MUST WATCH! 3 Part Interview with G. Edward Griffen and Sean Founder of SGT Report

Government Hypnotist "This Paper Has Value, This Paper Has Value"

Government Hypnotist “This Paper Has Value, This Paper Has Value”

Hi Guy’s Welcome Back. Spent a great day with the family at the beach. One of the best kept secrets about living on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic is the many out of the way unknown beaches. This is a place where you can still be by yourself on a beach spanning over a half mile. Once back home I Was checking in on some of the day’s new releases. You never know, just in case the world decided to crash while we were at the beach. Living here you wouldn’t know the difference if it had. It’s a challenge trying to keep up with the stresses of the outside world but as they say, someone’s got to do it.I’m still trying to tell the difference since 2004 and can’t seem to find it.

A name that should need no introduction is that of G. Edward Griffin. The author of the best seller ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ and founder of Freedom Force International. Join G. Edward Griffin along with Sean from the SGT Report on a spectacular learning experience…

Most of my listeners are already well informed on these topics, but how many of us have faced the same frustration when it comes to getting family and friends to tune in and become aware? I share your frustration as nobody has failed  more in this still ongoing endeavor than yours truly. I have been able to wake up so many people around the world except for my own family and close friends. Please share this three part video with everyone important in your circle of influence. Denial takes on many forms one of which is fear. Most people we are trying to reach are nothing more that scared. When someone is afraid their natural reaction is rejection. Fear sets itself so gently and profoundly in the mind, that a person can suffer from fear all of their life without knowing it.

It’s my highest expectation that these videos will cause at least one more person to be awakened. Once a person’s eyes are truly opened for the first time they never close quite the same way again.

“There’s no theory here this is just plain ole history. The thinking and construction work was all done 3 years prior in 1910. What they created there was a cartel. A banking cartel, but they had to make it look like a Government agency. Originally the words on the top actually said “Cartel Agreement. So they took this agreement back to Washington and they found some politicians to introduce it as a law. They took the words off the top that said cartel agreement and replaced them with Federal Reserve Act and they passed it into law.”

I would recommend that you hang on to these videos and use them often. Most of the people who are not really up to speed on this will still view them with an open mind. Clearly a soft approach in introducing a touchy subject for most people. In addition if you’ve already tried several times to get through with no success this would be similar to an end run and introduce it from a completely different perspective. If all else fails at least you did your best and move on to other people. At this point all you will do is create an  argument so change topics to something more important. Might I suggest dancing with the start or better yet Tom Cruise’s divorce. I’ve learned a long time ago; Never argue with a fool. From a distance no one watching will be able to tell the difference. This is Barry saying see you in the D.R. Back with you tomorrow.








Paulo August 26, 2012 at 3:12 pm

About a month ago China refused to have ainnhtyg to do with US dollar. Obama insulted several Chinese leader while he was at the G-20 Summit. He told them to go get their own currency. He was very rude and sarcastic and callous. Why would Obama even bother to want to go to China in the first place? This does not make any sense except to say he he taking us into World War 3. President Obama has wrecked this country so bad and by the end of 2011, we the US dollar would be bankrupt.

Judy Brown September 13, 2012 at 11:58 pm

Thank you so much for the information about the implanted chip!!! Just like everything else, for the past decades, we’re being led to the slaughter!! And we’re going willingly, because people don’t realize the real goal of the “New
World Order”. It really saddens me to imagine the immense damage that will be done. It’ll be too late when the population wants to reverse the process……

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