literature’s already know the name Gerald Celente. I’ve been an avid reader of his Trends newsletter for quite some time now and over the years have developed a deep respect for what he does. His accuracy is indisputable and in my humble opinion is the godfather of the trending world. So when Gerald Celente reveals a few of his key points regarding the trends you should be expecting for 2018 and in two prior posts much of the same was mentioned I was humbled in a big way. After all Celente is the godfather of trends and I also love his direct delivery. Perhaps the direct delivery originates from being born in the Bronx and residing in New York. In any event I love it and I’m not easily impressed.

Celente says it all in this caption.
Photo © Liberty Talk.FM                                    Dan Cofall

On more than one occasion my directness has been brought to my attention. I understand why though and if offending ego’s is the price necessary to gather humanities interests and shift these mounting interests into the right direction I’m good with that. Mistaken fearful egos are easy to verbally checkmate in just three or four moves, so they get upset. Upset that their opinion means little when challenged by hard verifiable fact. These folks so often attempt to take truth and convert it into an insult. I understand why most do this. It’s only a defense mechanism used to veer off what they can no longer answer against. It’s around that point they begin realizing that truth is not determined by popularity. It’s a hit on their ego, I get it but if we as a population can’t curb this ego thing well a lot of us won’t be around when this whole pile hits the fan. Ego is not only the largest three letter word in the dictionary it’s the costliest. A lot of folks will realize this over the next few years.

The DR Escapes team has attempted an interview Celente on several occasions. Hopefully one day we’ll meet with success and if so be assured I’ll be hitting with some hard out of the box questions as I always do. In the mean time I’ve posted both a recent article from RT titled ‘The business of China is business. The business of America is war. Also linked below is a recent interview hailing from USA Watchdog. Pay close attention just after the 30 minute mark!


For all readers and subscribers I highly recommend that you float test Celente’s Trends Journal for a year. After that time you judge for yourself if it’s worth the more than reasonable price. Celente in my opinion is what a hero is all about. He’s already quite wealthy and doesn’t have to be doing this for money. He’s doing this for the betterment of humanity all over the world. That at least to me is what a hero does. Until next time.


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