Finding Rental Homes For Expat Families In Cabrera

Cabrera Dominican Republic Expat Rental HomeAs you know if you have visited us on one of our free North Coast Discovery Tours, Cabrera is not your typical tourist trap beach town.  Many of the homes built in the hills overlooking Cabrera are held for personal use and quality rentals are not the easiest thing to find.  Well that was becoming a bit of a problem for our many new expat families looking to build their own oceanview home or wishing to spend an extended period in Cabrera to really check it out.  So Johnny and I went to work searching for the best rentals we could find and over the next weeks and months we will give you virtual tours of some of the rentals we have located.

In this little video we take a quick pass through a larger home with a separate 2 bedroom apartment in the lower level and a larger living quarters upstairs.  This is just to give you an idea of what we are out searching for to meet the needs of our newest expats and extended visitors.


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