“Culture In Decline” This Is Why I Choose to live On The Countryside Of Dominican Republic

The Effects Of Living In A World Of Force

Hey guys its Barry in D.R. Another Monday or at least I think it is. I don’t believe many can understand let alone appreciate the peaceful bliss of time in a world of flow. One day seems the same as the next. I don’t know if I could even put a price on its value other than saying whatever number chosen would be followed by several zeros to the right side. Here’s what I mean. Imagine late Sunday afternoon without already starting to dread the thoughts of another Monday Morning. Your job, what’s waiting at the office, who’s going to be bitching about some work you did last week that wasn’t perfect, your boss or even fighting the morning traffic it doesn’t really matter as they’re all effects.

Since the cause is always hidden all we ever really see are just the effects. I’ve learned to focus on the underlying causes years ago, and the effects have been wonderful. Cabrera Dominican Republic is where I live. In Cabrera it’s impossible to tell the difference between a Monday morning or a Saturday afternoon. The cause is flow (again which is hidden) the effects are peaceful tranquility (not hidden). Most people choose to live in a world of force, which is driven by adrenalin. This adrenalin filled world has the effects of chaos, depression, anger and uncertainty. Living in a world of force has led to the effects Peter Joseph calls ‘Culture In Decline.’ A first-rate, half hour video just released yesterday.

Over the past weekend I focused on an exceptional feature dealing with how to gently wake up those people who were not quite yet in the loop of understanding. “Culture in decline” is not meant for those people and is the exact opposite format. “Culture in Decline” is meant for people that are already well awakened. My listeners would be an excellent example of an audience that would benefit from it. They would find this video spot on for its accuracy. It deals with a lot of the rejection most of us have faced in trying to wake up the dead. Enjoy it and consider downloading it for future use, but remember to use your ammunition wisely. Never use a bazooka to kill a pigeon, as once it’s fired you can never take it back. Continue to think positive and just maybe one day you will be showing it to someone who woke up, someone you woke up.

“And these little people you elect into office every couple of years, they have owners too, and don’t you forget it! So all of this considered, let us think a little more accurately about this whole democracy deal. Since the tradition of our democracy has to do with representatives elected to apparently do our thinking for us, a critical question becomes…. Where do these people come from? Why are they the ones on your T.V. and not others?”

I happen to fully agree with Peter in the closing section of his video. “So who’s to blame? It’s not them…. it’s us.” No single power, no Government or corporate cartel can ever do anything to anyone unless it’s allowed to.   At a certain juncture, obedience itself becomes a moral crime. Silence and submission are willful acts of self-enslavement.

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” Of this I am absolutely certain. This is Barry saying See You in the D.R. soon, I’m out.



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