The Future of Farmland

Fruits of the Dominican Republic

Fruits of the Dominican Republic

Without question one of the most common subjects I’m constantly questioned about is farming and growing your own food while living in the Dominican Republic. While I’ve traveled for a good part of my life and have spent much time in places ranging from Galapagos to New Guinea months on end in Micronesia, Australia and all throughout the Pacific rim I’ve never seen a better easier place to produce food that the countryside of the DR.  Dominican Republic real estate offers some of the finest, fertile soil and climate that rivals almost anywhere else one could imagine.

Excellent beef and poultry feeding on natural sources not chemical formulas as in many other countries. We’ve relocated several people to our area of the country that were on several medications for digestion related issues and within their first year no longer needed any of them.

Other’s arriving to the the country with Diabetes and sugar counts near 400 only to be off their medications as we have a plant here called insolina which, when the leaves are boiled, create a tea. One cup of tea three times a day and in most cases are saying goodbye to insulin almost completely as this plant has many times the potency as it’s chemical cousin.

Check out Russia Today’s Lauren Lyster video and scroll two minutes into the program. FARMLAND.  Listen to who is making it out to be almost a necessity for survival! Watch and BE SURE to check out our closing remarks as this is probably the most important yet over looked factor in investing in farmland for your families survival. Don’t miss it!


” The Future of Farmland in a World of Financial Fraud and Safe Haven Bubbles!  Are you as sick of this as we are, but not sure what to do about it or how to react in order to protect yourself? We will talk about farmland as a way out with Brad Farquhar, manager of the largest farmland fund in Canada.”

Remember these two important issues BEFORE you purchase anything. They just might be the most important factors to consider for your family’s well being. THE FIRST IS WHERE!! Stop and take a look at how the Government goons are raiding (weapons drawn) small organic and family owned farms. People who just want to protect themselves and their families. Everything from fruit to dairy is being destroyed or closed down leaving the owners forced to face hefty fines and or the legal system. Your land does you NO GOOD if you’re planning a small project only to find out later your not allowed to use it for that purpose. SECONDLY!! pick a location where things like natural resources, Government intervention and weather does not limit your abilities in any negative way. Choose that place considering some of the following. Ease of use, cost of production, No restrictions from local Government just to name a few.

You don’t need to be delayed with any of these issues as you’ll be quite busy enough adjusting to the paradigm changes and won’t have the time or energy to spend fighting such nonsense. Last but certainly not least…..consider this very carefully….. The best place to view a war is from a great distance and sitting atop your Dominican Republic real estate, overlooking the ocean is a pretty safe place.


IZen August 26, 2012 at 6:25 am

You should stay in the Colonial Zone. There are all sorts of hoetls in a variety of price ranges. In the Zone you do not need a taxi. All the bars, restaurants, historical places are all within walking distance. It is quite safe as long as you use your head. There are nice clubs, Colmados and friendly Dominican people. Best of all you do not need a taxi to go out in the day or night.

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