Thank you for taking a look at our DR Escapes website.  We are all about sharing our research and views about the world in the hopes that something we share may make a difference in your life.  The major economies of world (including America, Canada, Europe and others) are in awful shape financially.  Spending, currency printing and debt has literally spiraled out of control, well past any hope for a smooth or painless correction.

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In our opinion, it’s time to take proactive steps to protect your assets and provide a safe fallback position for your family.  For us that translated into shifting some of our assets over to silver and gold and finding a safe and comfortable place for our family to live in the Dominican Republic, away from the main impact zone of a currency collapse.  That may or may not be the ideal plan for you but maybe some of the facts and ideas we share in this website will help you decide.

We first came to the Dominican Republic to find a safe place to live that always had an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, sea food and other natural foods.  We wanted a place where the government intervention and meddling was minimal and where we would be welcomed.  We found all that plus a whole lot more.  Cabrera Dominican Republic has turned out to be a veritable paradise.  We have some of the most beautiful unspoiled and uncrowded beaches on earth along with a huge variety of natural attractions.  We are a couple miles from a world class golf course that truly rivals Pebble Beach, at less than 20% of the cost for greens fees.  We found the warmest and most welcoming people we ever encountered when living in the U.S., Canada and throughout the Caribbean….. real, genuine friends.

Barry Jay
Cabrera Business Center
Cabrera Rio San Juan – Nagua Km. 21
Cabrera, R.D.