Taiwan Signs Yuan Clearing Deal With China, It’s Starting to Progress Faster Be careful People!!

Count your New Change Correctly

Count your New Change Correctly

Hi Guys this is Barry in D.R. Just going to make a quick post to all listeners as I’m not anywhere even close to the mango tree for the next few days. I actually should be saying this is Barry from Panera Bread as that’s where I’m mooching the WIFI from. I miss Cabrera already.

Gosh the change in views is actually an amazing educational moment. If only you could see what I see. Looking from the outside in on every trip I’m seeing the vast changes in the western world. People very rarely smile here anymore. Sorry but this is a fact. People all seem to be mottling around doing whatever they’re doing but there’s no smiles. Just blank looking expressions on what I would say are about 90% of the people.

Since I’ve got no time I’m cutting right to the point of this post. It’s a follow up and additional information on the currency that China is pushing to the countries of the world…. and guess what? Their all accepting it with open arms. They know what’s right around the corner with the American Dollar. This my friends, spells not so far down the road. DISASTER!

Posting only one article as I feel it’s that important for you to know. Please forgive the short post and lack of luster but it’s my loyal listeners that are my prime concern. READ AND ACT… you really are running out of time faster than you’re thinking. This is Barry from Panera Bread and I’m out.

Taiwan Signs Yuan Clearing Deal With China




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