Words Do Matter But Only If You Truly Understand Them. Mixed Up Meanings For Decades.

Words Are Power When The True Meaning Is Known

Words Are Power When The True Meaning Is Known

Hi Guys its Barry in D.R. I’m just enjoying another peaceful day in the town of Cabrera. I had decided I’d come on back to the office (Code for the Mango tree) and cool of a bit (code for Brugal Rum and passion fruit juice) and begin putting together today’s blog post. Earlier today I had a great interview with Sean from the SGT Report and its due to be posted next Monday. Even though I just recently met Sean I can already tell he is a genuine person trying to reach as many people as possible. His goal is synonymous to ours only seen from a slightly different angle. I hope this meeting will be the start of a long friendship. It’s been said: “That what is like itself is attracted to itself.”

A diamond may have many different appearances depending on which view it’s being observed from but still is only one single source. Its color, brilliance and shape all change upon view, but all relate to one same originating entity. All that changes are the words to describe the entity, that’s all just the words. I ask you to think about that next time you’re surfing the net only to find 100’s of different posts on the same subjects. Gold, Silver, economies and the Government are just four out of several. You’re not learning anything more just assorted angles viewing the same one source. Burnout and information overload are soon to follow… but guess what? You still haven’t gotten off the tracks and that train is steaming right at you. That’s exactly what the elite are banking on (pardon the Pun). If you know gold and silver are a good protection, then buy them! If you know the economy is being destroyed on purpose, then leave it! If you know the Government is a shadow force of evil, then divorce it! Like Nike says JUST DO IT!

If one thinks a bit deeper into this you might start to have a better understanding of how this actually holds true for Government and the MSM Medias of today. They’re still the two most dominate “systems” used to misinform the masses of the world. It might come as a big surprise that they aren’t lying nearly as much as you think they are. Most of the time the words used by Governments and medias have been carefully preselected in advance. The elite knows they’ve been misunderstood by having a different pre-conceived meaning for decades.

Words are a very important but often misunderstood source of description. I thought today might be an excellent time to sort out a few.  I’m sure you’ve been misunderstanding them for quite some time now and are not even aware of it. I’ll follow with just a few of the hundreds I’m aware of.

Government: Government comes from Greek Latin. It actually is two words put together. First is “gubernatio” and the second is “ment”. In English “gubernatio” translates “to control”. The second word “ment” translates in English to “the mind”. Put the two together and Government actually translates in English “to control the mind.”

System: System is a word that has several origins. Depending on what era of time you’re referring to.

Can't Believe I Found A Picture Of It. The SYSTEM It's Full Of It and You've Been Receiving a Mouth Full Of It For Decades.

Can’t Believe I Found A Picture Of It. The SYSTEM It’s Full Of It and You’ve Been Receiving a Mouth Full Of It For Decades.

The term is from the Latin word “systēma,” in turn from Greek “σύστημα systēma” whole compounded of several parts or members, “system”. The trenches that were used to move human waste out of the cities of Rome were also referred to as a “system”. Several trenches merged together to route the waste away from the cities and to an alternate area where the people would not be affected by it.

Boy if ever anyone left themselves open for a good right hook it’s with this one word “system.” You probably already know where I’m going with this. Whenever the President or any member of congress mentions anything about the nation’s health care system, the education system, the economic system or that famous line: we have “systems” already in place for that,  just understand that they are moving a big pile of sh*t right at you. Not a word of truth exists in the whole “systematic” approach of the entire speech. Those of you who are dumbed down enough to still be buying this crap (oops sorry) then you just might want to go as far and add the word BULL right in front of it. Cause, that’s all their selling you on, period!

A gut feeling: When people have a gut feeling about something they’re more often right about it than wrong. But did you know where the term came from?  The word “GUT” is actually Scandinavian for God. So in essence what you’re really saying is I have a god feeling about something. Interesting isn’t it.

Enthusiasm is another good one. It also comes from Greek Latin and is two separate words. The first is “Entheos” which translates in English to “the god”. The second is “yasim” which translates to “with In.” Put them together and it comes out to have a meaning of “the God with in.” Doesn’t that provide a spot on explanation why someone possessing enthusiasm never seems to get tired or suffer from depression even when working on the same task day after day without a break?

If you really want to delve into the meaning of words, and perhaps even more important, symbols, let me know and I’ll create a future blog and post it. You would be absolutely shocked how much you will learn about where modern America’s current symbols actually originated from.

Shell Oil Co. State Troopers, Texaco, Chevron, police and fire departments….. god I could go on and on.  Where such terms originated from, like The White House, Capitol Hill, the district of Colombia would all be most unanticipated to you. Sayings you take for granted like “fair and square,” or “that person is brilliant” to the symbolism located right on the podium and stage where our nation’s President speaks from. All of their histories are fascinating and will provide you with a keener understanding about why things are playing out as they are today.

Today I’ve selected three items for you to check out. The first is about the cops in Austin Texas. They’re now actually committing the crimes just to entrap people. Pretty amazing to me this is happening in the land of the sheep. Second is an excellent article titled “Russia and China are ruthlessly cutting the leg out from under the Dollar”. Once again, where’s our wonderful MSM on any sort of coverage. Of course, I’m saving the best for last. Our President, Mr. Obama himself, on a short YOUTUBE titled “WORDS MATTER.” After what I just wrote about, Nah! It’s too easy I can’t do it.  I better just leave well enough alone. See how he works the “system”. “SH*T” I still did it without even trying. See how powerful words are if you understand where they really originate from. It will go a long way for assisting you to “read between the lines”. That’s another saying that you might be really surprised in knowing where it came from. As for now I’m out of words. This is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.


 To serve & set up: Undercover cops infiltrated Occupy Austin

” To serve & set up: Undercover cops infiltrated Occupy Austin Infiltration, entrapment and dramatic revelations – the kind of plot you’d get in a gangster movie is apparently happening for real in the American state of Texas. Seven Occupy activists there are facing years in jail for attempting to block a port entrance last year. But it’s now emerged that undercover cops were not only involved – but actually set it up – dusting their tracks as they went. One of the charged activists – Ronnie Garza told RT of his predicament. RT LIVE”


China And Russia Are Ruthlessly Cutting The Legs Out From Under The U.S. Dollar

“The mainstream media in the United States is almost totally ignoring one of the most important trends in global economics.  This trend is going to cause the value of the U.S. dollar to fall dramatically and it is going to cause the cost of living in the United States to go way up.  Right now, […]”


Words Matter:

That’s correct they sure do. Sit back and see how our beloved President eats a mouthful.





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