Going After 2nd Amendment: You Are Fighting With A Big Mac In Your Hands, Get Real !

Hi Guy’s, Its Barry from D.R. Every day I thank whoever is up there that so long ago I had the vision to travel and study trends. Living out here in the countryside of the D.R., we just flourish in a peaceful positive atmosphere. Natural food, clean air, slow pace of life and no one in my family takes any meds. of any kind. Not even fake vitamins as all our vitamins are coming from whole natural sources. Many years ago my wife had digestion problems and just six months after our new natural diet she ditched the meds. and never looked back since.

This Looks Tough The Big Mac's in my left hand

This Looks Tough The Big Mac’s in my left hand

Honestly, I don’t know whether to respect or pity those who choose to live under such freedom as the need for a government permit so you’re eight year old could open a lemonade stand. Everything over the last three decades has changed and evolved into a total loss of freedom and choice. America has replaced what works for what sounded good. Actually I should refer to the nation as what it really has become…. the United States.

America was an incredible visionary idea whose time has come and unfortunately has departed. Respect or pity… it’s a toss-up… but I know one thing for certain. No matter what price you sell yourself for it never represents the total cost.

I’ve been scouting through some sites I frequent regularly. I purposely chose these three articles for a good reason. I want your opinions on the following topics.

  1. Gun confiscation; do you really believe you have a choice when it comes down to being a reality?
  2. Your feedback on the Good ole boys over at homeland security and over-assertive policing in America….. supposedly to protect and serve.  Are we seeing just another street gang in team uniforms?
  3. I have a theory why the public is being attacked from every conceivable angle. The same weapon has been used since the beginning of time. Why? Because it works dammed well, every time, and the self-elected cartels know it.

One of the best weapons of control the self-elected elite have perfected to a science is called divide and conquer. Whether it’s believed by the public or not has no consequence on its success. In fact the more it’s not believed the more successfully it works. This self-elected cartel recognizes large groups are far tougher to control than small unorganized groups. After all we’ve all heard the quotes “there’s strength in numbers” or “the majority rules” haven’t we?

I’m so convinced; to the point of absolute certainty, that a high percentage of people can’t grasp the complexity or metamorphic qualities of divide and conquer. A weapon of mass destruction if ever one existed. Once properly ignited, it is ageless, timeless and continues to explode on demand. I know of no other weapon capable of accomplishing this. Still to this present day it’s most deadly quality hasn’t changed. It’s been igniting for centuries all over the world and still no one ever hears or sees it. It’s so dangerous the warning label reads only to be used by experienced personnel. Membership in the self-elected cartel organization or pathologic behavior training is mandatory. Must be N.W.O certified to operate.

All right, lets get real about some of the deception that people are unaware of being part and parcel of…. divide and conquer weaponry. There are only two ways to destroy a nation along with its citizens. One is to simply destroy it. Destroy all of its buildings, systems and infill structures. Most people know this action as war and it works very well. What is not commonly known is every act of war throughout history has been some form of divide and conquer. False flag attacks, undefeatable foes (called terrorists), main stream media misinformation, feeding the masses who are either too lazy or dumbed down to do their own research. Politics, Religion, Monies, currencies, language and confiscation of your weapons are all additional forms of this terribly effective yet silent and invisible weapon. Remember! I keep mentioning “The cause is always hidden so all we see are the effects.”

The revolution and Civil war, WW1, WW2, Vietnam War, and Korean War, all qualify as examples of divide and conquer. Then technology changed. People were getting used to computers and the start of the information age, or should I say lack of information age, had commenced. The metamorphic capabilities of this elusive weapon emerged once again.

A slightly more sophisticated mirage was necessary in order for the elite to remain unseen. Meet the new enemy, weapons of mass destruction and their host….. Saddam Hussein. So I ask you, how many were actually ever found. The attack on 9/11 was another divide and conquer necessary to continue the façade.  Say hello to Homeland Security, The TSA, wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. The tensions in North Korea and China are but a few that followed. Next in line pending is the false flag nuclear threat of Iran. Anyone ask themselves why so much attention is placed on this ONE possible Desoto-quality nuke in the first place? Even if it did exist is it even a real threat to the western world?  Think about it? Its range would be limited, not even able to reach the western world.  What about the 19,000 plus nukes. the Soviets have.  And China is holding thousands, not to mention our friends over in South Korea.

Most people who disagree only seem to have opinions and not much else. I’ve been gathering this information for over fifteen years. Its one of the many reasons I’m over here in the D.R. My family’s food, currency, water, medical needs are all well secured and not at the liberty of some politician who reacts to whatever instruction is provided by the hidden cause. You my friends are the effect so I hope you’re wising up to this. You can disbelieve in gravity but still have to live within its laws.  I will admit however in the beginning I was in the same boat with a strong, but invalidated opinions. t I didn’t have much else to back it up at the time, so I do understand it’s hard to let go of long held beliefs.

In every single one of these acts the most ironic thing occurs. You have this same self-elected elite cartel funding both sides. Democrats or Republicans should be viewed as separate cheeks on the same ass instead of opposing and separate sides. They’re all funded by the same cartel and it’s just another successful use of that all mighty divide and conquer strategy.

The second and preferred way for any cartel to destroy a nation along with its citizens is let them destroy themselves. Divide the nation into several smaller and opposing groups each having different thoughts, beliefs, motives and agendas.

This method is much less damaging to the infill structure and resources too and more cost effective to execute as it requires far less injection of capitol to achieve. Another benefit in using this second method is it’s much less damaging and quicker to repair once the goal has been accomplished. Simply have the people destroy themselves. This is exactly what the masses are not seeing. The Main stream media is the perfect add on accessory to implement this type of take down tactic. At this point you might find it interesting to know that well over 95% of all main stream media is currently owned by less than ten companies. You might also want to do a bit of research on your own to find out who is on the board of these companies. You might be shocked at what names become revealed.

Most of us are being played like a card. Almost everything we ever thought was freedom of choice has been part of the divide and conquer strategy. All of which has been provided to you from the never seen “cause” called the self-elected cartel. A high percentage of the public still has no idea that cartels even exists.  Do you’re research and question everything including what you’ve just read. At least next time you’re being played you won’t be the JOKER!

There’s no safety or security when your options are all in the same nation you reside in. This may seem a bit uncomfortable now but step back and think about it for a while. I’m confident you will come to the same conclusion and look at spreading you options as a moving target is always harder to hit. This is Barry in the D.R. and I’m out.

It’s Hard To Shake Hands With A Clinched Fist

“To close out the week, let’s look at a few of the comments we’ve received. WE WILL FIGHT LIKE THE AFGHANIS! Many of the responses point out that the US Army hasn’t exactly shown an expertise in controlling populations in occupied territories around the world.”  They’re absolutely crazy about their armed forces. They nod smilingly when airlines let the military board first. They stand and applaud at sporting events when some nameless Private walks onto the field for the singing of the National Abomination. To the average American, the US military can do no wrong. So don’t expect Americans to act like Afghanis towards the US Army. In fact, don’t be surprised if more than a few Americans genuflect as they hand over their guns and do as they’re told. This isn’t Vietnam.”
The Dollar Vigilante Blog

Another interesting read video.

 They Can Pry Them From My Cold Dead Hands!

They can pry them from my cold dead hands. I’m never gonna give up my guns! Well you know what? You’re wrong, cause it’s not gonna happen that way. No, your hand will still be warm when your gun is removed from it, from you’re dead body. It will not be left on the crime scene for long. And as you bleed out your body will still be warm. When they put you on a stretcher and cart you away.

American’s Police — Gangs, Goons, Gigantic Cartel Or To Protect And Serve. YOU DECIDE!

” Owen Myles, Contributor Activist Post Note & Warning: This time I’m not going to make repeated disclaimers about all the “good guys” out there. They can stand-out on their own, and hopefully they will, as does the fellow in the first video. Occasions like the one in the video below are not nearly as rare as you might think. For many (obviously not all) officers, the only thing discouraging such behavior is the chance of getting caught, which is, you could say, nothing to gamble.”

I’m looking forward to your comments as these are some very sensitive issues for most people. You’re going to hear this frequently from me so try to get used to it and think through it! The cause is always hidden so all we ever see are the effects. We never had any choices to begin with and if it’s hard to accept get used to it. From now on start thinking for yourself. Question Everything! including what you read from me. I love questions and will always point you in the right direction for unbiased answers then YOU DECIDE! My family chose the Dominican Republic for several good reasons. Haven’t you noticed? When you put the 2 words ‘The’ and ‘IRS’ together it spells “THEIRS” How are you ever going to get ahead in a system like that?  Like the commercial says GET OUT THERE!

This is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.

Bety August 26, 2012 at 5:22 pm

Just got back from there. The Moon Palace was great. One building is still under cntotrucsion and almost complete. Looks like they’re building a casino towards the rear of the property. Hopefully it doesn’t get ruined once Hard Rock takes over.

Paul December 16, 2012 at 5:02 pm

the local police are the terrorists in thes country and the TSA are for programming the sheeple to unquestionably follow orders, take abuse, & instill fear. I think they are doing a great job in creating enemy’s of the system. I haven’t flew since their inception but will to go to the DR. The guns are nice, and I own a nice collection, but I believe the plan to obedience is through disease and starvation coupled with the mercury and other poison in vaccines that should do the trick leaving a few serfs for the anointed

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