Living In the Caribbean – Pros And Cons Of The Dominican Republic

There is a lot to consider when you start to think about dropping out of the rat race up north and heading for the tropics.  Every now and then we see an especially informative video by other travel bloggers that can be helpful to our subscribers as they research their own move to the tropics.

Today we thought we would share a clip out of a very recent video by Mr. T of the Educated Traveler.  This segment is especially pertinent to the pros and cons of a move down to the Dominican Republic.  As you will see in this video clip, one of the interviewees mentions how life and your experience can vary greatly depending on the size of the city and the stability of the local community.   That is exactly why we settled in on the village of Cabrera and this area on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

Now lets see what Mr. T has to say…..



In short, they mentioned just a few of the advantages that we find in Cabrera compared to larger cities in the Dominican Republic and compared to the touristy cities throughout the country:

  • Some of the friendliest and most content locals and expats as your neighbors
  • Less hustle and bustle and crowds of tourists
  • Less Traffic and congestion on the roads
  • Little tourist traffic to attract the less savory characters
  • Better values on ocean view property
  • Abundance of affordable fresh organic fruits, vegetables, seafood and free range meats
  • Just enough night life to keep it interesting
  • Almost unlimited opportunity for outdoor activities on beaches and in the mountains
  • Expat friendly local authorities
  • Minimal governmental intrusion in your life

And those are just a few of the advantages we see.   If you would like to explore what it is like to live on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, be sure and sign up for one of our North Coast Discovery Tours.


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