The Nation, It’s GONE! You’re Future, It’s GONE! Two Big Reasons Why I’m GONE!

Hi guy’s its Barry in D.R. Woke up early this morning to once again catch what arguably might be the most incredible sunrise on earth.

Sun Makes it Appearance To Start The Day

Sun Makes it Appearance To Start The Day

Having traveled a good part of my life, trust me when I say this. I have seen some absolutely incredible sunrises in my lifetime. Micronesia to Ein Gedi in Israel.  New Guinea to a few miles off the North Pole, the sunrises are all so diversified and each one in itself could be viewed as a masterpiece. In Cabrera Dominican Republic the artist of choice is the most magnificent of them all DIOS (GOD).

In Cabrera’s summer months, if it rains during the previous night and the next morning is relatively clear…. let’s just say you’re in for a treat!

My wife is still sound asleep. Here I am sitting on the lower porch. It’s about 5:30 A.M. and around 79 degrees. Low humidity as the sun has not risen yet. In my right hand is a piece of fresh baked bread with honey and guava smeared all over it. My buddy Jose has a bee farm and produces natural honey. It’s kind of cool as the honey he produces has a range of colors from as clear as Gin to jet black as liquorish. It all depends on what flowers his bees have been pollinating. Anyway we get a gallon for about 8 bucks. I can’t seem to forget how much one of the DRescapes crew loved it. While working here in Cabrera I can still remember him saying it made the whole morning seem like being in heaven. When’s the last time you ever felt like that in the morning?

Dominican Republic Discovery Tour

Dominican Republic Discovery Tour

Perhaps you should think about trying this experience for yourself. We’ll be glad to help out with all the details as we’re DEAD SERIOUS about the importance of your sovereignty. It’s the whole driving passion behind all of us at and NO WE DON’T NEED to be doing this either. That’s why we’re not covered in advertising as it’s not about the buck but rather help create good luck. Your good luck that you stumbled onto finding us at all.

I’m also very aware of the concerns of relocating to a strange place and not knowing many, if any, people. Again TRUST ME on that one too. I’ve lived in five different countries and gained a tremendous amount of experience in each move. As they say, you can hold the light bulb and turn the house if you wish, but I prefer to do it the old fashioned way, either way though, the bulb will tighten.

I was just on Skype with a good friend as I wanted his O.K. before mentioning this story in this post. He has no problem me sharing the story but understandably wants no names mentioned. About five years ago we met one evening in a bar. A group of expats we’re having some fun and we just happened to meet these three guys enjoying their vacation. They all were from N.Y., enjoying their two weeks off work for good behavior. I believe the western term is called vacation, but it’s been so long I had forgotten.

Over several drinks we chatted and found out all three of them are lawyers. I had just finished a joke about what do you call 1500 dead lawyers at the bottom of the sea. I did this cause they were all divers and thus was the reason for their vacation. Anyway, they couldn’t guess and I gave them the punch line. “A GOOD START”.  Two of the three were younger attorneys and loved it. The third was a partner of the firm and kind of snarled it off. It was only a joke, lighten up man!

A couple of drinks later we all found out that the two younger attorneys were the firms top producers for the year and received the dive vacation as a bonus. Those two were great but the old guy (now a very good friend) was very stand offish. So I looked to my wife with that coded “I’m gonna back this snoot into a corner like a queen does a pawn”. But not this night, as a smart general always has a plan of retreat as well as a plan for attack. Tomorrow is another day. We finished our drinks and in closing I offered an invitation to all. Tomorrow why not join us for a couple of dives together.

Dominican Republic Scuba Diving

Dominican Republic Scuba Diving

When you live in an area you get to know the better places to dive. The places that are not dived out by all the tourists and the large cattle-boat operations. I invited them for a day with me and my wife on “REEL MOMENTS” which was the name of our boat.

So here we are, off gassing from our first dive. We all grab a snack from the cooler and a pop. That’s when old snooty starts to go on and on about… “if you work hard for the firm and loyalty is in your blood, in 35 or 40 years your family could retire and live comfortably in a place like this”. It’s all up to you. I could see both of the younger attorneys were tuned in to the point of being nearly in a trance. I looked at my wife and smiled. She shook her head as she recognized that look when I’m about to take the offensive.

So I politely interrupt. “Excuse me but I couldn’t help but over hear what you were saying”. He had mentioned salaries to them so I responded to him…. “Gosh that’s a lot of money for one year’s work”.

He replied, “that is why I’m mentioning it”. It was about $300,000 or something like that, I can’t remember for sure….. but the amount isn’t important to the story. So I say “wow that’s a lot of money. How many hours a week does it take to make that kind of money?”  So as I knew he would, in front of his associates, he said “an 80 hour week is not at all uncommon”. Hum, I said.

He continued to go on about what kind of office they could eventually have with the firm if they only commit their lives to his firm. I had to comment,  “boy that sounds like a great office to work from.. must have a great view?” He answers “you bet, the sky line of New York”.

Checkmate: Who Has The Better Plan For Lifestyle

Checkmate: Who Has The Better Plan For Lifestyle

When he reconfirmed about the retiring part, I just had one more move before I checkmate him in front of his associates. I learned a long time ago to feed an ego, don’t polarize it. So I asked him this. “You look like you’re in pretty good shape. How old are you?” Safe with a male but never do this with a female. He goes on to let me know he was 62 years of age.

Here I go, its my turn now. “You said you’re earning about $300,000 a year putting in around 80 hours a week, correct? So what you’re basically telling us is that you have two 150,000 a year jobs, right?” I see a twitch of interest from both associates. “Your office is the one with the great view”. As I point to the horizon over the port bow railing of Reel Moments and ask. “How do you like the view from my office?” Now the two associates are really listening.

“You’re 62, I’m 51 and you’re still there, only wanting to be here. I’m already here and have absolutely no desire to be there, but I’m 11 years younger, so I ask you, what’s wrong with your picture?” Before he even had a chance to utter a word, I volunteer “never mind, I have no more questions counselor”.

Always wanted to do that to a lawyer ever since I watched Perry Mason on T.V. By this time the other two were holding in their laughter… it was so obvious. The three of us enjoyed our second dive and the counselor, well, he didn’t feel much like diving anymore. Checkmate!

Enjoy an excellent youtube from Brother John about China having already taken over the world’s economies… long ago.  China has already taken over the world as far as being the economic leader a long time ago. The uniformed western world is, as usual, the last to know. I’ve been there and you can’t begin to imagine the cities. Chonquoing alone hosts a population of 28,846,170 in 2010. Just one of their midsized cities that has a greater population than the 15 largest American cities combined, which totals 28,050,938.  Nothing remotely close in the western world even exists. I’ve linked to a chart of the largest U.S. Cities by population. People, again wake up.  You’re not being informed of anything you need to know. The MSM is attempting to keep its citizens in total darkness, and they’re doing a dammed good job of it.

List of United States cities by population – Wikipedia, the free

Next, Nigel Farage has a worthy blog from two days ago. And I finish off with an excellent clip from South Park about teaching your kid to save. You’ll get a good laugh, in-spite of the sad truth it’s actually trying to get across. Enjoy them all.  As always they’re worth your time.

Silver Update 8/10/12 – American Delusion

 Nigel Farage – They Will Collapse The System & Enslave People

“Today MEP (Member European Parliament) Nigel Farage spoke with King World News about what he described as the possibility of, “a really dramatic banking collapse.” Farage also warned that central planners want to enslave and imprison people inside of a ‘New Order,’ and he described the situation as “horrifying.”Farage also discussed gold, but first, here is what he had to say about the ongoing financial crisis: “Governments don’t have the courage to tell the people that we cannot afford to go on living the way that we are. We’ve really failed very badly in having honest politics, so we have this gross and very grave debt problem.””

Have to see this clip from South Park. It’s amazes me how true to life, and the little hidden messages that come out in these shows. No wonder they say they are the more real to life actual comparison emanating from ‘The Simpsons’ than all other dramas on today’s T.V. Ever wonder why they call it T.V. Programing? You’ll have a great laugh, and today everyone could use one.

Southpark – Importance Of Saving Money

Until next time, this is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.



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