The Negative Effects of Reactive Behavior Pt1

Pass me the m&m’s will ya!

Understanding how potentially dangerous reactive behavior can be and why it’s little more than a Pandora’s Box waiting to detonate I decided to continue with a second post. The fact that reactive behavior is such a serious threat I felt that a second post was in order. In this follow up I’ll be touching on a completely different aspect of the many negative effects caused by reactionary behavior. One such affect is Addiction! I’ll be discussing how reactive behavior can and often does lead to addiction. I’ve actually dubbed it addiction by design.

The many costs of delusion are staggering!

What follows is a personal experience that really opened my eyes to how subtly this can merge into an innocent person’s life. Pacifically a person afflicted with the symptoms of reactionary behavior.

About 9 months ago I had what turned out to be little more than a minor intestinal infection. Understanding better than most why it’s called a medical practice I avoid going to doctors unless absolutely necessary. Over the years Liane’s gotten pretty good at finding natural solutions on the Internet and among the elderly women in our neighborhood. Besides we’re both rarely if ever affected with the colds and flu so many keep falling victim to around the town. Generally speaking it’s not that big a concern for us to begin with.

However this time was different, this time whatever I had persisted. I booked an appointment with a referred Dr. who happens to be highly recommended. I’m confident several folks living in the region at one time or another may have used his services. The name’s not important for the direction this point’s heading in so I won’t be disclosing it.

Naturally we had an introductory visit where I described my problem along with all of its symptoms. The Dr. performed some basic in office tests that would be considered normal by almost anyone’s standards. Things like temperature and blood pressure were taken. Heart beat and rate followed. After all the results showed nothing abnormal the Dr. took a few minutes to explain I’ll need to return for some additional test.

Before leaving his office we set a date for a return visit. So far so good, seemed logical… I agreed to return on that date and have these test done. It’s after these additional test were done that the scenario began to take on a strange progression.

Anybody’s that ever had medical tests done knows they need to be sent out to a lab for analysis. Usually it takes a few days for the results to arrive. Understandably the Dr. couldn’t diagnose what I had that same day but it’s what followed that shocked me. Before leaving he actually wrote me six different prescriptions! Not a clue to what my ailment was and already six prescriptions!

I suppose by some I’m considered lucky. I’ve barely taken a dozen aspirins over the past decade and this well respected Dr. hands me six scripts prior to any idea of what’s even causing the problem! I politely accepted them while at the same time thinking what’s wrong with this picture? Of course I never filled them.

Rather I brought them home and decided Liane and I should research exactly what each of these pills are for and secondly what if any were the side effects. In case anyone is wondering this is what PROACTIVE behavior is and it’s extremely rare.

Acting reactively I would have done no research. I would have simply walked on over to the drug store located next door filled the prescriptions then eaten the candy in its proper doses and intervals. Sidebar: don’t think that the pharmacy being located right next door isn’t by design.

Truth be known that’s exactly what 95% of the people would do and many of my readers know it’s true. Reactive behavior for the highest percentage of us is just shy of a subconscious decision. No thinking goes into it we merely act on what we are told to do. You’ll see this commonly in military’s and law enforcement… I was only following orders is all too often the excuse being given in today’s world.

The research Liane and I completed ensured that some of these meds were used for unrelated symptoms. Symptoms not related to what was explained during my office visit. Now here’s a good question for you to ponder. Since the tests haven’t even been sent out yet along with the Dr. already asserting he can’t diagnose anything until they return and he’s had time to review the results… I was in no pain, there was no obvious external inflammation at that moment in time wouldn’t any pill prescribed be a mistake? Evidently it’s not in today’s world.

On the first of what will eventually be two videos pay close attention to the following excerpts.

  1. At the 1:20 mark “none of us knew what consequences”
  2. At the 1:36 mark “I thought because a Dr. prescribed them that the Dr. knew what he was doing.”
  3. At the 2:19 mark “all of this could have been avoided.”


What do these three declarations have in common? Besides the obvious fact that all three quotes are nothing short of a preventable tragedy what else is shared in common? They’re all reactive statements! All three originate from a reactive position. The damage had already occurred. These are all good folks suffering from the effects of reactive behavior. Seems to dovetail some solid reasoning for having a plan B doesn’t it?

Perhaps what irritates me most about this video is the double standard used to further confuse some already confused people. Near its ending “AND TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR” becomes prominently displayed. With the current crises we all face that logic equates to pouring gasoline on a raging inferno.

I’d like to refer you back to excerpt two sounding at the 1:36 mark of the same video “I thought because a Dr. prescribed them that the Dr. knew what he was doing.” I’ve mentioned several times over you can call these controlling sources evil; you call them corrupt but don’t call them stupid. They know all too well exactly what they’re doing and precisely what they want to accomplish.

People often ask what my personal thoughts are regarding the opioid problem sweeping our nations.  A problem that’s recently been elevated to the level of crisis. When probed with queries such as how did it get started, what likely direction will it progress, what’s the end game? My answer never wavers much. All roads eventually lead to Rome.

What I mean by that is I feel we’re purposely being led down a destructive path that terminates into what’s becomes a modern day version of Arlington National Cemetery. All that’s changed is the crosses and stars have been replaced with faces on white pills. Both are just as irrational, both are byproducts of reactive behavior and most importantly both were initially created to temporarily satiate the endless appetite of corporate and political corruption. Nothing changes but the technology! To keep this running at a reasonable length I’ll have to continue with a part two covering how this all may have got started. Until next time.


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