Enviorments are Shifting – Is your’s Drifting, Or On Course To Discover Your Destination

Take Two of These and Call Me in The Morning

Take Two of These and Call Me in The Morning

Hi Guys its Barry in D.R. Welcome to this post of: Under The Mango Tree.  Hanging around in the shade with my favorite fruits again. No! I’m not referring to my friends just in case that’s what you’re thinking. Was pondering what subject to address today and somehow got carried away counting the new mangos on my favorite tree. The count was well over 1000 before a strong gust of wind shook the branches. Shit got all confused gave up and decided to subtract two from my last count and make my cocktail for the day. A stressful but delicious moment.

Two of our favorite people had just returned from overseas yesterday. They’re Canadian and have lived in Cabrera for quite a number of years now. They just returned from a family visit back to Quebec. While it was a nice time in Quebec they couldn’t wait to return back to the D.R. Once you’re used to the peace and serenity it’s tough to leave it. When you live in a town like Cabrera you kind of feel like a fish out of water when you leave it for any length of time. We figured it out long ago why live where you’re dying to leave two weeks a year when you can live where you’re dying to stay the entire year.

Choices can be a wonderful option if you open your mind and use them wisely. When you have the courage to create you’re chosen environment and surround yourself with like minded people you can’t imagine what inner peace is waiting around the corner. The sense of belonging is the most valued of them all.

In this weeks under the mango tree I thought it would be a great subject to discuss environment. People’s environment and how it changes as the paradigms begin to shift. Almost like a continental drift it moves so slowly you don’t even notice it. Sometimes it’s noticed but by then usually it’s too late.

 Think Than Change Direction Before You Fall Off The Cliff

Think Then Change Direction Before You Fall Off The Cliff. You’re Already Near The End Of The Road!!!

Millions of years ago the world was one large land mass. There were no individual continents however over the years slowly but steadily things shifted. You’re feeling a different type of shifting right now. Areas like environment quality of life economy safety and security all were once on solid ground but now seem to be drifting aimlessly at sea. I’m extremely confident at this very moment of time you sense exactly what I’m describing. Its that uneasy feeling constantly inside of you that never completely goes away.

In my younger years I was a freelance underwater photographer. I’m going to make an attempt to describe your current environment by using a much larger environment as a comparison the sea. The sea will make an excellent example since two thirds of our planet is under its surface. The sea makes for a near perfect model of how environments should blend with each other. More importantly will assist me in getting my point across, describing what you’re currently experiencing with your own inner feelings. Perhaps it will also lend a bit of color  into your world at a time you could really use it. Life is not simply black and white so colors are just various shades of darkness that create a picture we can comprehend.

A Colorful Future Is Waiting.

A Colorful Future Is Waiting.

Think years back when you were a kid. Remember how safe you felt in the neighborhood you were growing up in? Can you still feel how much you sensed that: You Belonged There?

I Feel So Safe In My Little Home.

I use to feel So Safe In My Little Home.

The doors to all your friend’s homes were always opened. It was just as simple as you yelling mom I’m going over to… house I’ll see you later. You’re mom just yelled back O.K. if she bothered to answer at all. You had a sense of belonging back then. Some how that has long since disappeared. Back then we all felt so safe and secure in our neighborhoods, Remember?

My Friends Surround and Protect Me

My Friends used to Surround and Protect Me

People were trusted and family meant more than just a word. A friend was more than just someone to go to the movies or out for a bite with. A friend was always there for you. Much different than today’s illusion of friendship. You all know what I mean. Today someone who sits on their stool and finishes their beer while your in a bar fight against three other people only for him to say how right you were as he picks you up off the floor and lays his empty glass down. Oh yea, then he continues to mention how he will always be right by your side.

Friends Can See Through Each Other, Walk Over Each Other And Still Be There For

Friends Can See Through Each Other, Walk Over Each Other And Still Be There For Each Other

This is a scary thought. Remember when you actually trusted you’re Government back in those days? Now I never said we were intelligent back then I’m only asking you to remember. Like the anemone protects its hose we all felt safe and snug in our little cocoon of safety didn’t we?

That time so long ago our environments served to create many positive attributes to our well being along with the entire communities well being. A system that worked in in a symbiotic manor.

I'll Be You're Dentist You Can Be My Land Lord. Let Work Together.

I’ll Be You’re Dentist You Can Be My Land Lord. Let’s Work Together.

It’s a shame we let that all slip away. Yes WE let it slip away as nobody can take anything from you without you letting them. Don’t put the blame on Governments, economy or anything else or you’re still living in the distorted world of denial.

Back in those great days we would barter our skill or items of value all together. It was common if your dad was a plumber and your neighbor needed some help, your dad was there. The neighbor would offer some skill or item of generosity back to you’re dad in return. Funny thing was your dad would never even accept it because he knew it was not only the right thing to do but it also helped the community. The electrician down the block was always around to help the neighbors sort out those difficult to find problems. Of course it took him 3 minutes to figure it out then fix it and everyone thought he was the local genius. No money exchanged hands but instead it was a great time next Saturday night over at the neighbor’s house. Can you even remember what that kind of community bond was like?

We can because it still exists in Cabrera today… exactly as it did 50 years ago. Imagine living in that kind of environment once again. Think you will make the same mistakes and let it slip away. I doubt it as somehow absence creates value and that’s another universal law for you to remember and try to live by. Most people today in the western world don’t even remember their neighbor’s name. Very sad but remember what I wrote about “divide and conquer” and how the self-elected elite use it to perfection. Well IT’S WORKING PERFECTLY so wise up while you still can. Take a serious look at relocating and securing a second passport while you can.  Get the hell off the grid. Right now, every month, you’re appearing to look more and more like a radar beacon, wrapped up in tin foil, and this is just not a smart path to be traveling down.

The Towers Have been Hit Destroyed Disappeared And Entered The Abyss

The Towers Have been Hit Destroyed Disappeared And Entered The Abyss

All of a sudden the events of 9/11 came to be. The towers sunk into the abyss and everything had changed forever. We’re not going off in that direction as I have my own information and many have their own opinions.   But now is the time for action…. debate all this crap once you’re already off the tracks and out of harm’s way.

Dark Unknown Shadows Lurking From Above

Dark Unknown Shadows Lurking From Above

Don’t continue to get bogged down in all the information out there. Refer back to one of my recent posts about the dangers of gathering to much information and not enough action. Don’t go SPLAT and let the train hit you while you “think” about it, start taking action now.

Time To Come Out Of Hiding We're Ready Our Plan Has Worked.

Time To Come Out Of Hiding We’re Ready Our Plan Has Worked.

I can’t over emphasize how important this is for your safety and well being.

Soon after the events of 9/11 dark Shadows started to apear out of nowhere. People were trying to identify who or what these elusive dark images were.  They tried for several months without achieving success. Unaware of the fact all the time they were focused on this diversion of identifying they were being broken up into smaller and therefore more controllable groups. Refer back once again to “divide and conquer“. I keep informing you how important it is for you to understand this technique and how is being used to perfection on YOU.

A short time later they stopped hiding from behind the rocks. It was the correct time to expose themselves. They had already accomplished their goal if breaking up the people. Welcome to the TSA, Homeland Security and military police. Soon another unannounced measure of control had arrived. Say hello to martial law as bill 1867 was passed New Year’s  Eve while the citizens were totally unaware and bringing in the upcoming new year.

A few ardent citizens started to take notice that effects around them were changing. A small percentage of citizens clued in that everyone’s freedoms and liberties were slowly being eaten away one at a time and being destroyed.

Freedom Liberty Prosperity Choices Happiness Families. This tastes Great!!

Freedom Liberty Prosperity Choices Happiness Families. This tastes Great!!

It’s sad to say, but the vast majority seemed to be more concerned about the number-six they ordered and  just received at the drive up window that seemed to be missing the pickles.

The Governments now were eating away at both liberties and wealth preservation simultaneously. Even the dumbed down masses were not only complaining about the number-six but caught on its costing a lot more and pickles alone can’t be that expensive, CAN THEY? I never said they got any brighter did I?

I better Hang Around Close To My Door Its Getting Scary Out There. Things Are Changing

I better Hang Around Close To My Door Its Getting Scary Out There. Things Are Changing

The citizens were becoming afraid to stick out and stray too far from their own homes. People started to think it might be safer to herd together in groups. After all isn’t that how sheep think. Let’s believe the fallacy that there’s safety in numbers. Lets pick another leader we can safely hide behind (BAAAH BAAAAH) the sheep called. Yea that’s the ticket safety in numbers, Right?

Stay Together There's Safety in numbers. A Larger Target Is Harder To Hit RIGHT??

Stay Together There’s Safety in numbers. A Larger Target Is Harder To Hit RIGHT??

All of a sudden, over the past couple of years there has been an influx of these so called internet advisory boards that became somewhat popular. Half of them are former Wall Street gurus who all of a sudden found the light and unexpectedly just had to start “helping the people”. They all seem to keep mentioning how well they’ve done for themselves while the fishing was plentiful though. The Wall Street bank is all fished out now. According to them Wall Street has changed.  Its now corrupt and similar to gambling in a casino. Themselves continuing to rant on and on about never being part in any of the shady deals during their careers though. Of course not.

The New Expert.

The New Big Cheese. Let’s Hang Around For His Tidbits to Feed Off Of.

I would be careful of the information from such people as they’ve figured out long ago that you catch way more small fish with a cast net than with a hook. Internet is their cast net and nobody all at once finds the light unless they’re holding something that says Eveready in their hands.

The second select group I want to mention boasts about being risk takers. This group takes risks that no ordinary man would ever dream of.  They make themselves sound like a tight rope walker over Niagara Falls without a safety net. Living out on the edge daring to find fates presents at any moment. Leaving their illustrious careers paying them hi six figure salaries because now they’ve realized it’s all a Ponzi scheme. Leaving with a million or more and making it sound like it’s a risk. That’s about as risky as the tight rope walker on a ten foot wire with a Sealy Posturepedic under his ass. WHAT RISK! When you have twenty plus years of finances backing you up.

You want to talk about risk then talk to me about people relocating with a couple thousand dollars to countries that they don’t even speak the language and haven’t got a job waiting and I’ll listen and listen closely. I know hundreds of them because for years I was one of them and we now call many of these people our friends. REAL FRIENDS. I  might however listen to portions of either group’s suggestions on subjects of real value verses fiat and wealth preservation as in some cases their information is spot on. Sorry but when it comes to advice on sovereignty and how to survive in different circumstances or countries… no thanks, I’ll pass. Except for a few, I’m years ahead of their understanding and experience in these specific fields. No matter how large a cage, you’re still trapped like a rat if you’re in it when the door slams shut. Another point to consider is that your assets can become liabilities real fast when nations are in turmoil and the blood starts flowing.

I’ve been fortunate to have created a bond with several highly intelligent people over the years. They’ve offered me this bit of advice on a sure way of knowing the level of an individual’s risk tolerence and experience of risk taking by listening to these two things. One is their stories and the other is by their questions.  The third bit of advise was on how you can always trap a liar by the date lines and time lines as they will never match up. The liar will always seem to be in two places at the same time, or to young or old for their story to be true. To date this advice has served me well on numerous occasions.

The Ever Changing faces of Danger.

The Ever Changing faces of Danger.

I maintain, though, that the Internet is by far the best place to be gathering your information.  But just remember this, none of us are experts in everything, and that includes me. When it comes to surviving the inevitable chaos and financial collapse OR living a great life,  relocating and obtaining citizenship in the Dominican Republic….. I’m a excellent source to know. But no one knows everything… so be advised.

So here we are now. You have the web, the Government, the politicians and finally the elite pulling all the strings from behind the curtain. All of them showing their camouflaged faces but only when absolutely necessary. Yet still blending in so well they only allow you so see what they want to to see. Each also having the capability of changing and remaining unnoticed in the forever changing back round of delusion. If you continue to be fooled by this mirage, you’re going to get slaughtered.

Government Sneaking Up and Taking A Big Bite Out Of Your Freedom.

Government Sneaking Up and Taking A Big Bite Out Of Your Freedom.

Your time is short. Governments are sneaking up from behind you and taking a huge bite out of every liberty you still have. Many have already gone and still, you’re stuck debating with your peers the fact that they can’t do that. Its against the constitution and the law you’re all shouting. Its already DONE…..  DEAL WITH IT!

Out of nowhere they appear yet again  ready to tear away another thirty pounds of your rights as a citizen of the nation. You keep feeding these monsters hoping they’ll go away but their appetite can never be satiated. You don’t understand, its not an appetite its an addiction, and every junkie is only satisfied till the need arises for their next fix.

Here Take a Little More. If I Feed You One More Time Will You Leave Us Alone.

Here Take a Little More. If I Feed You One More Time Will You Leave Us Alone.

No they’re not going to go away… EVER! You’re only fooling yourself, still living in denial, if you even think for one second that this will ever happen. Again and again, they will relentlessly keep coming back for more. More of your freedom, more of your wealth, more of your peace of mind, and yes, more of your quality of life. Even standing on the deck of your own property, they burst out of nowhere showing their large jaws…. ready to take another bite.

But I'm Standing On My Own Deck. Leave Us Alone!

But I’m Standing On My Own Deck. Leave Us Alone!

You  now need a permit for that deck you’re standing on, CHOMP! Yet another bite of freedom disappears. How much more of this do you want to take? They’ll be happy to keep returning till there’s nothing left that you can give. They have devoured all of your savings, freedom and everything you ever held as value. You have nothing but misery to hold on to.

You can escape this madness, all of it. Its well with in your reach to do so. The only two things that are preventing you from breaking away right now is fear and a closed mind.

We’re offering you a way of living that possibly could add ten years to your life. In our Discovery Tour, we’ll pick you up at the airport.  I can take care of your lodging. We will literally show you more of what life is like in the Dominican Republic in three days than you could experience in three weeks on your own. So what have you got to loose but your stress… and if you love it that much you can always go right on back to it after three days. The sharks will love you for it, and for sure they will be waiting. Waiting with open mouths that is.

We're Here Waiting. Barry In D.R.

We’re Here Waiting. Barry In D.R.

I hope you received something positive out of this week’s under the mango tree. It is our desire to help everyone that is looking for positive choices and changes in their life. I thought the way this was presented might give you a different view of the same old story. Together we can do it. Our family will be there every step of the way, making sure that you do just fine. Relocating to a better environment, surrounded by real friends, natural food, and best of all, real Life once again.  The way it used to be.

See you in Cabrera soon. This is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.



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