Still The Two Most Over looked and Under Valued Commodities For Your Families Survival.

Banana Larry In Paradise

Banana Larry In Paradise

Hi guys its Barry in D.R. today I wanted to bring to your attention what I know are the two most undervalued and over looked commodities I know of. It’s become a sad state of affairs the western world has taken them for granted over the past few decades. But trust me on this one when I say not for much longer.

During any act of war when one country or nation surrenders to the opposition what do you think the first two commands are right after the surrender is accepted. The first is rather an obvious one. Disarmament and stop all aggressive action, conform to the former enemy orders.

From a Duce To A King and Queen. Third World My Ass. This Is Living Large Baby!!!

From a Duce To A King and Queen. Third World My Ass. This Is Living Large Baby!!!

Often the second one is make sure the enemy is fed before your own men. Most times the side that surrendered has already been fighting without food water and the basic necessities for quite some time.  Several days before the final decision was made. You see the military’s top brass know that nothing will make a man more aggressive than starving him or his children.

Guess what the elite Self-elected cartel know this very well. Did you also stop to think that the shelves in America would take about three days to become totally exhausted if for some reason shipping was interrupted? A vast majority of food is imported into America and then trucked from dock to warehouses and within a couple of days distributed to super markets. The fruits and vegetables are shipped unripe so they ripen while in transit.

England and Texas visitors Hell No We Aren't Going Back!!!

England and Texas visitors Hell No We Aren’t Going Back!!!

There is no down time in this tight time framed market of food distribution. I won’t even go into the subject of quality of the food as almost nothing is real food any longer.  All of it has been chemically grown from GM altered seeds and there’s no difference in the chicken or meat either. YUM! It sounds great to me already. You’re getting “Mc Screwed” every way you look at it. Wise up it doesn’t have to be that way. Get real both in your life and in your food. Once you do you’ll wonder why it took you so long. Here in Cabrera Dominican Republic we have more natural food than we can consume. Since we don’t export from this region and it’s all locally consumed there’s abundance. It’s sad but so many of our fruits just rot on the trees there’s just that much of it. Most of the Dominican Republic is on aquifers. There is no shortage of fresh water and it’s not expensive if you decide to well your own land. If you prefer to purchase bottled water for drinking it only runs about 65 cents for five gallons.

On one of my last posts I went into great detail about the divide and conquer strategy’s and how it’s been used by the elite since time began. The point was made of the two ways of destroying a nation along with its citizens. It’s not difficult to see they’re choosing door number two. Let the people destroy themselves. Once again most people are being played like a card. To the elite you’re nothing more than a duce in the deck and NO DUCES aren’t wild. You better learn fast how to regain the lost skill of thinking for yourself.

Without sovereignty and diversifying of both your assets and your ass I’m informing you that once again you’re getting those two words mixed up. What words you ask? Citizen and statistic and this is going to be a costly error.  Get rid of the closed mind and let’s see you somewhere free in the near future. We just happened to pick Dominican Republic and have never regretted a minute of it.

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So wrapping this up. Your most valuable asset is your health and your happiness. Here in Cabrera Dominican Republic you can live in a paradise where the abundant natural foods and diverse topography and ocean sports can assure both at a fraction of the cost you could ever find in the U.S., Canada or Europe. Come visit on one of our North Coast Discovery Tours and check out the incomparable bargains in Dominican Republic real estate. For now, this is Barry in the D.R. and I’m out.

Liane Lauzon August 15, 2012 at 7:25 pm

Great blog! There are so many benefits to natural foods which help to build your immune system and prevent diseases, compared to the food you consume in the US which is full of chemicals and create diseases. This is exactly what the elite wants, to keep you sick and feed their pharmaceutical propaganda.

johnny b August 30, 2012 at 2:04 pm

very informative is of great importanbce for people to understand that this country is abundant in so many natural resources which help so many poeple in so many ways

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