Jeff Berwick- A second passport is a must for everyone, but time is running out fast!

Happy Dominican Republic Passport Owner

Happy Dominican Republic Passport Owner

One of the best way Americans, Canadians and Europeans can protect themselves is by owning a second passport. We at DRescapes have lived this philosophy for decades. We also have the utmost respect for Jeff’s understanding of the how’s and why’s in protecting your self in today’s world. All of us at DRescapes are strong promoters for everyone not only having a second passport but accounts in other countries and a second language. Pay close attention to this YouTube at 13:05 as Jeff starts expressing the importance of this. He is VERY CORRECT in time is running out FAST! 


Relocation and enjoying total freedom In places such as the Dominican Republic is something much of the western world has long since forgotten. It never seizes to amaze me when family or friends come on down to the countryside of the Dominican Republic and pay us a visit how apparent it is. They really have lost the ability to relax and just enjoy. Either they’re worried what’s going on at home or can’t have another drink for fear of a D.U.I. Can’t do this can’t do that what if the police ect.ect. What needs to be understood here is that there never was freedom only the fallacy of freedom. Much like tugging on the end of a loose thread the more you tug the more it unravels and leaves you with nothing.


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