The Political World,The Economic World and The Fiat World. What The Hell Happened To THE REAL WORLD

See The Real World. It's Worth The Effort.

See The Real World. It’s Worth The Effort.

Hi Guys its Barry in D.R. Not much is happening today. Once again just hanging around under my favorite Mango tree. One of our cats is beside me craving attention as she always does whenever either of us is in the garden. She just loves to roll around in the grass and play all day long. We grow most of our own fruit, spice and vegetables so one of us is always close by. Here in the D.R. it’s so easy to grow just about anything you can imagine.

This is coming from a guy who once got depressed because he bought a cactus and a week later it died. I got depressed after realizing, shit I’m less nurturing that a desert!! In the D.R. all throughout this wonderful country there are over 70 different fruits and vegetables that grow. Most are year round. As experienced as I am with seeing the many parts of the world it’s the opposite when it comes to growing things. If I can do it then for sure you can only better.

I was scouting for what I thought would be interesting for today’s blog post. One of the posts that I came across is an excellent YOU TUBE featuring Dr. Michael J. Burry. He was heading up the commencement speech at UCLA economics 2012 Graduation. I’ve read some of his work in the past and his accuracy of not only predicting future trends but saying what needs to be said regardless of who he is talking about is professional grade. This MUST WATCH video touches on the way Government tried to intervene and even arrest him for asking the right questions and pointing fingers at exactly the right people.

You know the ones who are now saying all this economic collapse was unforeseeable. He saw it though with marksman accuracy. Actually he made a fortune by shorting America as he put it. While I may have not made the same fortune on a monetary point I shorted America years ago and created a life in Cabrera, Dominican Republic that you couldn’t even put a dollar figure on. Once again it all resorts back to making choices and not being either right and wrong.

As I usually do when preparing my blog posts I enjoy a cold beer or rum and fruit juice. Today’s treat of choice is a Presidente poured into a tall clear glass. While I was thinking of what words might assist me in my never ending goal of creating open minds out of rusted traps I stared into my glass. As I’m staring at the gold colored liquid an interesting thought had occurred.

My listeners already know I inherited a lot of my fathers ways of viewing things. To this day I can still hear him say such things like: Son speaking of views have you ever noticed that the view looking from the inside out is vastly different than looking from the outside in?

In reality views do vary greatly whether you’re observing from above and looking down or from below looking above. From above the surface of the sea or from below all views are different. Some larger some smaller but all visual effects are different when viewed from a different perspective. In fact everything we see while underwater has the effect of looking 25% larger than it actually is. Who knows perhaps that’s where the saying came from that says there’s no fish as large as the one that was almost caught. But the point I’m asking you all to see (pardon the pun) is there are differences.

Here’s another good example of what I’m referring to. We’ve all heard people make comments like the following. “God, they’re not even American and they get all the benefits and all we get are the taxes“. That’s an example of inside looking out. The other side may be thinking “you have it so easy in your country it’s unfair“. There’s an example of outside looking in. How can they both be correct? They can’t be. Its distorted views so neither is clear. Separation creates clarity and this is just one more example of it.

My partner has been trying to get a travel visa to accompany me on some of my networking trips for over three years now. Being born in the Dominican Republic has its disadvantages, that is just one of them. Inside looking out. But as an expat you’re free to come and go as you please. You’re treated with a elevated level of respect because you’re from the outside looking in.

In fact most 3rd world countries provide an excellent lifestyle if you’re an expat. But you can be sure in the land of the free they don’t want you to know that, so the MSM does its best to keep the tax cows in the barn. Mexico, Argentina, Brazil or the D.R. it doesn’t matter because your view is one of looking from the outside in. We just like the D.R. best. Their Governments know you can leave at any time you choose to. They’re also well aware that you’re helping local stores, restaurants and bars. Helping the economy and thus easing the burden on what otherwise would amount to a lower standard of life for their citizens. If you have a friendly personality and speak the universal language called a smile, you can get just about anything you’re looking for. It’s all up to you. In the end either the microscope or the telescope you tell me which has the grander view? They both lead to infinity.

The balance of today’s post are two additional youtubes dealing with the deception that the western world has accepted as truth.   The second is from a rather out spoken source named Adam Kokesh. His blog is called: Adam Verses the Man (AVTM). I find Adam an interesting source to occasionally feature his views as  most times his topics are  straight and to the point. Good Information without all the sugarcoated garbage associated with so many other sites. His topics deal with libertarian related subjects and he sticks with that often overlooked area by most of the cut and paste hi volume websites that are currently out there. His youtube discusses that the Ron Paul supporters have been led down both a dark path and a deceiving one as well. You will find this worth watching as you will really see how Adam has been personally hurt by this. Adam was a very big supporter in the Paul campaign.

Last is an excellent podcast featuring Ann Barnhardt titled: “If you’re still in these markets you’re either stupid or on drugs“. Although none of these points are really new it does raise a great question of why are people not running away from these Ponzi schemes at Flash Gordon speed? Ann states “The big news within the last few days relative to the PFG case is the 7th circuit court of appeals decision relative to the Sentinel Management Group. You’re screwed period” I’m closing the post with two good articles well worth your time reading. You had better wake up and start thinking for yourself. They say the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality during the times of great crisis. For many I hope this is not true.

I’m going to pigeon hole this, as most people simply are not aware or don’t have the desire to look into these events any further. Due to your “reliable” resources of information, mainstream media (MSM), you choose as your beacon of truth, you are still not understanding this. YOU’RE SCREWED… Period end of story. I can’t pigeon hole it any clearer than that. Two simple words fellow American citizens, like it or not, better get used to hearing, “YOU’RE SCREWED”!

Take Sentinel Management Group for instance. The F.B.I. way back in 2007 indicted them in a full-fledged fraud scam. Yes the dreaded word Ponzi surfaces once again. Not another word until two days ago. And M.F. Global. The decision at trial…. they’re all walking away free. Corzine is actually going to open up a new fund company so he can rub it in your face just how SCREWED you really are. P.F.G. funds vaporized into thin air by a “computer malfunction”. What bull. Where were the dam funds before this “Malfunction” happened. YOU’RE SCREWED!

Listeners, you should read the findings of the 7th circuit court of appeals. It’s clearly states, although in a not so clear verbiage, the following: When you enter into an agreement with any firm, bank, investment company, or mutual company you are at times deemed to be either a customer, a creditor or an investor. You are actually giving them permission to use your funds and you’re not even aware of it. If you don’t know the rules of these games, guess what? YOU’RE SCREWED…. get it! In today’s market you shouldn’t worry about a return on your investment but rather a RETURN OF YOUR INVESTMENT.

Quit this game and grab what you have while you still have something to grab. Get lost and start enjoying your life. Stop searching for saviors. Just walk away from this corrupt system. And when enough, if enough, ever do walk away then it will crush all by itself under the very sandy foundation it was erected on in the first place.

If your waiting for news to come to you… don’t. Trust me, you will always be very disappointed in the delivery boy. Do your own research and ask questions, lots of questions. If the answers are too difficult to understand you’re probably not being told the truth. War is when the Government tells you who the bad guy is; revolution is when you decide that for yourself. We are all born geniuses, don’t let life De-genius you. This is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.

Dr. Michael J. Burry at UCLA Economics Commencement 2012


AVTM: Ron Paul Basically Kicked His Supporters in The Nuts!


Ann Barnhardt: You’re Screwed!


The west has just become a giant banana republic

“August 16, 2012 Carthage, Tunisia Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has made an admirable habit of enraging western governments over the last few years, particularly the United States. Most notably, his release of classified diplomatic documents in 2010 proved ruthlessly embarrassing, shining a spotlight on the absurd, petty little world of international relations. Ever since, the”


   The Fiat World

“Not only that, but thanks to decades of public indoctrination camps that would make Vladimir Lenin jealous and an onslaught of television programming most people today don’t even realize that almost everything has been stolen from underneath them and they are left holding worthless items instead.”
“Jeff goes on to tell of more proof that TEOTMSAWKI is not decades but years or months away and the rest of the August Issue goes to offer solutions, advice and analysis on surviving it.  Don’t be a slave and think your gold card means you own gold.  Find out the truth today.”



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