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Thank you for joining the DR Escapes member list. I am sure you will be glad that you joined this group of “insiders”. You will be the first to know about special situations, investment opportunities to preserve your assets, and unique properties that can provide safe haven for your family with a luxurious lifestyle at bargain prices.

Dominican Republic Beach

Dominican Republic Beach

As a member, from time to time we will also introduce you to more advanced wealth preservation strategies than the ones we include on the main blog. You will probably notice that we open up a little more and be a little more direct in our communications with you as an “insider”.

As an “insider” you will also be invited to special island discovery tours and workshops where you can discover the benefits, and the challenges, of a home outside of your home country where government intervention is minimal and an “independent spirit” is welcome. An alternative home away from much of the pain and suffering that will fall on so many of your neighbors that are simply not prepared for the inevitable collapse of the fiat currencies….. trapped with no place to escape to and dollars and euros that have virtually no purchasing power left.

Pat yourself on the back… because you are on a path to be one of the winners, despite the gross mismanagement of our currencies by out-of-control governments and bankers.