Silver, Just Basic Supply And Demand, All Fiat Currencies Share The Future Value Of ZERO

Hi Guys, It’s Barry in the D.R. Even out here in Cabrera, Dominican Republic an all-day rain will have its effects on your productivity. When the temperature drops down you just feel like kicking back and downshifting into low gear. Seventy eight is cold and causes my thought patterns to change just a bit. So off I wandered behind the house looking for something to do. That’s when one of the many coconut trees caught my attention and a moment of brilliance followed.

What You're Fiat Is Really Worth

What You’re Fiat Is Really Worth

See my good friend Tony owns a small cocoa farm in San Francisco de Macoris, Dominican Republic. San Francisco is well known for being one of the largest producers of cocoa in the world. They export different grades of cocoa all over the world but what’s more important to me is the free cocoa he gives us every time we visit him. Now back to my moment of brilliance. A couple of coconuts, some fresh farm cream, and ground organic cocoa makes for one hell of a hot chocolate. Just add a splash or two of Bailey’s and the chill and boredom’s gone.

While enjoying my concoction I started to scan over for some of the better posts of the day. DR escapes strives to save you countless hours by providing some of the day’s  best posts all together  in one easy to navigate location. Came across three posts that caught my eyes that I’m sure you will agree with. First one is Andy Hoffman AKA Ranting Andy of Miles Franklin.  I’ve spoken with Ranting Andy a few times and he is most definitely someone you should be taking seriously when it comes to metals. He has always answered my questions and after a few calls together started a casual friendship where I can call anytime I seek some good unbiased advice. He’s not out just to sell you something and that’s getting to be a rare commodity all by itself.

Catch his interview with Kerry Lutz from the Financial Survival Network (FSN). I Look forward to possibly meeting Kerry over at our place in Cabrera sometime soon. Kerry is another real person who seems to care about waking up and educating people. I don’t know of a more noble cause in today’s world and that’s why all of us at DR escapes are so passionate in perusing it too.

I’m closing out with two other blogs featuring David Morgan and KWN. Both sources I’ve followed for a long time now and can honestly say they are both well worth your time. Hope these blogs get you active as no one has any more certainty in the true value of silver than me. Just a thought to consider. Try not to get so concerned with understanding every little trinket of information about precious metals investing. It ought to be enough to know that all fiat based currencies will eventually have a common value, that value is zero. The rest is just details.

Last note, if you’re ever planning to relocate, to the Dominican Republic or any other destination, check out what might be the best form of silver or gold to purchase. The ramifications on exporting and importing laws would surprise you so don’t get caught off guard. If you have any questions I’d be happy to forward you to the right sources for answers.


 Stack It and Store It, Silver There’s No Finer Investment

” there is no finer investment than silver, which will outperform even Apple in the long run. The System has lost all credibility, much as the Tobacco Industry did in the 1990′s,”
Miles Franklin


Silver Looking To The Upside Balance Of 2012

” The bottom for silver prices looks to have been reached recently says, David Morgan, but, in order for prices to start moving upwards, gold is going to have to lead the way.”

SGT Report


Stunning Development In The Silver Market, HUGE Move In Silver

“Today King World News is reporting on an absolutely stunning development, this time in the silver market. Acclaimed commodity trader Dan Norcini told KWN that in the silver market, “… the hedge fund outright short position is the largest position that I’ve got on my records going back to the beginning of 2007. We’re talking about a five and a half year period.” Norcini also noted there would be a huge move in silver, “
King World News

When it comes to the information age I’ll admit was hooked. Yes a junkie if ever there was one. I’ve since changed though. Oh it might have taken over a decade and a half to break this addiction but I did. However looking back, I did gain vast knowledge in certain areas. By far for the most treasured area was that of trends. Here’s what I’ve come to understand about this age of information. It’s sort of a double edged sword type of scenario. Here is a great example of what I mean.

Many of my listeners are so stuck when it comes to making decisions. Precious metals relocating whatever the cause the effect is always the same. They all understand what’s in store for Europe, U.S. Japan Ect. and also where all fiat currencies are headed. After all, these are bright people, information age people, right? So here’s what trap they almost all fall into.

Let’s just say for example a train is coming down the tracks at 90 miles per hour. Their family happens to be on the tracks. So what do they do? They start asking questions. What company built the train? How many stops does it make? How much are the tickets? What’s the schedule? Are there seats available? Do they accept credit cards? What cards do the accept? Before you know it SLAM the family’s wiped out, TRACK KILL! Too much information. Get off the dammed tracks first!! The rest are only details. All because of the ease in acquiring information. People get so bogged down its amazing. Indecision may or may not be their problem, I guess? When it comes to the book of life you don’t want to head up the chapter “Don’t Let This Happen To You.” People who don’t find parking spaces are looking for no place to park. This is Barry saying See You in D.R. and I’m out.



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