Survive In The Face Of The Collapse Of The Dollar and Euro

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History has proven time and time again that the collapse of a fiat currency will drive governments to desperate measures to try to retain power and preserve the wealth of the elite…. always at the expense of the middle class.

Even in our lifetimes we have seen what happens as a currency devalues to the point it takes a wheelbarrow full of currency to purchase a few loaves of bread.  Trust me it can happen.

We have also seen the erosion of personal liberties and freedoms as governments attempt to protect their tax base.  We are seeing that right now as bills are introduced to limit, tax or even prohibit the transfer of personal assets out of the country.  That is one short step from limiting your own ability to move freely in and out of your own country.  The handwriting really is on the wall.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in the U.S, Europe or Canada.  Same fate awaits you.

All I can do is to urge you to start the process of establishing a home-base outside of your home country while you still have the opportunity.  Start the clock ticking on establishing residency and the opportunity to secure a second passport while you still can.

You may need that escape route someday, sooner than you may imagine.

It just so happens that I picked a luscious tropical island that has abundant water, minimal hurricane exposure and constant low-cost fresh organic fruits, vegetables and seafood at ridiculously low prices.  A place where ocean view and ocean front property is still affordable.

Let’s start a dialog.  Let us help you determine if the DR might be an alternative for you.  No pressure.  No presumptions.  We just want to help you figure out if it is right for you and your family.

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