Doug Casey Interview What It Takes To Cut Through This Next Phase

Hi it’s Barry checking in from the Dominican Republic once again. Just returned from cleaning up some of our families farmland and had a great surprise waiting for me. Was out gathering some mango’s along with a bunch of bananas and a squash pumpkin.

Time is running out Expatriate and Relocate

Time is running out Expatriate and Relocate

My wife makes the best squash curry you ever tasted. I hope you get the opportunity to taste it someday. After a quick shower I was checking in to some of my regular information feed sites. A GREAT TREAT was waiting for me. None other than Doug Casey sharing some of his thoughts with Lauren Lyster of Russia Today not only about the future of the economy of the western world but on how you better start making your plans now. Plans for residing in another country as well as the residency followed up by a passport.

Not to mention a bank account and allocating funds to it. You have to start the process NOW as when the laws change it will be too late unless you’re already grandfathered in and had begun the process. Even if you never use it you’d be foolish not to have it. I’m informing you again it’s better to be a year to early than a second too late and if you don’t hear me, well the name Doug Casey should speak for itself.

People in the know have already been doing this for the past couple of years now. He emphasizes how this exit door is closing for U.S. citizens fast. Governments are tightening the noose (opps I meant to say loop) fast. Don’t fool yourself not even for a moment they are well aware of who flees nations that are bankrupt. It’s the people who have the assets and intelligence to do so, the so called fuel for the machine, you know to keep the motor running, the tax base and that’s YOU. Starting at 18:55 into the broadcast you’ll hear some of the best from one of the best.

As an added bonus the producer of Russia Today Demetri Kofinas was at a weeklong conference in B.C Canada. One of the most respected financial investment firms Agora Financial hosted the weeklong event. Agora Financial has a long proven track record of attracting some of the highest influential people on the planet. Starting at 22:25 of the 28:00 broadcast. IT WILL surprise you same way it surprised Demetri, how many of these influential people actually already have expatriated from the United States. Oh yea be courteous and if your the last one out please lock the door.

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” Doug Casey Was it after a peak of good times for America in the late 50s to mid 60s, with the 1959 cadillac a relic of a bygone era? We are not just talking about its iconic tail fins, but of the decent standard of living for Americans that it represents — one that was NOT built on unsustainable debt supplanting stagnant wages.”

More and more it’s becoming apparent the need to take action. All throughout history nothing has changed. The one thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history. There are so many wonderful places to live in this world we just got hooked on the Dominican Republic and its people. Check some destinations out fast as time is a commodity that is in short supply and as in any supply and demand scenario it becomes more valuable as scarcity increases. CU in DR soon.

Deivisson August 26, 2012 at 10:55 am

Hi TE visitors, I will be viintsig Santo Domingo for my birthday in February. I love bachata and salsa dancing (even though I’m still learning). Can anyone recommend a few clubs? A few authentic restaurants? Also, what is a good hotel? Last time I stayed at the Hilton on George Washington but needed to take a cab everywhere and felt isolated from the people of Santo Domingo.

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