I’ve been Preaching This For So Long Now. China Launching World Wide Gold Backed Currency!


Welcome to your soon to be new country

Welcome to your soon to be new currency

Hi Guys its Barry in D.R. As my listeners know from a post a couple of days ago I’ll be out for the next three days. I will however make every attempt to post a daily blog while I’m gone but this is a time sensitive trip so just tune in and see. Over the past week I have received some news that has since moved up our time schedule by about six or eight months. Better to be a few months early than a half second too late.

China's Got The Gold. Times Running Out!!

China’s Got The Gold. Times Running Out!!

I hate the fact of even leaving Cabrera for a few days. For me there are only two good things about heading back to the states. One reason is because I will be seeing my mom again. We get along great. That’s our universal code for we argue all the time but it’s all good. The second reason being it’s a return ticket. I’ll always find a positive way to look at things.

I must admit I do share the same frustration as many of you out there in trying to open the eyes of the sleeping or awaken the dead. Why it always seems to be the ones who are closest to you remains a universal mystery. While talking with some of the biggest names in the blogging world it seems to be a common state of affairs we all seem to share. Myself, I have compared it to trying to teach your mate to ski or drive. In two words JUST DON’T. Hire the instructor, go off to enjoy and meet up later.

Have a Look At One Of Your New Banks. Peoples Bank Of H.K.

Have a Look At One Of Your New Banks. Peoples Bank Of H.K.

To this day it never ceases to amaze me how the closer a person is to you the more resistent they are from learning from you. I guess it has to do with the universal laws pertaining to separation and clarity. I have helped so many people who started out as total strangers but still can’t get through to my own mother.

Oh Yes, They Have There Eye On America. They're Buying It.

Oh Yes, They Have There Eye On America. They’re Buying It.

A Bank of America fan if ever there was one. Now I had casually mentioned how their stock just happens to be falling through the floor and even pointed out the fine print that my legal friends taught me about…. it’s no longer your money once deposited, but all of it falls of deaf ears. All I can say is, those universal laws, however true, can sometimes be a bitch. All I ever get is why didn’t I listen to you or where did you learn to think like that, its sure not from us. Whatever that’s supposed to mean but always after the damage is already done. I’m sure all you parents out there would have no trouble agreeing when it comes to your kids, right?

A Few Faces You Might Want To Become Familiar With.

A Few Faces You Might Want To Become Familiar With.

Take a few moments and go back. Look at what was mentioned several times about Divide and Conquer, comments about China is the sleeping giant, and compare what’s in today’s articles. You are going to see quickly I get to the point without information overload and usually well ahead of most. Straight and to the point, and throw in a good dose of what life can be like once you learn how to actually live again.

Everybody’s smothering you with the same subject from 137 different articles. One more time, get off the tracks and worry about the details later.  For what reason other than ratings I do not know. But what I do know is most of you are hooked on it. You know it too and don’t try to take the truth and turn it into an insult. That doesn’t work with me.

If there’s one person who is an expert in understanding the cause and effects of emotional blackmail, it’s me. I had the best trainer and coach, MY MOTHER.  I’ve survived them all! The: “if you can make it to my funeral it would be nice but if you have some important business I’ll understand. Just try and stop by the grave once a year and toss a flower by the grave stone. I don’t want to inconvenience anybody” What about the famous “sure, go ahead, it doesn’t bother me” but when you do go ahead there’s no contact for over a month. She’s the best at it but also knows I understand how to not get backed into the corner.  I used to, many years prior, to fall for it hook, line and sinker. So she’s now settled down for what’s known as “tip of the spear” strategy.

The very same strategy that the elite have mastered and been using on you for decades now. Obviously I’m not comparing mom to the elite but let’s just say the Gods themselves contend in vain whenever they have to butt reason with her. Tip of the spear is something you should look up on your own but it basically works like this…..

A good example would go something like this. Your neighbor is having a party and the music is blasting way louder than you think is right. It bothers you but you try to bear with it. After a while it gets too much so you go and ask them to turn it down a bit. The neighbor greets you at the door with “why not join us we’re having a blast?” You respond No Thanks, but could you turn it down a bit? He invites you in and together you walk over and notice the volume is on number eight. He turns it down to five and then asks is that better? Yes it is and thanks I can live with that and you proceed to go home.

After you leave they couldn’t care because all they wanted was five to begin with but they knew if they started at five you wouldn’t be happy till it was at three. That’s how it works and the TSA with their airport body scanners just used it perfectly on you without you even knowing it. Countries have been using it on each other when it comes to military border threats and concessions. A great tool if mastered. You as parents have used it in either your mate or kids and know what I’m saying works. One of the best masters of this is China.

China has used this method for decades. Tip of the spear strategy has successfully bought them the time necessary to build their strength, seek powerful alliances and build an incredible foundation compared to the western world. Patience, wait, don’t over react even though you know you just got screwed by your opposition. In comparison the western world would blast out in revenge before even thinking. After all that’s what spoiled people do. Spoiled and those who have been tricked into thinking they’re above everybody else. The world owes them something just for the fact they were born on a certain piece of land. Good luck, because you’re going to need it.

Eastern culture’s leaders knew our time will come and boy has it ever. What a difference a couple of decades can make. The east has slowly taken everything away from the west. The western world’s gold, and to an even quieter extension, their silver. They confiscated almost all of the west’s industry but quietly. Sit back and watch their own citizens give away their jobs, but do it quietly.

Don’t invent, sit back and perfect. Let the western world make all the mistakes first, THEN PERFECT! And save trillions. Still don’t think it works? Who now controls the auto industry, heavy equipment industry, industrial machinery industry, computer and cell phone industries, motorcycle, music and so many others…. it would just make you depressed to even try to comprehend it.

China is crying about a bad YTD on their GDP growth rate. It’s at 7.5%!!! America would not even know what to do with such a growth rate. Currently running at a negative 1 to 1.5% BUT!!! We’re out of the woods now, right?? The really upsetting part about it is the fact that 98% of the people believe it. The brain dead MSM fans actually believe this crap.

I’m telling all my listeners it’s been over, except for the yelling, for over a decade and a half. It’s now just their time to start the end game squeeze play and boy are they going to. They haven’t forgotten about the 60 plus billion in gold reserves due from Sept 12th 2001. Yeah one day after the so called (I won’t even say the word as it makes me sick) attack. So my listeners keep on planning for the best deals to save ten or twenty bucks. You know, the WALL MART mentality that’s been inbred over the past twenty plus minus years. You’re gonna get slaughtered without a complete change of thought pattern.

Three very accurate and to the point articles for you to be not just reading but understanding. Your own nation, years ago, has turned against you. They’re going after anyone who has anything…. assets, land, anything.  Now Ask WHY? Because that’s what BROKE nations do. Again it’s all over but the yelling, YOU’RE YELLING! This is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.

China Launching Gold Backed World Wide Currency!!!


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frank September 17, 2012 at 5:08 am

great article. I heard about China’s plans awhile back, and like them, I also plan to get out of the dollar shortly. I also have been trying to educate everyone I know to purchase long tem storable food, which could be used as a barter item also.

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