Year End Satisfaction Survey

We work hard to try to give you the information, contacts and services you need to take advantage of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.  We know we are not perfect and there are certainly things we can do to make your experience even better.  WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK to guide us to being a better resource for you and others.  Please take just a few minutes to complete the simple form below.  It is totally anonymous unless you want us to follow up with you.  Thanks for your feedback and we wish you a wonderful holiday season.

DR Escapes Year End Satisfaction Survey
Our mission is to inform, entertain and be of service whenever it makes sense. If we have answered some of your questions, given you helpful connections or helped you find your perfect offshore property then we may be on the right track.
Let us know where we slipped up or what we can do better to make your DR Escapes experience a better one for you and others in the future.
We want to focus on the content and services that are of the most interest to you. Please check all the types of content you would like to see more of in the future.
We believe many of the first world countries are ratcheting down on the liberties and freedoms of their citizens. We also believe establishing residency and possibly obtaining a 2nd passport are some of the best insurance you can have to protect yourself and your assets. That is why we try to find and recommend immigration specialists that have a track record in working with expats.
Demand for immigration services, residency assistance and 2nd passports has been pretty hectic in 2015. It is important to us to know that all your questions were answered and your needs met in a timely manner.
If your experience was terrific we would love to hear that. If there was something that made your experience less than terrific we would like to hear about that too so that we can make the necessary improvements.
Some of our readers want us to help them find real estate while others are not necessarily interested. Works with us either way.... but if you did ask us to help, we want your feedback.
We try pretty hard to find our readers whatever they are looking for, whether it be building lots, homes or businesses. Sometimes we find it, sometimes we can't but we would like to know how we performed for you.
Your feedback about your experience with DR Escapes is very important to us. Since over 80% of the people that take our Discovery Tour want us to help them at least check out what real estate deals are available it is important to us that we do it right. Only you can tell us if we are on track.
This is an anonymous form. Your opinions matter because you are a DR Escapes reader and we don't need to know who you are to appreciate your feedback.
If you would prefer that we followup by phone, please include your phone number.

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