DYD Tour Application

Please answer all the questions so that we can make your Discover Your Destination Tour of the north coast of the Dominican Republic as informative and pleasurable as possible.  When you submit the form we will review it and make sure that the tour dates you have selected are available and that tour will meet your needs.  We will call you within 48 hours to answer any questions you may have and to lock in a tour date for you so that you can go ahead and book your airline flights and rooms.

This form lets me know that you MAY be interested in a tour of the northcoast of the Dominican Republic. By completing this form you are NOT committed to do anything until we talk and answer your questions and confirm your tour date.


DYD Tour Application

Tell us when you would like
to come on our tour.

We strive to coordinate our
tour schedules with you. We
understand that you probably
have to juggle between work
schedules, vacations and all
of you other time demands.

Typically we are able to
accommodate tours of 4 to 6
days, however we have even
been able to accommodate
people that chose to extend
their stay up to two weeks.I am sure we will talk by
phone several times before
your trip to make sure we
have answered all your
questions and to handle
logistical needs.

The best way to start this
is for you to tell us what
week would work best for
you and your family. We
will do our best to
accommodate you.

If flights into the
international airports
of Puerto Plata or El Catey
will work for you, those are
best for us. But if you
need to fly into Santiago
or Santo Domingo we can
probably accommodate that

If we have several families
arriving at the same time,
we will probably set the
tour up as a group tour.
If you will be alone with
your family, we will set
it up as an individual tour.

If you have a particular
preference let us know.

We will call you, typically
within 48 hours after you
complete the tour request
form to try to nail down
some dates and answer
any questions you may



We will call you within 48 hours to confirm your interest and lock in a date.