Take Your Dollars To Walmart In A Wheelbarrow – CripplingThe US Petro Dollar

Touching back on the Gerald Celente forecasts for 2018 and later, there is one more important point to focus on.  What will happen to your US Dollars as more and more of the worlds trade shifts from the US Dollar to alternative currencies like the Chinese Yuan.  Some of you may ask, Who Cares?  The biggest danger, as Celente points out around the 38:50 mark in the video interview, is that the true value of the dollar may slip precipitously.  His analogy is “if the petro Yuan takes hold” you will “find your self wheeling a wheelbarrow full of dollars into Walmart” just to make your routine purchases.  While I doubt it will go that far, his point is not without some merit.

What has kept the US Dollar so strong over the last 30 or so years is the fact that it was used international as the common basis for trade between nations.  The demand was very strong for more and more dollars to fund world trade.  Now, as alternative currencies are being used in trade, most noticeably in the recent shift of petroleum products from Russia to China based on the Yuan, there is a decreasing demand worldwide for the US dollar.  Less demand weakens the dollar over the long run.

So if it is inevitable, why worry about it?  Worry is the wrong reaction, because the shift has already started.  It is inevitable.  The decisions you have to make is whether to let your US dollars sit in a bank or a shoebox and continue to loose value or whether it makes sense to redeploy some of your dollars into more tangible assets, like real estate for example.  And if you do decide to move some of it to real estate, do you further diversify by moving some of your investments offshore.  I see more and more Americans and Canadians exploring their options to move offshore.  Perhaps it makes sense to at least explore it.


In this video, take a little  closer listen to the portion starting at 38:50 and listen again to what Celente has to say about your US dollars and China.


Celente is worth listening to.  He has been quite accurate in his predictions over the years and you might save yourself from financial grief if you pay attention.


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