TSA In America, I feel Safer Already. NOT!!!!

Hi Guys its Barry in D.R. Another laid back day in Cabrera. Over the past week the weather’s been unusually cool for this time of year. August along with the normal heat has its traditional weather patterns that form on a regular basis. The month has been unusually cool due to a few tropical depressions passing the north coast of the D.R.

Guess Who's The Real Threat, Hint You Can't See Their Face

Guess Who’s The Real Threat, Hint You Can’t See Their Face

Almost always these depressions seem to gather strength over the open ocean and end up making landfall in one of two U.S. coasts. The south or east coasts of the U.S.  The east coast is home to Florida and the Carolinas while the South hosts Texas and its neighboring states.

Honestly they should issue military grade tee shirts with a bull’s eye on both sides if relocating to either of these areas. See now that would be a useful Government bill to pass. Making it mandatory that every member of the family has one Government issued bull’s eye tee shirt delivered right in the closing package of their new home. They could easily do it right at the title company don’t you think? Cute little advertising tag lines like“ Your Government’s Gotcha Covered” or “Your Government’s Got a Bull’s Eye For Your Safety” I think it’s a way better deal than “cash for clunkers” or the sixteen dollars an Amway cheese burger is currently costing the Government. Anyways like they say free grease with every shaft, right?

When I say there’s no place like Cabrera I can say this with some experience backing me up. Those following my personal blog know that I’m a dive nut from the past. I used to freelance underwater photography for several years. Post cards magazines the usual stuff but still my most prized accomplishment is the fact that the Cayman Islands has been using some of my pics. On their postage stamps. Now to me that’s cool. Having your work on a form of currency is a rare thing that most people just have to agree. It’s called the “Fish and Fins series” check it out.

I used to travel to the extent of sometimes filling two thirty page passports in one year. I don’t mean sitting in all inclusive type surroundings or laid back at the pool with an umbrella drink close at hand either. Places like New Guinea, The Solomon Islands, Micronesia, Truk Lagoon, The island of Sipadan, Palau, Galapagos, The Marshall Islands throughout the entire pacific rim Australia, Thailand just to name a few places I’ve spent a good deal of time in. Dam if they only had mileage points back then.

One night long ago I was in Truk Lagoon drinking far too much rice wine. I had a couple of days off from my assignment. I was hired to do a shoot of the shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon. You just might know it as “The great American turkey shoot” in WW2. Slamming a few too many back with some of the locals of the island I wanted to ask a question.  Besides a smile and good time being the universal language of the world I couldn’t speak a word of Trukese but really wanted an answer to my question. Through my interpreter who eventually became my friend I asked. How did your families survive the American’s attacking the island? Check your history it was a vicious attack from land sea and air.

The answers all seemed to be similar and I remember them clearly to this day. It basically translated something like this. “We Learn To Be Like Water On Wood so we seep in the cracks and go unnoticed. The one who get noticed have no grandchildren, I seep so I have grandchildren.” Really hit me how sensible that was. So when the sun started to rise it was time to stagger back to the hut I rented. Besides being a great interpreter Blanco (his Nickname) made a great leaning post, but as always on my adventures I learned a lot.

Today’s post reflects about how much power and out of touch with reality the TSA is. From unnecessary child groping to strip searching an eighty five year old wheel chair ridden woman. Their ability to run above the law with no concern of punishment or reprimand makes them a bigger threat than anything else they claim to be protecting us from. The TSA has been accused of Falsifying test results by altering reports regarding the amount of radiation emitted during full body scanning. It’s not nearly as safe as we’ve been led to believe.  Sheep are used to being led so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that it probably never even received much thought not to mention outrage. I encourage you to click in all added links I’ve attached to this post. You’ll be stunned at what’s been going on right under the silent approval of your Government, Like my idea about the tee shirts “Your Government’s Gotcha Covered.” Covered with radiation that is. I’m an hour and a half from the nearest International airport and I feel like a “French Fry” already.

TSA backscatter radiation safety tests were rigged

TSA strip-searches 85-year-old woman in wheelchair while National Organization for Women (N.O.W.) remains shamelessly silent

TSA morons conduct bomb drill in Minnesota airport, but don’t tell police

TSA screener confiscates ‘wicked good cupcakes’ after claiming icing might be national security threat

Top 10 things the TSA could do if its power is not sensibly limited

TSA claims it will soon stop molesting little children, but not adults, veterans or senior citizens

TSA continues to operate in blatant violation of the law, U.S. district court rules

“As the federal Leviathan grows ever larger, so, too, does the arrogance of the statists who run it. Enter the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration, an ad hoc monster created out of whole cloth by emotional, spur-of-the-moment legislation…”


   There is ‘no safe dose of radiation’ from TSA naked body scanners

“Besides the fact that they are being operated by an agency that demonstrates on a daily basis a disdain and disregard for discretion, privacy, and professionalism, the Transportation Security Administration’s full-body backscatter x-ray machines are just not safe. That’s…”

Being such an important issue I wanted to address the subject of choice once again. If you follow my posts I often mention that there is no right or wrong there’s only choice. If you don’t like the choice you’ve made merely make another choice. Without first making a choice how would you ever have found out whether you liked or didn’t like the effect it has caused? You wouldn’t, you would just remained stuck in the world of mediocrity.

 My Choice for Radiation What's Yours?

My Choice for Radiation What’s Yours?

Learn to remove the stress or being right or wrong as it’s all a matter of opinion anyway and what is right for some is wrong for others so how can the same thing be both. It once again dovetails to being simply choices, nothing more. I hope you can start practicing this thought pattern soon. You’re outlook and happiness will thank you for it.

Speaking of choice I choose to get my radiation at the beach instead of at the airport. I’m not right or wrong remember it’s just a choice. Here are a couple of other choices I favor.

TSA Body Scanner Or This Remember It's Only Choices.

TSA Body Scanner Or This Remember It’s Only Choices.

I would rather get this radiation with a cold beer in my hand rather than some asshole making 10 bucks an hour wearing a monkey suit forcing me through this machine to have a good look at my you know…

I’ve made the choice years ago to live in a world of flow rather than in a world of force.  One is driven by adrenalin and the other by allowing. In closing my final choice I’d like to share is I choose to put salt and ketchup on something that may have been radiated rather than medication on my skin from being radiated. After all it’s just another choice. This is Barry in the D.R. and I’m out.



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