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While Enjoying Our Morning Coffee

While Enjoying Our Morning Coffee

Hi Guys its Barry in D.R. Every day Liane and I enjoy our morning coffee out on the front porch. We love the sounds of all the birds and since they fly so close, the songs are never the same. It’s funny to watch our cats trying to stalk them as if they’re going to jump off the railing and grab one in midair.

Not For Me Baby!!

Not For Me Baby!!

Although we chat about many different subjects, it never takes very long for one of us to bring up the subject of how we love being in Cabrera. How we’ve developed adoration of the feelings gained since living here. A feeling of belonging along with the inner peace that naturally follows. Now I’m not easily lost for words but even for me it’s a difficult task to formulate an accurate portrayal you would be able to appreciate.

It would almost be like trying to describe what balance is. Sure you could attempt to describe balance. You might even get into the technical side of describing balance. How balance has to do with the equilibrium of the inner ear. All of which would provide a description, but not an understanding, by experience of what balance is. The only way you will ever understand balance is when you fall off your bicycle and skin you knee. Then you will actually understand what balance is. It’s the only way we come to know anything…. by experience. Our good friend Richard had a similar experience with the police here in the D.R.

My buddy Richard was taking me to the airport. He was going to drop me off at the Santo Domingo International Airport. I try to go back a little as possible as I no longer care for the environment in America. Slowly, over the past decade, it’s deteriorated immensely. Still every so often I have requirements that I know need attention. Visiting my mom is probably first on the list. She is in her 80’s and understandably likes to stay close to home.

New Road - Samana To Airport

New Road – Samana To Airport

Always there’s someone who will be glad to drop you off at the airport, as it’s a lovely drive on the new toll road. As you approach the airport from the new Samana highway, you are heading away from the madness of the huge city of Santo Domingo. Not that I’m putting down the hustle bustle life of living in a big city anywhere, but is not our choice. However, the nice part is, once exiting the new highway, you are only about 15 minutes to the airport, and its all good highway.

The one thing you have to be sure not to do is miss your exit when you’re returning from the airport. It’s not clearly marked, so if you’re not paying attention it’s easily missed. If you do miss it, well let’s just say, you’re heading right into some of the most congested streets in the world. Even though I reminded Richard to watch closely for the exit on his way back, for some unknown reason Richard missed his exit.

Typical Dominican Republic Road Scene

Typical Dominican Republic Road Scene

When I say unknown reason, I’m being polite to you listeners. I know why he missed it… because I know Richard. Love him to death, but attention is not his thing. He just likes to enjoy the scenery and kind of see where it takes him. Remember, in a past blog about replacing things, you either retain or don’t retain based on a “card within a deck of cards”? Let’s just say for illustration that attention is the eight of spades in the deck. It better not be Richards gin card cause there’s not going to be any rummy that soon follows. In all fairness Richard holds many more important cards in his hand. If the king of diamonds were kindness, the jack of clubs were gentleness, and the seven of hearts represented contentment he would be yelling GIN in a heartbeat.

The story continues. My cell rings ten minutes to boarding. “Barry, it’s Richard….” and already I know something is wrong. I look over to my buddy Johnny who’s traveling with me. Johnny was going to see his daughter. In a kind of lost voice I hear “I think I missed the exit because there’s more congestion here than I’ve ever seen in my life.” Johnny and I ask him to read one of the street signs so we would know exactly where he is. He says “I’ll call right back soon as I see one.” Now it’s three minutes to boarding and the phone rings one more time. “Barry this is Richard”, like I needed to know this. “The sign says Ave. 27th De Febrero” ….SHIT he’s in the middle of Santo Domingo and in one of the worst areas to be in. This might be the right time to mention that, other than gracias, Richard doesn’t speak a word of Spanish. At least back then he didn’t.

Johnny and I are now in the entrance tunnel to board the plane. The flight attendant says “sir you have to cut that call right now. It’s against FAA rules to be on a cell phone while in the boarding tunnel”. Again SHIT!

Johnny and I go back and start calling Richard’s wife and another friend, both who speak fluent Spanish. SHIT! can’t reach either of them so we attempt to call Richard back. SHIT no answer and now we’re worried, as this is an area you don’t want to be in let alone not speaking a word of Spanish.

Johnny and I are watching everyone passing us to board the plane. The same friendly flight attendant (NOT) is eying me. Excuse me sir but we’ve already called last boarding. SHIT again! Johnny what do we do? Johnny has a quick idea that seemed to make sense.

Palm Forrest - Road From Samana To Cabrera

Palm Forrest – Road From Samana To Cabrera

We called both people back and left a message to get hold of Richard as soon as possible as he is totally lost. We had no choice but to continue on with our flight. It was a nervous feeling that we both had all throughout the flight as we knew Richard was not in a good position. Around this time I really wished that eight of spades was in Richard’s hand, but I knew better.

Once we landed and cleared customs, I called him and found he was already back safe and sound in Cabrera. Johnny and I we’re both relieved and puzzled at the same time. We asked him… “so what did you do?”

Richard went on to tell us it was exciting. “I was lost and one street looked exactly like the other. I thought I was getting further and further away from the highway but couldn’t see any place to turn around and I was traveling on a one way street. I then saw a sign Policia and at least understood what that meant”.

“So I walked into the station and tried to communicate but none of them spoke English. They just all kind of looked at me with this blank stare. All I could think of is saying Cabrera, Cabrera with sort of a lost looking gesture. Well, one of them got it that I was lost. They had a good laugh about how far off track I was, but they didn’t know I was first at the airport.”  O.K. Richard so what next?

“He made some sign language to suggest I stay behind him and they will get me to the new highway toll road. Three of them then proceeded to accompany me all the way to the new toll road. I couldn’t believe the service. I even think they may have wanted to stop for a quick beer together, but I wasn’t sure.” By now Johnny and I were relieved and now it’s just another one of the many cool stories that only living in a foreign country can you understand. Understand by experience as in the second paragraph mentions.

There is currently no way of obtaining this kind of unselfish service in the western cultures and it won’t ever be coming back to the way it was either. It’s up to you. You can choose to stay and defend or choose to flourish and belong but either way it’s only a choice, your choice.

Today’s post deals with two excellent articles. One from Casey Research and the other is titled America’s decent into poverty. Just in case you forgot, and since the election is right around the corner, I included an Obama short youtube where he promises to cut the deficit in half during his first term as President. Guess he uses a different calculator than the rest of us. Who knows, it’s probably from China as America produces nothing anymore, nothing except memories. This is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.

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