Carwashes in The Dominican Republic, Getting Clean Was Never So Much Fun

Monarka Car Wash In Cabrera. Where the fun never stops.

Monarka Car Wash In Cabrera. Where the fun never stops.

Hi guys its Barry in D.R. I’m at the car wash and it’s just another shitty day in paradise. Had an hour to kill and it’s been about a month since I last had the car washed. Figured I’d break down and splurge. In the Dominican Republic the car washes are a part of the local culture and socializing. What? You’re asking, A cash wash? Yes a car wash. When you’re actually living in truly free environment things don’t work the same way they do living over in the land of the free.

My Buddy's Aris and Esmely Purveyor's Of Fine Spirits and Clean Cars

My Buddy’s Aris and Esmely Purveyor’s Of Fine Spirits and Clean Cars

At the local car washes in the D.R. not only can you get the usual inside/out polish and shine the tires you get it done totally by hand for about 2.50 U.S. Hell of a deal you’re thinking but still what’s so different? While you’re getting your car cleaned why not have a couple rums or beers while you’re waiting? Feel like dancing with your mate why not? There is always time and space to swing to the latest tunes while your car’s being washed? There’s great music at all local car washes in the D.R. Hungry why not have a snack or better yet sit down at one of the many tables and enjoy a great homemade meal for three or four dollars.

Was a hell of a party. Brugal Rum and Monarka Car Wash Two Names You Can Trust For Hell Of a Good Time

Yes the people in the D.R. Know how to live and embrace a simple stress free way of life that few other places can equal. They find ways to make the everyday routine something to look forward to because they know how to live. This unfortunately is something that the people of the western world have let slip into infinity, so sad but so true.

Now just try to even remotely see this happening where you live. The rules and regulations, Government intervention, zoning are just a few of the road blocks that would ultimately stop such fun from ever happening.

Some of The Many Happy People With Very Dirty Cars In Cabrera

Some of The Many Happy People With Very Dirty Cars In Cabrera

I’ve saved the best part for last. Look at the big picture here. You DRIVEyour car to the car wash, don’t you? If you choose to you can have a few drinks while you’re waiting for the car to be finished. Nobody has big brother looking over your shoulder here. While I’m not promoting drinking and driving the point I’m trying to make is here you’re given credit for being able to make your own decisions. You know like an adult should be. Yes I know it’s strange but there are places you can actually be treated as an adult.

Domino's- A Violent 3rd World Game You've Probably Heard Of. Blood Shedding Competition's Held Regularly at Monarka Car Wash

Domino’s- A Violent 3rd World Game You’ve Probably Heard Of. Blood Shedding Competition’s Held Regularly at Monarka Car Wash

I know most people are having trouble making sense of this but what more can you expect from a country that has drive up ATM’S in braille. Most are so brainwashed it actually makes sense to have artificial lemons in their lemon aid and real lemons in their dish washing soap. Once again I plead only choices never right or wrong.

3-Fillet's of Fresh Caught Grouper, Fries a Drink and Free Internet All For Around 4.00 U.S.

3-Fillet’s of Fresh Caught Grouper, Fries a Drink and Free Internet All For Around 4.00 U.S.

Right about now the car’s

being soaped down by hand. In the meantime you start feeling pretty good after a beer or two so you shuffle on down to the dance floor. Start working up a sweat hey let’s cool it down with another beer. Worked up a pretty good hunger and you stare over at the next table. Wow that guy’s steak looks good. I think I’ll have one medium well with fresh potatoes. Delicious meal, by now the car has been ready two hours ago so let’s total this whole deal up.

You get nervous cause you know this is gonna cost ya big time. The bill arrives your scared to unfold it and see the numbers at the bottom. It’s now open and you have to look twice because it’s about fourteen dollars U.S. for the whole deal. Yep the car wash, drinks, steak everything all included. You’re so shocked you sit back down in amazement and order another beer because you can’t believe it.

Fish Car Was and Polish Drink All For Just Over Ten Bucks. Look Good Eh?

Fish Car Was and Polish Drink All For Just Over Ten Bucks. Look Good Eh?

NOW THAT’S freedom D.R. style and that’s why we live here. I’ve always thought those words: the land of the free sounds more like the title of a good book. A history book in fact for those still living in the western world. Why not be free of the land instead? It’s just juggling a couple of words around that will change you whole outlook on life. In Cabrera Dominican Republic we live free in the land we chose and for us that’s the best of all choices.

Today I’ve selected an excellent Q+A from Jeff Berwick. I chose this as many of my listeners seem to be facing similar situations so I thought it would be helpful for them to see just how common it really is. Secondly the NDAA why such a huge development and still no one’s talking about it. Finally from Russia Today what I thought was an excellent example of why most of your friends are clueless and you just can’t seem to get their eyes opened to see truth. An provocative example of how the media removes truth and replaces it with the Disney fiction that the western world sucks up like a Slurpee. I’m confident you will gain from reading and watching today’s choices.


 Dear Slavery – August 14th Edition

“Dear Slavey, I am stuck in the USSA because of family. I have a small amount of money in the bank, have a mortgage on a house, a shabby job, a wife who is not on board and grandchildren. What is the best advice you can give me for what is coming? How can I best prepare for the insanity that is soon to come? I live in a townhouse in the Philadelphia, PA, suburbs. I have also been very vocal about my political opinions in public and online.””Eliminate toxic people. I’m not particularly religious anymore (a polite way of saying I’m an atheist after some serious fundamentalist Christian brainwashing in my childhood), but I do like to pull the occasional Biblical quote out of my ass when it suits the occasion.”


NDAA: The Most Important Lawsuit in American History that No One is Talking About

“Despite a mainstream media blackout on the topic, the alternative media is abuzz with this week’s hearing on the constitutionality of the clearly unconstitutional NDAA.  In case you don’t remember, section 1021 of the NDAA, which Obama signed into law …”


Exposed: ‘Auschwitz-like’ US death camp hospital in Kabul

“Exposed: ‘Auschwitz-like’ US death camp hospital in Kabul Senior US military officers blew the whistle on horrific conditions at the National Military Hospital in Kabul. They revealed some graphic images, showing severely neglected, starving patients at the hospital, which the US military sponsors and helps oversee. Witnesses describe the conditions there as “Auschwitz-like” – lacking basic necessities.”


Have you ever given thought to what a parachute and your mind share in common? I guess not but in fact it’s really important to consider. Either one works unless it’s opened and if either fails to open at the right time it could easily mean your demise.

I have found in my life that there are really only four things that you can never recover. The hurt after it’s inflicted. The word after it’s been said. The occasion after it’s passed and TIME after it’s been spent. That is why you’ve heard me mention on several previous blogs… “Our most precious commodity is a good teacher”. I hope by now you can understand I’m referring to Time. This is Barry In D.R. and I’m out.


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