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Same Shit Different Pile

Same Shit Different Pile

Hi Guys it’s Barry in DR. As we’re all settled into the New Year and back to whatever normality means I want to bring up a really interesting point.  I know with the past holiday season it’s normal to overdo it a bit and yours truly is no exception. All the snacks baked goods and festive foods lurking everywhere makes it all but impossible to “Just Say No”.

Our season of celebrating seems to run a bit longer than most other countries. Generally we start around December 18th and finish about January 4th. This season was a tough one and I did manage to acquire seven additional pounds that Santa must have brought me. Not sure if it was the food or the rum but either way it totaled 7 pounds in approximately eighteen days.

There's Nothing of Value Here

There’s Nothing of Value Here

We all have done it before and no one’s pointing fingers at anyone but here’s a point for you to consider. Real food verses manufactured- processed food. Did you know that your body does not recognize modified food so it cannot fully digest it? Here’s a bit of information I’d like to share, it’s also why folks who continually eat manufactured or processed foods are always hungry soon after stuffing themselves. It’s not hunger your body is craving its nutrients. The weight we all put on during holidays is already gone when we returned to our normal way of life… is yours?

So let’s revisit my earlier question. Since the return to whatever normality means to you have you lost this extra weight from the past holiday season. Sure you’re back in the gym and back to work, if you’re lucky enough to have a job and even returned back to whatever your normal eating habits are… but did you shed the pounds? Chances are for most it’s a no but don’t blame yourself too much. A large part of it is the fact that your body can’t even recognize let alone process and digest what you’re putting into it. You’re eating shit and you better start waking up to this crude but real fact!

Nothing Real Here

Nothing Real Here

For instance take these two simple to understand examples… We’ve all been told how bad butter is for us. There are many commercials advertising the benefits of using margarine instead of butter and how it’s a better source with no cholesterol. Well first fact margarine is only one molecule away from being plastic! That’s right you’re eating plastic!! Additionally all margarines come out of their processing black in color. That’s right jet dark black… it has to go through yet another step to gain that pleasing to the eye off yellow natural looking color. That step is of course food dye.

The Only Energy Being Produced Here is From The Heating Element

The Only Energy Being Produced Here is From The Heating Element

The story about eggs being another bad source of cholesterol… well I guess you’ve probably not herd that they’re chocked full of vitimine D and the cholesterol in eggs is after all not a bad type of cholesterol as originally thought. There are thousands of similar examples these are just but a few.

When you’re eating real unprocessed foods you’re putting into your system exactly what it was meant to be digesting… broken down by the amino acids in your stomach. Once this cycle is completed the body can fully dispose of what it needs to. Just wondering… think it might be one possibility why cancer runs at such a high percentage per population in the western nations. Particularly in the United States where rates are amongst the highest. What about heart attack, diabetes or stroke… it’s just a thought you may want to consider.

Here’s another fact to digest (pardon the pun) cancer and heart attacks are going to take out more of the population than weapons ever will. In the future expect them to kill many times more of your children than all of the bullets the so called elite forces have been stacking or for that matter you’ve been stacking. I’m well aware of the fact that they already are but I’m referring to a not too distant time in the future that carnage returns on a biblical scale… Gregory Mannarino’s words not mine.

Help A Guy Out Here. I'm Only Part of The System and Looking for a Little Work.

Help A Guy Out Here. I’m Only Part of The System and Looking for a Little Work.

It never seizes to amaze us when friends or family pay us a visit that after two days they comment on how good they feel inside. It’s been so common that we can’t even remember how many were lactose intolerant or thought to be lactose intolerant visit us only to be drinking quarts of milk eating ice cream and yogurt every day for weeks on end with no effect. Oh yeah almost forgot the real cream sauces for dinner… no affects none not one because it’s being fully digested.

Another point I’d like you to consider is allergies. Seems that Americans are so chocked full of pills and allergies it’s nothing short of sad. Whether spicy foods are causing heartburn or dairy can’t be digested it’s one thing after another. Sad medical crash test dummies that you are.  Just from the crap that their so called concerned Dr. Keeps prescribing one could fill two shelves of a medicine cabinet. Get a clue people when your nations GDP is tied to and benefiting from the amount of sick citizens it has, then where’s the incentive in getting you better… the oath that your Dr. took… wake up!

It’s all about stabilizing and return visits… THE SYSTEM! There is no benefit in getting you better or they’d be treating the cause and not the effect.  Just some thoughts for you to consider as freedom to eat healthy is yet one more that’s already had the rug pulled out from beneath it.

United States has become what it used to denounce – a fascist police state. To love America (the idea), you must now leave America (the reality) — either physically or spiritually. That America no longer exists and is no more real than a comic book. Bon appetite… until next time this is Barry in DR and I’m out.

America flunks its health exam


johnsteven January 16, 2013 at 3:39 pm

God is that so true.You really notice the difference betweeen natural produce weather it be food or drink.
As someone who has been living in the Dr for a number of years i can attest to the fact that many people here live until there late 90s and even until 110-120 years old.
There is everytype f fruit and vegtable, plus herbs and leaves which can be used for sickness and seasoning.You dont see too many overweight people , or on vitamin supplements.People are working and living from the land that was given to them from god above.
When i go the market it is amazing how big the fruits and vegtables are, all natural smells and flavours.Some of the fruits are so sweet it seems as if there has been tampering,but no all natural goodness at a small price.
Let me give an example you can buy 30 oranges for 50 pesos which works out at 1 dollar and change.
Keep the people informed barry good job as always

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