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Yea Baby! Fifty Loaves Score a Big One For Yours Truly. All Natural

Yea Baby! Fifty Loaves Score a Big One For Yours Truly. All Natural

Hi guys its Barry in D.R. We have some weather coming over the next few days. There will be a lot of rain and some winds around 30-35 M.P.H. The big guy upstairs has blessed us with a mountain range that acts like a barrier to any tropical storms or hurricanes. As the storms approach from the Pacific, if it happens that the D.R. is in the path, we on the north coast have this natural blessing.  A beautiful natural barrier to take care of us and provide the best protection possible. A mountain range sits next to the town of Cabrera. Nobody here even has storm shutters on their homes and I’m including the multi-million dollar villas in this statement. Cabrera’s weather is just one more reason that makes it one the safest places in the entire Caribbean to live in.

I was tying up some of our green, red, and yellow peppers along with a dozen or so Roma tomato plants.  They’re still young and might get damaged from the rain and winds arriving tomorrow. Cut down a few of my banana trees as the bunches are just about ready to be cut. Liane was happy as she has another couple hundred bananas for a big batch of her famous chocolate banana bread. Banana trees are quite an incredible plant. When their fruit is ready just grab your machete and whack off the whole top of the tree. In a few months you will see another one grow from the trunk of the old one. Renewable resources are the way to go.

Paplo's Milk Truck. Affordable Whole Milk Without All The Additives.

Paplo’s Milk Truck. Affordable Whole Milk Without All The Additives.

Went to the farm and bought enough milk for three days in case I want a few Baily’s and hot chocolate while the rain is falling. Picked up a half gallon fresh milk for 15 pesos, or about forty two cents U.S. With the natural cocoa, from Tony’s cocoa farm, a bit of Baily’s and the farm milk I’m kind of sorry we don’t see more of these storms. Honestly I have no problem spending a few days this way. How about you?

Once done with the house prepping, I was going to go into the office and shut down the power.

Well after about six months, I finally took it upon myself to fix that slow leak on the rear car tire.  I  mentioned in an earlier post. As I get out to the car, the stress peeked when I saw the front tire was flatter than a pancake. I always have my portable compressor in my trunk and proceeded to inflate the front tire and head out to the tire shop. I had figured it’s time to take care of the rear slow leak too since I’m already there. Got both tires repaired, and was ready to go after paying a whopping invoice of three dollars U.S.

Chity's Tire Shop In Nagua Only Used And Abused Sold Here. They Try To Live Up To Their Name

Chity’s Tire Shop In Nagua Only Used And Abused Sold Here. They Try To Live Up To Their Name

It was a done deal at the office, and the tire store, so I headed back home to help Liane and some of our friends finish up with prepping of the property. That’s when the next bit of great news came from our friend José.

Liane's Auyama Flowers. Soon to be Curry and soup. YUM!!

Liane’s Auyama Flowers. Soon to be Curry and soup. YUM!!

José is one of our best and most trusted friends. While he was out in the upper garden tying up the lemon grass he leans over to me and says: “Barrie mucho problema para ya”…., or  “Big problem over there” for us gringos, and points to our Auyama vines. Auyama is in the squash family. Sort of like a pumpkin but far more delicious. An excellent source of vitamins and minerals, besides being delicious. Liane makes the best Auyama soup you ever tasted and her new specialty is Auyama curry. Even the local ladies are asking how she does it.

According to José, here’s the issue with our new Auyama vines. For some reason the male flowers were not staying attached to the main vine. All the male flowers have been falling off after two to three days of blooming. I ask José what’s up, as he is the man when it comes to growing fruit and vegetables. He is telling me that he thinks our new Auyama vine is gay as the rest of his buddies are laughing. Me mata es gay?  I’m asking him: my trees are gay? José replies No sé, meaning I’m not sure. In the small farm towns of the country they speak a very broken Spanish. You will come to know it very fast if you care to, it’s easy.  By now his buddies are holding themselves with laughter. But of course, all in good local fun in the end. Jose went on to explain that until the vine is about eight to ten feet in length this is normal. Then one male will pollinate one of the newly blossomed females with the assistance of the bees. He even then told us to save a few of the severed male flowers in a brown paper bag and put them in the fridge. As the vine matures you can with either a toothpick or cotton swab pollinate the female yourself. Pretty cool isn’t it. These guys can remove a 40 ft. tree with pick and axe, replant it, and I swear to you it continues to grow!  But then again, the fence posts grow into trees too.  You have to see this to believe it. I’m also glad to know our Auyama is going to produce just fine. For me it means a lot more great soup and curry.

I’m asking all my listeners to record the date of September 12, 2012 in their calendars. I’m aware this is an easy date to remember as September 11th is one day earlier… but record it anyway. Why am I mentioning this date…. because it could turn out to be a game changer.

September 12, 2012 could be remembered, and even taught in history classes going forward. This is the date that the German court decides whether or not they still can or are even willing to continue bailing out the PIIGS countries along with their falling economies. They will be making the decision if they will continue to supply the vast amounts to the ECB. You see Germany is no longer doing so well either, and can’t continue buying these worthless bonds from the ECB much longer. From how I see it, no German support…. NO EURO!

That is what will start off a chain of events that you don’t want to be unprepared for. In my opinion, this event will also pave the path for the false flag event to restrict people, along with their funds, within the nations’ boundaries.  I also do feel Israel will soon attack Iran, and if they do, watch out America as the changes will hit you one after another, like a darts hitting a dart board.  Everything after that point is off the table. So if I were you I would keep that date and stay tuned in. The can-kicking is soon coming to an end, as the can is already flat and can roll no longer.

Today’s post has a couple of articles you don’t want to miss. Along with three YouTube’s I’ve selected to provide you with good factual information you probably didn’t know. The first is a trailer to Grey State. Excellent analogy that deals with what the not too distant future may be like, living in all overpopulated nations that had purposely allowed their citizens to live way beyond their means. Don’t think it can happen….. then I suggest you re-look at your history. Its exactly what has happened since long before the Old Testament.

The second is about why most of the citizens won’t make it.  They’ve been dumbed-down by sources. Either by the media or the wide use of chemicals that have been used on their families willingly.  Uninformed, dumbed-down parents, lining up their children like cattle for flu shots, hepatitis B, and a long list you can’t imagine. From mercury injections to fluoride, parents have been duped to believe it’s for their own good and of course the good of their children.

Two of the easiest ways the elite raise money and control is through false threats and the children’s well-being scenarios. Seems to automatically install the blinders on people at the mention of either subject. Bet you didn’t know that the fluoride in everything from your toothpaste to your water was originally invented in Nazi Germany as an excellent means of population control. Pure poison. I hope you read, watch, forward and learn as that’s what we’re all about.

The last one is to lighten up things a bit. It’s a goofball look at our TSA. Have a laugh and we’ll be together again soon. If weather permits we’ll be together tomorrow if not over the weekend. This is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.

Amerika’s Future is Death

The day we see truth and do not speak is the day we begin to die. – Martin Luther King Conspiracy theories have now blossomed into what the smug presstitute media calls a …”




The assault on freedom is just beginning

“August 14, 2012 Somewhere beneath the English Channel I’m writing this letter to you whilst throttling at a high rate of speed somewhere beneath the English Channel en route to Paris. My ultimate destination is actually Tunisia, where I will spend the next few days on the ground checking out how the country has”

Closing with a lighter side of the TSA



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