U.S. Dollar Is Dying As World’s Reserve And You Should Be Concerned, VERY CONCERNED!

Hi Guy’s, It’s Barry in D.R. In today’s world everyone has got their own version of stress. Seems there’s no escaping its clutches anymore. Currency collapse, possible war, economies on life support just names a few of the many. I’m no exception stress affects us all. In a moment you’ll see what I mean. Last week I was hanging out with some of my buddies under our favorite mango tree enjoying a few Brugal’s (our local rum). We like this particular tree as there’s always a snack close at hand, and it also mixes great with the local grog. Natural mango Rum you just can’t beat it. It’s a true Dominican Republic treat.

US.Dollar Melting away to nothing.

US.Dollar Melting away to nothing.

The afternoon soon turns into night. All five of us are still enjoying each other’s company. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, it starts to rain. Actually more of a down pour, very common in tropical climates. By now we’re well into our stories and our second bottle. Everything seems peaceful and all of a sudden a shower of sparks emanates from above. Our favorite mango tree was showering sparks from inside, thousands of them and from every section! Literally every area of this tree is throwing off huge showers of sparks. You’d swear a human sized sparkler was ignited; actually it was five of them. It was all of us!

So we first grabbed the balance of our rum (a sort of unwritten law in the D.R.) and dashed out from under the tree. Still this mango tree is showering a brightly lit array of projecting luminescence. We’re all looking at each other wondering what the heck is going on. After the rain subsided one of our neighbors (Alexis) wandered by and asked how we were enjoying the new lights and switch he installed for us. Scratching our heads, along with a blank look on our faces (possibly from the Brugal), we continued to stare at each other.

By now everything had already fried and all that remained was the darkness. The rain had also departed by now. Alexis had figured out that he had all these extra lights from an old project and wasn’t using them. He also knew we liked hanging around the mango tree and sipping Brugal. Putting it all together, he thought what a wonderful idea to have lights so we  just might enjoy some dominoes with that Brugal.  At night we would need some light to see the tiles. So he got some of the neighborhood kids to hang all these lights for him. They also wired up a switch. Then they screwed the switch to the trunk of the mango tree. They didn’t know what else to do so they tapped into the street system to gain free power. Another common thing you’ll see in the D.R.

When it started raining the rain water went into the switch. All of this equipment was not meant for outdoor use so the switch and other components were not waterproof. The water made contact which passed power to the balance of the bulbs. Of course there weren’t any breakers installed in either of the systems. Add all the ingredients together and what do you get? One hell of a light show….. that I can personally guarantee. So goes my stress story. See stress takes on many different forms and I wouldn’t trade mine for anybody else’s even if you added a few zero’s after the number. That’s why we live in the Dominican Republic. Perhaps you should too.  It’s an excellent trade to consider. After all what have you got to loose….. your Stress?

Stress Free Dominican Republic

Stress Free Dominican Republic

Now back to the kind of stress you’re more accustomed too. Government regulation taxes, collapsing currency, hidden hyper-inflation, devaluation and inevitable civil unrest that will come with devaluation.

In current conditions of the world’s economy’s another often overlooked advantage of living in a small independent country like the Dominican Republic is this. When your currency IS NOT a base currency there can be some nice benefits while sitting on the sidelines. The Dominican Peso is not a world base traded currency. Another advantage often overlooked is when your country’s currency is merely pegged to whatever the reserve currency currently is it offers some very nice advantages. The Dominican Peso would simply adjust itself to whatever reserve currency is currently being used. It’s just a local used free floating currency being spent locally or exchanged to other world base currencies. Very similar to the Cayman Dollar that consistently trades for 1.25 U.S.D. whatever the dollar does. It free floats. Let’s be clear I’m no fan of any fiat and haven’t been for years now, but in the current state of the world’s economies better to sit on the side lines.

Another point I’d like to address. I’m not saying that economies here are not affected because they are. This is especially true in our large cities. Living in the country though it’s hard to tell the difference from 5 years ago.  Rain makes grass grow. Cows eat the grass, since we don’t use any chemicals or feed. Chickens eat bugs, chickens also make eggs. Crops grow and we don’t export in our region! All locally consumed. Starting to see why we live in this country. Our dollar goes so much further. Really I’m asking you, when was the last time you bought 5 pineapples for a buck fifty? Bet it’s been awhile.

Two articles I came across that you should read. Pay close attention on the first one as this is exactly where the U.S. Dollar is headed. This is not going to take a long time to happen so don’t think it’s safe to sit it out for a while longer. For well over a year now I’ve been aware that many other nations have been bypassing the petro U.S. Dollar. Main Stream Media (MSM) won’t tell you, but then if you depend on news finding you then you’re a destination that’s too easy to be found.

You must seek answers if you want the truth. What we personally come to believe or “know” to be truth, is entirely subjective, as it is unfortunately dependent upon the accuracy of what we have perceived or been told. Start doing your own research.

 Talk About Nails In A Coffin, I’d Say Spikes In A Popsicle Stick Is More Accurate

“The mainstream media is avoiding all discussion of the demise of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Even fewer people are talking about how sanctions based on Iran’s supposed need to use the US dollar to sell its oil leave loopholes wide enough for VLCCs to sail right through.”
“Without acknowledging the elephant in the room, articles about Iranian tankers turning off their transponders or India using gold to buy Iranian oil invariably sound like plot developments in a spy thriller. Much more useful would be to convey the real message: The world doesn’t need to revolve around US dollars anymore and the longer the US tries to pretend that the dollar is still and will remain dominant, the more often its international actions will backfire.”

Euro Pacifics Other Voices

And the second article warns of the demise of the dollar as the worlds base currency for trade.

The U.S.Dollar’s Usefulness Will Soon Be Comparable To A Screen Door On A Submarine.

“The point I am making here is this: It is either naïve or a sign of incredible hubris to believe that the central bankers can anticipate the myriad of consequences their monetary interventions will have. To say that they are simply, in aggregate, in the interest of the public is simply incorrect. We are dealing here with a financial bureaucracy that has lost touch with the complexity of economic reality but that has now dug itself such a deep hole that any self-motivated turn-around can safely be ruled out.”

Euro Pacifics Other Voices


Emmanuel August 27, 2012 at 6:09 am

>Petroleum has a fairly fixed value, like gold.both gold and pueeoltrm can easily have a speculative premium. This it the total of the intrinsic value plus what the wisdom of the crowds thinks it’s going to be worth tomorrow. That means a Speculative Bubble that has before and can again suddenly burst.I remember paying $1.49/gallon just a few years ago around Christmas when the last oil bubble burst.>I don’t have anything against dollar coins .Any other size besides the ones that are the same exact weight as the Carter Quarter. I recommend withdrawing the penny and the nickel. make the new coin the size of the old nickel, punch the image of the twin towers on one side and punch a pentagon shaped hole in the center. That should make the coin stand out.

Paul December 16, 2012 at 4:51 pm

It’s true the Dollar will fail either by collapse or devalue. Either way keep in mind the DR peso is tied to the dollar and the IMF is controlling the Central Bank. A country with over 10,000,000 people and a GDP of 59 billion Google> Dominican Republic GDPl follow the money. The Chinese Renminbi is the next world currency coming soon.

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