Don’t Be Scarred Be Prepared

Our debt based economies represent little more than a house of cards. Personal beliefs do not matter. Facts dictate it has to come down. There’s no need to be scarred when your prepared.

For over half a decade I’ve been cautioning folks that they need to be prepared. Not scared but prepared. As a species we humans tend to be highly reactive it’s in our nature. Who knows perhaps one day science will isolate this characteristic as part of our DNA makeup.  But there’s no disputing the fact that an overwhelming majority choose to face obstacles from a reactive position. Seriously I can’t count the amount of times I’ve heard “I won’t worry about it till it affects me” but all too often by that time it’s too late. What ever happened to the philosophy of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?

Apparently the overwhelming majority seems quite content remaining delusional in their personal beliefs. To a large degree this comes from the fact that we are born into them in the first place. Most of our deepest held beliefs have been passed down from previous generations. My grandparents were and so were my parents therefore so am I. From that point forward little if any formal research goes into what determines our most deeply held beliefs.

The time for payment is long overdue. The payback for us as a citizenry being so gullible comes at a seep cost. Deep down inside we’ve known this for a long while. Those who deny it suffer from what this post is all about. Delusion.

A near 100% of us obtained our beliefs from three sources. First it was the belief of our previous generations. Second it was the first belief we were exposed to. Third it is the majority belief of the nation we were raised in. As an example the most orthodox Christian might not be if they were born in Syria, Indonesia, India or Asia. As a matter of fact odds are they’d still be as orthodox only of a different faith. Go ahead and ask yourself if the above holds true for you. I’m confident if more actually did their own independent research the discrepancies in one’s current beliefs would vary significantly.

It’s important to know that delusion remains impartial. Delusion remains neutral it takes no sides rather it fills a void. All too often it takes on the appearance of a political or religious view but still all of our personal delusions are merely fulfilling a belief.  Quoting the late Carl Jung “I don’t need to believe I know”

Carl Jung on belief.


Regardless of what area the inheritor chooses delusion amounts to little more than a means to satisfy the individual’s belief. It’s a defense mechanism to cope with the unknown. Psychiatrists define delusion as a fixed false belief that will not change despite evidence to the contrary. Its unfortunate so many deeply suffer from its symptoms. In fact being inherent to some degree we all partake in what appears to be its soothing effects.

Another troubling area we suffer from delusion is accepting the fact that because we live on a planet this represents a problem and it’s an immense one. WHY… because planets have finite resources. Many notable physicists have commented that planets are not a good place to be located for the long term survival of any species. While the delusional might argue the point the facts prove to the contrary. Ponder for a moment and consider all the species that have come and are now gone, the extinctions. Study some of Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson’s work when he comments “something bad happened on Mars and Saturn.”  The past histories of both planets indicate at one time water was plentiful.

When either man made or galactic events occur should natural resources become unobtainable all herds will thin. In extreme cases this will cause extinction and I caution you if you’re thinking just because were human beings that were not a herd you’re sadly mistaken. All herds need the same basic elements in order to survive. As populations continue to expand this becomes a challenge if the sole means of survival originates from a planet bearing finite resources. Perhaps worse is how we as a collective species have been abusing these resources and doing so for centuries. If you think we’re going to bypass the effects of us abusing our planet, you have crossed the threshold you’ve become delusional. If we don’t change soon enough our two for one buy in bulk mentality is going to come at a punishing cost.

Have you ever stopped and considered that several other forms of our delusional beliefs have been placed into our minds by the very same elected officials we put into power.  Left unchanged this will continue to lead the masses astray indefinitely. The same can be said about the cartels running our rigged debt based economies. Eventually this too will lead to the same destination as they’ve done time and time again throughout history. Believing you can cure a problem by the same source that’s created it makes us delusional. Yet we keep doing it! This too is delusional.

The rise and fall of Greece, Egypt followed by Rome all serve as factual examples. Look what promptly followed. Catastrophic events such as the dark ages the inquisition and the renaissance. I only mention these to prove a point, well maybe two. First these events nearly ended humanity and second they were all initiated then implemented by the same corrupt people we the ignorant keep putting into power. In fact all these horrendous forms of elected cartel obliteration follow the same pattern of promise, failure, anger, ignition and finally carnage. Then it’s control, alt, delete and repeat over and over again.

The only thing that’s changed is the technology the locations and the names. Fighting for peace makes about as much sense as shouting for silence. In one form or another corruption is the root cause and famine war revolution along with a thinning of the herd will always be the effect. In short our whole debt based economic system is set up to do little more than sustain power of those in control and abuse the natural resources we were originally blessed with.

I recently toured with a great couple hailing from Bermuda. While having dinner we were all conversing together when they happen to mention what for them was a key turning point in what brought on their island’s current trials. They mentioned “It’s sad that the Bermudian people have lost the true value of their land.  Somewhere down the line we made a wrong assumption and began valuing our land in terms of dollars instead of its real value which is sustainability. Now we are paying for our mistake. We’ve become a totally dependent country and if that supply boat for whatever reason doesn’t show up at the docks within a few days find ourselves scrambling to hoard what little remains on the shelves.” May I remind you that Corn does not originate in a box with a brightly colored rooster on it.

Imagine my surprise when another subscriber (from Bermuda) two weeks later requested that we should at least meet.  When I inquired about the reasons for her wanting to spend some time together the woman’s story mirrored the previous almost exactly. These are good people who’ve been hoodwinked and now forced into coping with these serious issues. No more delusions about it can’t happen here and it can’t happen to me. Sidebar… by the way Bermudians are every bit as proud of their country as any other citizen is of theirs. But pride counts for little when reality sets in and you’re not prepared for it.

Very few people are actually aware of the current predicament we as a collective are facing. Even fewer understand what its effect will be. Some feel that having a few dollars with be the answer while others rely on individual beliefs. Perhaps a combination of both but in either case their belief is just that a belief. A large percentage are still trying to figure what and when the next bubble will burst and how to benefit by it (pardon the pun) but they’re missing the point.

Most folks are incapable of grasping that it’s all been a bubble and yes as all bubbles do eventually will pop. When the first one bursts the rest will follow in a rapid chain reaction. You need to understand it’s by design it’s going to happen. Belief counts for nothing.  Delusional belief even less.

Should you be scarred? Funny how often I’m asked that question. Myself, my own opinion I would say no. Being afraid doesn’t help anything. Better to be prepared than be scarred. The biggest obstacle that confronts us all is what’s already been addressed earlier on in the post. As a species we humans tend to be highly reactive it’s in our nature its part and parcel in our DNA. Just get out of your comfort zone for a bit. Sell reactive and purchase proactive.   

Those who are too frightened to face these harsh realities all too often lash out at anyone informing the public about these truths. Lashing out in combination with ignoring the facts is only a defense mechanism, it’s their underlying fear that is the root of their reactive behavior. This in and of itself is a text book definition of what being delusional is. They refuse to accept factual evidence to the contrary. They’ll continue labeling it fear mongering even if the author states that being afraid is not one of the options you should consider. The last time I checked being afraid and being prepared are two completely different scenarios, but apparently not for the delusional.

Anyone who refuses to recognize that the greater percentage of the world’s economies are headed off a cliff is delusional or simply doesn’t understand what the word debt means. Debt has no relevance to which nation hosts it… debt is debt and currently the world’s nations are drowning in it. Somewhere down the line it’s got to be repaid. It makes no difference who’s holding it one way or another it’s going to be repaid. The options out there range from painful to catastrophic. All that remains unknown is to what degree will we be affected. To what degree will you be affected? That largely depends on your willingness to get out of your reactive comfort zone. It’s all up to you. You can avoid reality but you can’t avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” Voltaire might have been onto something. Until Next time.   


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