Libor Lie One Of The Last Nails In A Closed Coffin

 Libor being uncovered is perhaps the biggest scandal of history. Almost every person on this planet has been touched to a degree. What is the real danger is this the beginning to an ending. Another large nail in a closing coffin. If CON is the opposite of PRO then is congress the opposite of progress.

 Libor Lie – A Black Swan?

Currency Libor

Libor fraud

The Libor interest rate rigging scandal is being called the biggest financial fraud in history.  Libor is a key interest rate that is used globally to set as much as $800 trillion in transactions. In a financial system reeling from one fraud after another, this is the mother of all rip-offs by the banksters.  Karl Denninger of calls this, “the largest organized theft ever committed in human history.”


Wanna bet who’s behind these masks. Nah it’s too easy to figure this one out. Two diamonds mixed with a lot of dirt. We’ve always known the best way to be free of this madness is relocate, second residency, funds in various hard assets and accounts out of your residing country. As always we encourage your thoughts and comments.


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