It’s Not Their Fault It’s All Our Faults

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How many of you have ever heard of Simon Sinek? For those who haven’t here’s a brief biography. Simon O. Sinek (born October 9, 1973) is a British-American author, motivational speaker and marketing consultant. He is the author of four books including the 2009 best seller Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action (2009).”Obviously Simon is a popular talented individual appealing to a wide audience and I’ve linked what I feel to date is one of his best presentations.

I’ve benefited by reading much of Simon’s material. Absorbing is very different from putting to practice. The latter is the challenging part.

For what’s rapidly approaching seven years now we’ve been blessed to meet hundreds no strike that thousands of good folks. While these good folks stem from nearly every part of the globe the highest percentages originate from the western cultures of America Canada and Europe. It’s because of this that I can say the following with absolute surety. The balance between life and technology has tilted and for most its tilted towards the wrong direction.


I’d like to add a few personal comments to this exceptional video. The first point I’d like to make is this is NOT solely pertaining to millennials. The westernized drive up mentality, the entitlement attitude is not limited to millennials. While I tend to agree within the millennial age bracket the percentages are higher but by no means does that make it exclusive.

Many folks outside the age bracket of millennials fall victim to much of the same pitfalls. I’ll briefly touch on a few. Countless electronic Facebook relationships seem to have replaced live interactions. You can hardly go out anymore without someone jumping at the first ding off their I-Phone. You know that ding that notifies you a text is waiting. All too often what follows is that smug gesture as if they’re attempting to say gosh does it ever stop. But somehow they just can’t leave it be, they have to answer it regardless if you were in the midst of a (god forbid) real conversation. That look that I can’t help it I’m popular look is never far behind. Don’t tell me this only affects millennials, it’s everywhere if you care to look.

In our current out of balance society somehow the word friend got confused with acquaintance. Somewhere along the line free thinking became nonconforming. It’s a say one thing but do the other world that we’ve created. Truth is all but extinct in almost every aspect of our lives. This too is not limited to the age bracket of millennials.

We’ve morphed many have adapted towards the lowest frequencies consisting of saying whatever it takes to become part of the group… the back stabbing the gossip are both running unchallenged in today’s world. The population of chameleons has soared and as such we change colors to blend into the scene, the surrounding. I ask you is this limited only to millennials? I think not.

One additional comment I’d like to make. Whenever the information is out there and you choose not to research it IS YOUR FAULT! There’s a big difference between ignorance and nescience. Ignorance carries blame with it because the information is out there but you choose to willfully refuse disregard or ignore it, you become Ignor-ant.

Nescience however carries no blame. The information you’re seeking is not available. The word nescience originates from the Latin verb nesciere. In English Ne means no and Sciere means science, no science. The information you are seeking is not available. This is why nescience carries no blame with it and is why I disagree with Simon’s point about “it’s not their fault.” This also happens to hold true for all age brackets.

When others see my cracked cell phone they wonder WHY, when they see Liane’s old cell phone they laugh. A cell phone is a tool it should not be an addiction. The use of any tool is dependent upon the wielder. Most no longer understand what balance is. What it means in life and in technology. Most have become slaves to their electronic devices. For so many devices have actually become their vices. Anyone who mentions to me they’re different at home than at work is simply lying in one of two places. We’re writing a book every day of our lives, but we never read that book. Is that solely limited to millennials? If we’re being honest with ourselves we know it’s not.

No this is not something exclusive to Millennials and at least to my understanding because the information was available and still is carries blame attached to all those who are affected. In fact on a deeper note to varying degrees we’ve all been affected. Perhaps this is why we relocated to Cabrera so long ago. No it’s not perfect however separation always has a way of enhancing clarity. The universe just works that way. If you don’t understand this remember the universe is under no obligation to make sense to you. Until next time.


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