The Military is Prepping, The Government is Prepping, The Banks are Prepping – Why YOU Should Be PREPPING

Why You Better Keep Pounding That All Important Word In You're Head. ASK YOURSELF WHY???

Why You Better Keep Pounding That All Important Word In You’re Head. ASK YOURSELF WHY???

Hi Guys its Barry in D.R. I love Monday mornings. How about you?  I woke up early this morning after enjoying an unbelievably wonderful weekend. We spent much of it together with a couple of friends who relocated from Canada. A few years past, they decided it was time to reeducate and redefine what living really meant. I encourage you to consider the same idea. They’ve said many times, as have we, that anybody’s welcome to our places if they come to visit our town of Cabrera. Over the years we’ve lost count on how many actually had taken us up on our offers. Several of these once upon a time visitors now call Cabrera home. Perhaps one day you will to.

Military Prepping Troops With Anti Suicide Nasal Spray. WHY??

Military Prepping Troops With Anti Suicide Nasal Spray. WHY??

Saturday afternoon started out pretty normal, with a couple of beers over at the poolside. After the second beer, Claude walks up beside me and says… “I have a gift for you”. He continues to explain that in his entire life he has never met anyone that lost more bottle openers than yours truly. Out of his pocket he pulls out this really cool stainless steel ring that’s a bottle opener. On the bottom side of your finger its designed to pop off those difficult to open beer bottles. No twist off beers here in the D.R. While the jumbo (as they say) might be a bit bigger than an American quart, it doesn’t do you the least bit of good towards that positive attitude adjustment if you can’t get the darn thing opened.

 WHY Is There a Need For All These Bullets

WHY Is There a Need For All These Bullets

Afternoon shifts into night. After the last few chips were gone it was my turn to shift this baby into second gear. “Who’s up for Felix’s Place”? Felix owns a local restaurant where everything is as close to natural as you’re ever gonna get. Our staff loves to eat there when they have to unfortunately (NOT!) come on down to shoot some footage or something. Having a blast, the four of us order some nice red wine from Chile. Felix comes out with an antipasto including meat, ham, salad and an assortment of veggies from behind the restaurant. They grow a lot of their veggies and spices right behind the place. Felix served Seafood for the four of us, along with a few more Presidente jumbos to make the feast complete. Laughing with delight, which had absolutely nothing to do with the wine and beer (NOT), we were all stuffed. The bill came to about thirty eight dollars U.S. for the four of us. Was a great night, followed up with some quality time enjoying some fresh fruit juice on our porch while watching the stars shine brightly over the coastline. My wife and I do that several nights a week.

The Banks They're Covering Themselves WHY???

The Banks They’re Covering Themselves WHY???

I decided to sleep in a bit on Sunday morning. The cows in the field woke me up as they do almost every morning. Even the alarm clocks are natural here. They enjoy hanging around a different mango tree in the mornings, other than the one I write my blogs from. This is for obvious reasons that I’m sure even the most big city enthusiast can understand.

Enjoying a second cup of coffee when all of a sudden the phone rings, it’s Claude. He and his wife wanted to check out this little waterfall I had found a few weeks passed. Located in Naranjito, just outside of Cabrera, we packed up another couple of beers to enjoy while floating the day away in the swimming hole. The falls were a bit more subdued than the winter months. This is true to form and seems to follow the same pattern every year.

You gotta believe me on this. Claude is ready to open a beer and He forgot the dammed opener at his place. After a few cuss words in French, and I couldn’t tell you what it meant, but I could tell you it wasn’t something you’d find on the French version of Sesame Street Saturday mornings. Of course the wives had to assist matters and make sure we didn’t forget how oblivious we both are when were together. A minute goes by and my wife reminds me of my new ring. Worked like a charm, and my French Canadian buddy was happy as a clam at hi tide the rest of the day. They both loved the natural falls as it reminded them of the mountain streams back in Canada.

The BANKS They Are Emptying Their Reserves WHY???

The BANKS They Are Emptying Their Reserves WHY???

Later in the evening they came back to our place where Liane (my wife) made an unbelievable Auyama chicken curry along with yucca with purple onions. All fresh of course. Had several more laughs as Claude is a funny character. They split to head home around eleven.  This is a pretty typical local kind of weekend with friends… everyone had a blast.

Monday morning and back to the grind. Fighting the gridlock, I managed to dodge past two horses, swerved around three burros, and just missed hitting about half a dozen chickens. If you think I’m lying, come here and see for yourself. Gridlock on Monday morning exists in every country and Cabrera is no different. All stressed out eating my sixty five cent breakfast consisting of a cheese and meat empanada with a coffee. I had to meet with some of the staff. A couple of them were off to different areas of the country to pick up some people coming on down to check it out and see if it’s still possible to recoup living a life. So the balance of the morning I went to check out one of our properties and raid a banana tree. Liane makes the best chocolate banana bread you ever tasted. Hope you get to try it someday along with a real kick your ass in gear coffee. None of that weak dirty water you folks call coffee.  In the D.R. some of the best coffee in the world it’s grown only about an hour away from Cabrera. While Coffee is expensive everywhere, here it runs about three dollars a pound for the good stuff.

Banks Have Their Hand To Protect them. Relocate Move Assets Don't Get Slaughtered

Banks Have Their Hand To Protect them. Relocate Move Assets Don’t Get Slaughtered. Don’t Let This Become YOUR HAND Ask Yourself WHY???

Today I wanted to look into Prepping for what seems to be closing in on the great nations of the world faster than even I thought it would. Over the years I have developed a solid source of, let’s say, gatherers of accurate information. Traveling as I do, being in countries that most never even visit their entire lives, has yielded a range of people that have proven their accuracy time and time again. I have a unique way of earning peoples’ loyalty fast by something, once again, my father taught me. As an added bonus, I’m going to fill you in on the most out of the box ways to actually never get angry with people when you don’t get what you’re wanting from them.

Do you know the fastest way to get what you want from someone? Really, how successful are you at accomplishing this feat? Does it come easy or do you seem to be the strike out king of the major leagues? O.K., ready for the first fool proof method? The fastest way to get what you want from anyone is give them what they want first.  When you give the other person what they want first, it automatically opens two doors and is an excellent way for you to weed out the poisonous people real fast.  The first door is the one you’re wishing for. A successful outcome to obtain what you were wanting from that person all along.

The second door being that it can also swing the other way. Even though you gave first, you may find they snubbed you on the return side.  Don’t feel bad, feel lucky.  Not for a moment because there’s good that comes out of everything. They showed you how they really are, didn’t they? When that would happen to my father, and it did many times, he would then go out and buy these people a gift of some sort. I still remember how lost I was the first time he explained this to me. Anyway, when he gave this gift to them they would always ask… “What’s the gift for”, because inside they knew they did you wrong. My father would look them straight in their eyes and say…  “That’s for saving me ten years of giving to find out that’s how you are”.  Right after that, my father just turned around and before they could say a word would walk out of their lives forever. Think about it for a moment. He won…. whatever their decision was, and that, my listeners is nothing short of sheer brilliance. An absolutely incredible way of winning no matter what. He was a genius the way he thought about those kinds of things.

The second piece of valuable information I’d like to share is this. Be honest with yourself when thinking about the next sentence. How often have you gotten angry with people? Really, how often? I bet its loads of times. It doesn’t matter with who, angry with anyone. Could be a waiter or waitress, friends you are trying to get your point of view across to, your mechanic, it just doesn’t matter who. For my listeners, I’m saving the best for last. How about getting angry when trying to get close friends or family to understand, and agree, with your views on what’s right around the corner for this once great nation and fiat currencies. I know, I hit the ball out of the park on that one. Well you’re going to love what follows.

My good friend Rabbi Minkowicz taught me this year’s ago. I’ve been to Israel many times with the Rab. as I like to call him. Over the years we’ve become good friends. We have these lengthy debates, and still always respect each other’s views. We have mastered the art of agreeing to disagree. To keep me in shape, he makes an excellent opponent in verbal chess.

Continuing on, it also doesn’t matter what that person’s doing either. Could be punctuality, rudeness, being cheap when the bill comes, not letting you finish talking, whatever.  O.K. just to review, so it doesn’t matter WHO they are or What they are doing.

The Rab. Taught me to look at anyone or anything in terms of a deck of cards. I’m asking you to think like this. Rudeness would be, for example, the two of spades. Punctuality is the five of diamonds.  Not getting your point to be accepted could be the king of clubs, it really doesn’t matter how you mix them up. Understand, all of these people are either: A) there to help and provide a service; B) a friend; or C) a relative. In deeper perspective they are there to help and they care or even love you.

So following our story, you’re really getting angry because your friend is always late. Whenever you make a date to meet you’re always waiting at least half an hour. You politely mention it a few times to no avail. A couple more times, still no success…. so what do you do?  You start getting angry at them, as if that’s going to change anything.

People, if you’re looking for the five of diamonds (punctuality in above example) and that person isn’t holding that card in their hand, how can they give it to you? Now they would if they could of course. After all, common sense would dictate that if they are there to serve you, or they like you, or they love you, then they would have no problem giving it to you. So you’re mistake is believing that they won’t when in actuality they can’t.  They simply don’t hold what you’re looking for.

There are over 6 billion people on this planet. Just go out and find the people holding the right cards you’re looking for. Honestly they’ll give them to you every time. I have over 1500 people in my contact list. If I want the ten of hearts I know the 20 people in my list holding that card. Three of clubs, no problem…. at least six people come to mind. I don’t get angry, it’s that simple, but remember this last important part.  Nobody holds all fifty two cards in their hand.

Two good lessons on preparing for the mind aren’t they? Now what about preparing for survival. YOUR survival. Are you ready?

I’ve posted three articles that I feel are worth your reading. I’m always urging you to ask WHY in almost everything. Well, then ask yourself why are the military, Government agencies and banks prepping in such a manner. What are they expecting and how close to it commencing are we? Why are they allowing us to see this? Come on, you don’t believe for a second that it’s people like me digging this out from under any top secret file do you. Sure, all blog sites and information sites are giving their best efforts to keep you in the know the best way we can.  But really, do you think any of us would be reporting any of this if the elite didn’t want you to know about it.  Have you ever even looked at it from that perspective? We all have our best sources for gathering information. I myself have a few of them too, and I can tell you, if you’re seeing these articles the action and chaos is a lot closer to commencing than you think. Take this however you choose to.  For myself,  I’ve changed my schedule to take care of a few things a bit faster than I had originally planned to. Pay close attention while reading these articles as there are many more just released on the same subjects. Ask Why often while reading. Why has Soros pulled out almost every paper asset he owns last week and dropped it into gold… 153 million in gold. Not long ago wasn’t he the one who said you have to be an idiot to own gold? Why two days ago have the Rothschild’s bet BIG on the Euro collapsing? Why my friends Why. Makes me wonder WHY you’re not planning a bit faster. This is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.

Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray Coming to Keep Troops From Killing Themselves

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