Beware The Useful Idiots – 8 Deadly Trends In America



If your, like me, have ever wondered why it seems like America is slipping farther and farther down the slippery path toward socialism, loss of personal freedoms, or worse… consider this.

You only need to look at the Lenin game plan for world conquest under Russian rule.  Much of his philosophy was rehashed and spread through the US during the 60s by Saul Alinsky, a radical left-wing agitator and author.  Alinsky authored such notable books as “Rules for Radicals” and “Reveille for Radicals”.  Alinsky may be a no-name to you, but he played a big part in the development of ideas and character in the likes of Obama and Hillary Clinton.  How do we know that… Clinton wrote her college thesis on his writings and Obama still writes about Alinsky in his own books.  And the impact flows much further into the roots of Congress.

Some may challenge me with “I don’t see it” or “Where’s your proof”.

All we have to do is dig a little deeper …..


Dig a little deeper into the “eight rules for radicals” to see examples of why and how American liberties and freedoms are being stolen right out from under our noses.  This is following the Alinsky game book for how to create a socialistic state in the US.  Alinsky says that the government must grab eight levels of control over the people in order to create a socialist state.  Let’s take a look at these eight control grabs and see if they are in play in the US today.

  1. Healthcare – control the healthcare and ultimately you will control the people. Ever wonder where the roots of Hillary’s failed nationalized healthcare attempts and Obamacare got it’s roots.
  2. Poverty – Alinsky realized the poor people are easier to control by providing a ”nanny” state where everything is provided by the government. More people on welfare and dole programs assures less fight back and more entrenched dependence on the socialist side of the government.
  3. Debt – The next key is to drive a larger portion of the populace into unsustainable levels of debt, stimulating the economy short-term resulting in a higher tax base to fund the government and make the people even more dependent.
  4. Gun Control – Set the stage for an ultimate police state by removing the people’s ability to defend themselves by eliminating their ability to bear arms. Even better if you can get the average citizen begging the Government to take away the guns.
  5. Welfare – Grab and keep control of the people by making more and more of them dependent on the government powers for their daily survival… including food, housing and income. I would say they are especially successful with about 21% of the population on some government assistance program, 46 million people on food stamps and about 5 million people in some form of government assisted housing.  Guaranteed votes to sustain and grow more socialist policies.
  6. Education – Grab minds early. Take control of what the people read, watch and listen to very early to build believers.
  7. Religion – Eliminate the belief in God from the government and schools. Due to liberal judicial rulings over the years this has even extended to outright attacks on businesses and even individuals.  Reliance or belief in God tends to threaten the outright dependence on government.
  8. Class Warfare – Divide the people and weaken their ability to coalesce and combine their power. At no time in recent history have we seen more efforts directed toward dividing the people.  Rich verses poor.  White verses black.  Have’s verses have not’s. Democrats verses Republicans.  North verses the South.  Urbanites verses rural.  Left-wing verses the Right.  Citizens verses immigrants.  Etc, etc, etc.


What do you think?  Does it look like Alinsky’s 8 Rules for Radicals are in play in the US?  Do you think this plan is so fully ingrained in Washington politics that US citizens are at risk of losing it all to the tightening noose of the “nanny state”?

And the majority of citizens either hold their hands out for more goodies or sit back and watch the gradual but sure collapse of freedom in America.  As Lenin said of his followers…. the people are “Useful Idiots”.  It is those “useful idiots” that allow it all to happen.  “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere”.


I think this is one reason that so many Americans are choosing to look offshore to live out their retirement years.  Of course a lower cost of living and a better climate play a big part, but I also think more Americans and Canadians (for that matter Europeans) are realizing that their countries are heading down a very slippery slope into the “nanny state” where individual freedoms become a thing of the past.  What do you think?  I’m curious?


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