CNBC: History Repeating It’s Self Are Fiat Currencies Going To Collapse

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Early this morning while enjoying my morning coffee overlooking the coastline of the Dominican Republic it seemed to be much the same as every morning begins. While marveling at the view I was simultaneously scanning some of my favorite sources of information. I came across a post that suggested having a look at what CNBC released today. Now I haven’t really paid much attention to mainstream media (MSM) news for longer than I can remember but curiosity got the better part of me. It read as follows, CNBC: Are fiat currencies headed for collapse? Yes they are”, but that’s not the point I want to address in this blog post. Here’s my first big money question. Have you noticed over the last few months the MSM is actually starting to raise some real questions? Not the usual economy in recovery, real estate bouncing back kind of crap. Take today’s example article now that’s a real meat and potatoes subject which brings me to my second big money question which is WHY.

Why are they starting to come out with them is the important question? Look it’s not exactly front page news for anyone that’s even half way into understanding the big picture that fiat currencies are going to splat. After all it’s been happening since the times of Abraham and the Old Testament so it’s not exactly something that’s new. Remember this tidbit of information, always ask WHY, why is much more important than how or what. Why now, for example? Here’s what I make of it and several of my sources are leaning toward this conclusion as well. Sources that are very seldom inaccurate I might add. Since all of the MSM networks are owned by the same handful of entities and they release nothing other than what they want you to know, then they must now want you to know this, right? It only stands to reason. But WHY do they suddenly want you to know?

Perhaps this may have something to do with their timing. Since it’s a mathematical Certainty that all fiats eventually crash and fifty to seventy years seems to be the average life span, then time’s running out at an alarming rate. Let’s dive into the WHY a bit further. All ratings of CNN, FOX, CNBC and the rest of the gang have plummeted. They can’t draw an audience on a prime time Friday night…. even including throwing in the popcorn and a cold drink. NO DEAL. Look at who’s pulling the strings at all the MSM networks and the same names keep coming up. The same names that also control the world’s economies and currencies, the game changers if you will. This appears to be nothing more than a last ditch effort to save a shred of creditability to an already dieing industry, a multi-billion dollar industry. So expect something big to happen soon and keep your eyes on the ticker tape below so when it does, they can claim the credit and call it BREAKING NEWS even though it’s over 3500 years old.  As the late great Walter Cronkite used to say. That’s the way it is August 1, 2012.

“Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, says investors will soon start to demand fiat currencies be backed by gold or other hard assets…”

A Quote from Doug Casey. No one could have said it better, but that just the norm for Doug. Just one of his many open minded brilliant thoughts.

“Hope for the future rests in what are today derided as corrupt Third-World countries. If you’re going to have a ridiculous number of impossible laws, corruption is a good thing. Increasingly, what matters is not the number or even nature of laws on the books in the place you live, but the amount of actual control the state has over private individuals. Corruption subverts idiotic laws; it’s the next best thing to abolishing them.”

That’s exactly why we live in the Dominican Republic where enjoying all of life’s natural blessings without unreasonable government meddling. See you in DR soon.


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