Your Doubts Become Your Realities: Fear Can’t Hurt You Why Allow It To Control You

Concern of the future

Concern of the future

For years now we’ve been living in a fear free zone as my family likes to refer to it. Having been an avid researcher in trends for over a decade and a half has provided us with the good fortune of staying clear of the abyss. The fear of the unknown is a very powerful source as it is metamorphic in nature and constantly changing. For anyone who has done any research in the area of quantum physics this should be easy to understand. When observing a particle it’s very nature and shape literally changes depending on the viewers mindset at that particular moment in time. Viewing under an electron microscope it can literally change from a source of a radiating wave to a closed sealed particle right in front of the viewers eyes! In itself one of the biggest challenges the scientific world faces every day as the viewer is never emanating the same waves twice thus causing different results. Enjoy an excellent interview with Michael Kriegar as he reveals a wealth of personal knowledge on controlling your fears. Ideas ranging from Rethinking your current situation, revising your plan and possibly even relocating.  “If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change”

“While I was at Freedom Fest in Vegas, I was able to meet Dan Amerduri of Future Money Trends for the first time.  We also had a chance to record an in-person interview…”

While bouncing around all over the Dominican Republic it’s amazing how many people I meet and casually start a conversation with. All of them originating from different parts of the world yet living within the same universal laws. Light, resistance, force, flow, gravity are but to name a few. What amazes me is the difference of how people accept these laws. For example one can argue all they want that gravity doesn’t exist, but still has to live within it’s laws, as they are universal laws. The choices of belief or denial don’t have an effect EXCEPT ON THAT individual. It takes the same amount of energy, maybe more to live in the world of force rather than a world of flow. One is driven by adrenaline and the other by acceptance but either way you will live within its laws for they are universal laws. My family has accepted the world of flow a long time ago and offer to assist anyone who is just plain tired of pushing the river any longer. Hope you really enjoy Michael Kriegar as this is a man with a lot of wisdom.

“Understand with wisdom but be wise with understanding”


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