So Who Needs A Second Passport In Today’s World YOU DO!!

Passports allow you to say goodbye as well as hello

Passports allow you to say goodbye as well as hello

So here we go one more time. We won’t give up on continuing to pound this at you time after time. Having had a second passport for well over 30 years I’m telling you ONE MORE TIME! These laws are soon going to change and if your to late it’s to late. If your one of the few still remaining and able to pay your taxes you won’t be leaving. The machine has to obtain it’s fuel where ever it can to keep running. You my friend are the fuel. It’s been this way ALL THROUGH HISTORY!! and it’s cost millions their life.

I want you to take a moment and understand this. Thought from the heart without first going through the head is a very dangerous thing. I want to make this point crystal clear how dangerous thought from the heart is. Example: your fishing with your 4 year old son. He see’s you new fillet knife and right away it’s daddy can I hold it?

Thought from the heart says sure as you want him to be happy. Soon after cut himself badly. Thought from the head first then the heart says NO! Even though he goes into a tantrum for the rest of the day. You get the picture right? You better not be thinking with your heart on this one. Another excellent read from Simon Black. Few people can equal his vast open minded type of thought.

Remember a closed mind will cost you everything as its the costliest thing you can own. Dominican Republic is one of the best places for relocating and obtaining that residency followed by that all important passport. You have nothing to loose but your stress.


We’ve spoken before about the importance of a second passport. It is, in short, one of the best insurance policies you can have. If you only have one passport, you become trapped by a single government– a government that has the power to tax you into the poorhouse, steal your assets, send your children into combat against their will, and much more.


If you’re walking on a path and not kicking up dust, then you’re not walking on a path. Whenever you make true change in your life, things get moved around, friends change and people are not always happy with your growth. True paths are never smooth. Recognize that as you move forward in your life, not everyone is going to support you. Be OK with that. And keep on walking it just may be the best decision you ever made. Here for you in the DR.

ben newman October 19, 2012 at 11:53 pm

How do you get a second passport and is it easy to get into the DR from a sailboat. Thnx

Barry October 24, 2012 at 12:08 am

Ben, tune into the site as we’ve launched the immigration page. it will answer most of your questions. If you then want to pursue further just click the hot button and fill out the form. A few days later the attorney will follow up. As for the sail boat just go onto the Dominican Republic governments page and it should be there. As far as moorings that definitely depends on what part of the country you’re looking at.

Best Adventures

Barry in DR

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