The Negative Effects Of Reactive Behavior Pt2

When the side effects exceed the symptom it’s time you’d better start asking some serious questions.

Continuing on from where I previously left off let’s take a look at how this opioid addiction crisis may have initially grown its roots. First point I’d like to disclose is the fact that it’s taken decades for this to unfold. What we are currently witnessing involved a series of major sequences each having its numbing effects leading towards an ultimate goal. My analysis will expose what I now feel was the initial spark.

But first come’s an exceptional analogy supporting the direction this post will be heading towards. In your mind I want you to picture a large iceberg. Close your eyes and imagine this huge floating mountain if ice. Now stop contemplating and reopen your eyes. What did you vision? I’d be willing to bet nearly 100% of readers were solely focused on the section located above the waterline. If being honest you know you were and so would most of the others.  We habitually think in that way in other words we only see part of the whole.

When suicide becomes the highest rate of mortality within your military again it’s time to start asking some hard questions. Currently it’s exceeding 25 per day.

In this case what’s being ignored is the two thirds of its mass lying below the water line. Similar to most underlying truths they’re there but cannot be seen with a closed mind. The same holds true with our current addiction problem. Much of its originating causes lurk below the surface and to the ignorant remain unseen. To better understand why we’re facing the current opioid crises I’d like to take you back to a point in time where at least my research determines it initially may have begun. I assure you it’s not where you might think.

By first gathering then sorting and lastly reviewing the compiled information I rapidly determined that in order for this opioid crises to take on its present day status somewhere down the line there needed to be a way of wedging apart the family unit. One of the first and most difficult hurdles that needed to be crossed was how to go about breaking apart the family unit without making it look obvious. In its beginning stages this one step did represent a substantial hurdle.

You might be asking yourself WHY  was this necessary. The answer to that is because tightly bonded families are far less susceptible to succumb to negative habits. I’m not saying it doesn’t occur I’m saying the percentages are far less. As hard as it may be to comprehend one of the cornerstones of our current crises focuses around how families have been broken apart. What follows are my thoughts on how it began.

After partaking in a fact finding mission I was soon able to fit together what I feel are key pieces in order to reveal the underlying causes that led to our current opioid crises. It’s my attempt at exposing the underlying part of an iceberg that’s hidden yet remains fully intact. This newly discovered research is what’s allowing me to come up with the following hypothesis. It began with the Women’s Liberation Movement! 

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions first just chill out. Relax and open your mind! Any personal opinions on the subject are well outside the scope of this post. All personal opinions aside the WLM is being brought up solely for the purpose of clarifying an important starting point.

Travel back in time, back to where I now feel a significant crossroads morphed from. The research points to this movement being one of the foundation blocks of what eventually led us down the path of dismantling the family unit. Remember I’m only following a timeline I’m not expressing my personal view. Timelines much like numbers have no emotions. One way or another they form no opinion, rather they simply reveal information.

In my personal life I found them to be a very useful tool in determining at least two things. One is obviously revealing truth and the other is trapping liars. Liars get snagged in a timelines net every time. All too often you’ll find them being either too young or too old to have done what they said and secondly you’ll find them appearing in more than one place at the same time. Both scenarios represent an instant checkmate. There are several others but I’m confident I’ve made my point.

Returning back to the original point I first intended to make. It began at the time of the WLM. During the late 60’s what started out as a loose agreement between a small group of women and feminist rapidly grew into a major movement. This continued throughout the 70’s where its growth eventually caught the eyes of some devious and powerful people. A combination of deep emotional ties along with the fact it gained world wide support causing it to grow exponentially a few underhanded opportunists sensed an opportunity was being missed and it was a big one. One such opportunist my research uncovered was the Rockefeller family.

Among others the Rockefeller’s foresaw an opportunity in launching two major undertakings with this one diversion. But before anything else could come to fruition they realized the first step would be disguising themselves as being concerned about women’s rights. Rather easy to do when you’re wealthy, even easier when witnessing the emotional ties were running deep towards the cause. You simply become a donor. That’s exactly what they did only they became BIG DONORS!

The Rockefeller’s suddenly interested in woman’s rights, really??? I found that very interesting. This wasn’t merely a tax write off. This had some legs to it. Clearly someone understands the art of ambiguous deception. Because of this new found money it didn’t take long before their relationship became rather cozy.

Whenever I use the term follow the money it’s for a good reason. Because when doing so you’ll promptly find out such families rarely care about the rights of anyone. These families care about control not about rights. In fact if one were to pigeon hole this a bit further, nothing could be further apart than the two aforementioned subjects. No… I kept sensing someone’s up to something.

It didn’t dawn on me until after doing this research that the original goal looks more and more like a way of taxing the fifty percent of the population that’s not being taxed. If the WLM were funded by wealthy people promoting equality which just happens to include equality among the work force It be as simple as putting them to work and both sides would be happy. In its beginning stages for the most part that’s exactly what’s become of it.

Actually if you think about it, it was an ingenious idea. The visionary’s got what they wanted and so did the controllers. As the shift gathered momentum more and more women were either returning to college preparing for that dream career or directly entering the work force. Their plan was working flawlessly those working were now paying taxes and those future graduates would eventually be paying what may amount to higher taxes.

The initial phase was working so well that soon similar families began donating heavily into the nation’s education system. They knew the additional tax revenues received by the newly hoodwinked would more than enough to cover the additional expenditures. History proves the ignorant always end up paying for their own demise. Look what’s become of it this time. Ask yourself what’s the cost? What is the total cost?

It’s by no coincidence that I found this to be the approximate timeline that revealed several large donations began appearing in lower and mid-scale Universities. A short time later grant programs dealing with tuition fees came to be. Then came the day care allowances for all the moms that felt they were being left behind. Any guesses what followed next? The eligible lined up like sheep to apply for them. Not thinking for a moment what might be the long term costs of their major decisions. Most just made a snap decision. It’s free therefore its for me type mindset took over.

Remembering what I said earlier about the significance of timelines. Look at who comes into the picture exactly at the most opportune time. None other than Yuri Bezmenov. Bezmenov a former defector explained the methods used by the KGB for the gradual subversion of the political system of the United States. Under the pen-name Tomas D. Schuman, Bezmenov authored the book Love Letter to America. The author’s biography of the book likens Bezmenov to Winston Smith, from George Orwell’s 1984.

Bezmenov was actually employed as an adviser for two US Presidential administrations. The Obama two term administration being the most current. Part one of the KGB’s demoralization plan was to get an entire generation through a predetermined educational program. Separate children from their mothers as early as possible. According to Bezmenov this takes up to twenty years to accomplish. The video below was filmed over twenty five years ago. Troubling how accurate his mentions turned out to be.

 Game Plan Revealed By Former KGB Yuri Bezmenov


For any naysayers take a close look at today’s family environment. It’s developed almost word for word according to how this short video portrayed it would. Today’s families spend little to no time together. It’s off to one program or another dance karate school camp whatever it takes to further separate while not even recognizing what really taking place. What was once thought of as free thinking has been relabeled non-conforming. Over 36% of Americans polled under the age of 35 say they actually prefer online relationships over person to person relationships.

Perhaps most troubling at least for me was watching what would have been considered perfectly normal in my era now commonly labeled as A.D.D. followed promptly by prescriptions for the very same opioids that are causing the current crises. They’re now prescribing them for youths under 5, UNDER FIVE! Does anybody not see a problem here?

Today you’re considered fortunate if you get the opportunity to further nullify your mind for an hour or two in front of the wide screen before repeating the whole dismal schedule tomorrow and so on and so on. Families to a large degree no longer even share mealtimes together. Seems more people I meet are beginning to recognize they’ve been tricked. Even for the densest of individuals things just aren’t adding up. But still the numbers are nowhere near enough for any foreseeable change happening soon.

Ask yourself; how is it that husbands and wives are both working yet living lesser quality lives? By week’s end there’s no time or energy left for the family. Relationships begin to suffer. Without even knowing it most have sold themselves for material things and debt. It’s what happens when you’re solely focus on what appears above the waterline.

Over time left unnoticed this disease metastasized it grew larger eventually infecting other areas. In many cases it grew to such a degree there’s nothing much left other than a merger of convenience. The true family bond has disappeared a long time ago. Instead of things getting better they’re progressing in the wrong direction and at an alarming rate. Whatever we sold ourselves for it didn’t represent the total cost. It seldom does.

What was first embraced as a victory and perhaps initially it was has now had the underlying truth came into the limelight. Exposing what I now feel has been little more than a devious plan of exploitation and control. The effects of this well thought out plan have spiraled in many directions however addiction, depression, separation and suicide to me only represent its effects. The causes, as they always are will be found decade’s even centuries earlier but most do not think to look that far back. They won’t do the research and therefore are doomed to fail. Most of us simply react to the changes, wash rinse repeat wash rinse repeat.

How the opioid crisis decimated the American workforce


We’ve been reduced to a society that all too often asks “what do you do” as a second question. So when asked how this opioid crises got started you now have my answer. It’s a byproduct from the 60’s when an industrious group of families recognized an immense opportunity. The balance of it ascended from that point towards the present. That point in the 60’s was the cause everything else passed that initiation merely represent its effect’s.

I can still remember my mother being so excited when fist getting into the work force. She loved what she did at least she did for a while. She then began missing “how it used to be.” Ask many and many will respond I miss the old times. I miss the way things used to be. I miss the fact that the kids don’t enjoy being around us anymore. We feel like we’re their last option whenever we’re together. It’s just not the same come the holiday’s. Does any of this sound familiar with your friend’s relatives how about with yourself?

Is it any wonder that so many have fallen into the clutches of addiction?  Opioids or alcohol makes little difference both are addictions? When 22,000 people died last year from prescribed medications does this ring of contentment? When one out of every three people taking opioids don’t even know that they’re taking them you’re beginning to see the results of a demoralized citizenry. A just do as you’re told society without even thinking  of the outcome. Just because someone holds a degree doesn’t mean that they care. Regardless of having a diploma Doctors can be addicts too. In fact it happens a lot more often than you’d think. Research and ask questions you do have a choice.

This opioid crises is not linked only to the West, it’s linked to the world. It is a world problem. America just happens to be effected most and by a wide margin. Corruption outsourcing jobs a vanishing middle class changing family values outrageous taxes all have their effects in varying degrees they all diminish the quality of our lives. But we have to take a step back and ask ourselves. Regardless of the problem is addiction the answer?

You’d benefit hugely by remembering this same formula’s been hounding humanity forever. First create the problem then provide the solution. The solution is always a predetermined outcome! As a citizenry the difficult issues we’re currently faced with all stem from three originating sources. They’re seeded from corruption, control and the need for power and it’s from these seeds that our poison grows. The new version just happens to be opioids.  As a citizenry we’ll deal with it, addiction is just not the answer as to how. In future be careful if a fox ever offers you a chicken sandwich. Similar to what my research revealed in the 60’s chances are there’s ulterior motives behind the offering. Until next time.



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