Leaving America ! A Young Man’s Diary of Events by Michael

Relocation Nations Realestate

Relocation Nations Realestate

I was browsing through some of my favorite sites relating to the absolute necessity of the importance of relocation and second residency along with passport. It humbled me that I’ve taken these steps so many years ago and now never even think about the “If only I had done it when I could have scenario’s.” I can’t put it into words,and for me that does not come easy since I’m never lost for them, how much of an inner peace I hold each and every day having done this so long ago. The writing on the wall was so clear for so long. I encourage everyone THIS IS A MUST READ! and pass it on to everyone you care about it. Michael’s words have painted the clearest and most detailed picture. Opening a passage to really understand his feelings which allowed him the clarity and certainty needed to make informed positive decision. Anyone who is confused or afraid needs to read this and reread it anytime you feel the need to see the entire staircase before taking the first step. I know he will prosper where ever he goes. Saludos Michael.

Why I’m Leaving America by Michael Fielding

“At first glance, you look like the greatest of all social systems. You seem like a stable and sturdy structure. People look at you and see strength. They see freedom and opportunity, democracy and unity. But a peak behind the curtain reveals a scared old man, desperately trying to maintain an illusion. Your size and complexity hide a simple truth: that you don’t physically exist.”

It is our passion at DREscapes to come out of the closet assisting people through this new paradigm. We’ve done it and so can you. It’s not hard at all except for overcoming your own subconscious thoughts. “Your subconscious is dangerous, but only when your conscious attitude towards it becomes hopelessly false.” Your fears become your realities. Fear does nothing except remove you from the only second of control that you have. This is called THE PRESENT.

Darryl September 17, 2012 at 1:42 am


A friend emailed me one of your posts, today. Quite a shock to me back about 5-6 years ago when i watched Freedom to Fascism. Of course many of us hoped for change with ron Paul, but with the media spinning everything it seems America cannot be saved. The NWO seems hell bent on enslaving the globe.

My thought is: Even if one escaped to the DR or elsewhere will not this reach your country in a short while, as well?

I have a friend whose family is there, but other than that no knowledge.

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