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Dominican Republic Map

Dominican Republic Map


The Dominican Republic offers one of the safest and most desirable places to escape the coming collapse of the Dollar and Euro. While it is only a couple hours away from the US, it is decades away from the stong-handed control you will experience in the US or Europe, and even Canada. This north coast region, up around the Cabrera area, offers a beautiful and unique rural environment where the economy is not tourism based. This is a critical point. This region offers an abundance of natural, organic fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood and virtually unlimited free fresh water supplies.

We offer two different Discover Your Destination tours…. a group tour and an individual tour.

We do not charge for either tour. We volunteer our time for people that want to evaluate whether the Cabrera area of the DR is right for you and your family. Your only costs will be your own out of pocket costs while you are on the tour and to fly into one of the main airports on the island. The only other costs will be your portion of the out of pocket expenses we incur, such as gas, toll and/or tour bus.

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Please read the rest of this page carefully – it contains important instructions

For group tours, we will recommend a local hotel or villa in the Cabrera area.  The price ranges of these facility vary from around $40 per night and up as lavish and high as you might want to go.  Sometimes we can negotiate discounted rates if you choose to let us make the reservation for you.

When we get your application we will send you a package of detailed instructions, including how to book your room and recommended flight details for your group tour.  We recommend these flights because they tend to be most convenient.  If you choose to take other flights you will need to meet the driver at the same time as the other tour participants that did fly on the suggested flights.  If you are not at the departure area when the bus leaves you will need to either rent a car or take a taxi to the hotel which can be an unnecessary expense if you can meet us at the time prescribed.

When you complete your application for a tour, we will send you phone, skype and other contact information so that you can ask any questions and keep in touch.  We will also call you within 24 hours of submission to confirm and to answer any questions.  At that point you will want to go ahead and book your airline flights.

For individual tours we will contact you and discuss hotel options and flight options.  We have listed the suggested flights for each of the tours, but we have more flexibility on individual tours.

Below you will see the available tour dates and the approximate agenda for all tours.  Follow the 3 step instructions.


DYD Tour Application

Step 1: Pick A Tour Date

Available  Dominican Republic Tour Dates (first come)

Recommended Flights

Recommended Flight into Puerto Plata

  • Date          Airline      Flt#      From       Time         To          Time
  • See Sch       AA           935       MIA        12:00        POP        3:00
  • See Sch       AA           936       POP         4:10         MIA        5:25

Alternative Flight into Santo Domingo (with prior approval)

  • Date            Airline      Flt#      From       Time         To          Time
  • See Sch       AA           1481       MIA        12:45       SDQ        3:00
  • See Sch       AA           1398      SDQ          1:15        MIA         3:35


We strive to coordinate our tour schedules with you. We understand that you probably have to juggle between work schedules, vacations and all of you other time demands. Typically we are able to accommodate tours of 4 to 6 days, however we have even been able to accommodate people that chose to extend their stay up to two weeks.

I am sure we will talk by phone several times before your trip to make sure we have answered all your questions and to handle logistical needs.

The best way to start this is for you to tell us what week would work best for you and your family. We will do our best to accommodate you.

If flights into the international airports of Puerto Plata or El Catey will work for you, those are best for us. But if you need to fly into Santiago or Santo Domingo we can probably accommodate that too.

If we have several families arriving at the same time, we will probably set the tour up as a group tour. If you will be alone with your family, we will set it up as an individual tour. If you have a particular preference let us know.

We will call you, typically within 48 hours, after you complete the tour request form to try to nail down some dates and answer any questions you may have.


Step 2: Review the Tour Agenda

Dominican Republic Tour Agenda*

Day 1: Arrival Day

  • 2:00-3:30 arrive at Airport for pickup
  • 3:15-5:00 Trip to hotel in Cabrera. (Will be passing through the  towns of Sousa and Cabarete on Puerto Plata Airport pickups only)
  • 5:00-6:30 Check into hotel and get settled
  • 6:30- 8:30 Dinner at hotel and meet and greet session with some of the Drescapes team.

Day 2: Tour and Logistics Day

  • Breakfast on your own at hotel
  • 9:00 Bus will pick up at Hotel
    • Travel to the neighboring town of Rio San Juan. Check out the Gri Gri lagoon. Walk along deserted beach path called graveyard beach. End up at mouth of Gri Gri Lagoon. Return to bus.
    • Drive and tour:
    • Playa Caleton (Board walk Beach)
    • Playa Grande (Big Beach)
    • Playa Preciosa (Precious Beach)
    • Playa Grande Golf Course: Park and walk through club house.
    • Drive through the town of Abreu.
    •  Town of El Breton
    • Stop and view Cabo Francis beach from cliff.
  • 12:00-2:00: Lunch with group at Mir a Mar (see the sea) restaurant. The assistant mayor or former two term mayor of Cabrera may join us depending on availability as schedules vary this cannot always happen.
  • 2:15-3:15: Meet and greet along with Q & A with the attorney and partner of the firm Guzman Ariza, Dr. Julio Brea.
  • 3:30-4:30 To Lianes and Barry’s home for snacks and drinks and possibly meeting some of the locals for questions.
  •  4:30: Back to hotel
  • On your own for Dinner – will provide recommendations for dinner or can dine at the hotel.

Day 3: Scenic Day

  • Breakfast on your own at the hotel
  • 9:00 Bus pickup Day will be tour of some of the most scenic places of the Dominican Republic’s North Coast area.
  •  Tour north coast. After departing Cabrera we head on to the town of La Entrada. Tour Playa La Entrada and Playa Boca (Mouth Beach). Named mouth beach as the mouth of the river meet and enters the ocean. Many times you can witness the locals are bathing and swimming in the mouth of the river.
  • Depart La Entrada and head onto Playa Diamanté (Diamond Beach). Diamanté is famous for shallow crystal clear water that mothers can relax while small children wade in shin deep waters. No rocks or urchins. It’s a great place for mom’s to truly unwind while the kids have a blast.
  • Continuing on we will be passing through the town of Nagua. Nagua is a supply and service town where many Cabrera residents pick up the supplies and services not normally found in Cabrera.
  • No stopping in Nagua while we continue our tour.
  • Staying on the Carretera we will point out the new highway to the Capitol Santo Domingo. The new toll road saves three hours’ drive time and it’s all on a top quality fully serviced interstate highway.
  • About twenty minutes past the turnoff we will veer left off the main highway onto the old road and head through the mountains. Allowing time for several scenic stops and photo opportunities. We’ll be passing through no less than 12 local farming towns and ending up at the entrance to Las Terrenas.
  • Lunch: We will load up on local roasted chicken and yucca. You must try the salsa (sauce) wassacaca. This is a local citrus recipe and is delicious with fish, chicken and meats. Also makes a great salad dressing. Enjoy a group lunch on a remote section of Playa La Entrada.
  • There will be time for a swim after lunch so be sure to take your trunks and towels if you’re interested.
  • After that we take a different route back through Las Terrenas and return on the newly constructed main highway. Possibly the nicest in the entire Caribbean.
  • Back to Cabrera and hotel drop off at 5:00.
  • Optional dinner in the town of Cabrera set for 7:00.

Day 4: Viewing the Neighborhoods, lands and homes in the area of Cabrera. 

  • Breakfast on your own at the hotel
  • 9:00 Bus pickup
  • 9:00-5:00 View various Neighborhoods and lands and real estate in the Cabrera and surrounding areas. Optional local dinner together at restaurant.

Day 5: Departure Day

  • Breakfast on your own at the hotel
  • Departure day to airport – Departure time based on the specified flight for your tour

* We reserve the right to modify the schedule and shift days around to accommodate schedules of the attorney and other people we will introduce you to.

Step 3:  When you are ready, press the application button.  You will be taken to a planning form that we will use to make sure we will be able to meet your needs on the tour you have selected.  Some parts of the tour are common between tours, however we will use the information you include on the form to plan the more personal portions of the tours.  Press the button below to start your brief application.


DYD Tour Application

You are NOT making any kind of commitment by pressing this button or submitting your application.  We will talk by phone to confirm your interest and all details before you are committed to anything.  Ok.

Looking forward to meeting you and showing you around this little piece of paradise.

Barry Soloman




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