Perhaps You Should Know Where The Often Misused Term 3rd World Actually Came From

The Main Event. Get Stuffed For Under Three Dollars

The Main Event. Get Stuffed For Under Three Dollars

Hi Guys its Barry In D.R. Just waiting for our big event of the week to come on over. Every Thursday is what some of us longtime residents refer to as the MAIN EVENT. See our local pizza place has a two for one deal every Thursday and our good friends are about to come on over.  Now you’re probably thinking what’s the big deal about that? As I’ve always said: perceptions change depending on what angle you’re viewing from. You might be thinking no big deal but for us in Cabrera simple is still superior. Read on this will make perfect sense in a minute.

My Vision Of What 3rd World Is

My Vision Of What 3rd World Is

If I were to ask what do you think the odds are that a farmer here in the D.R. will suddenly wake up tomorrow morning with a craving for a Starbucks double iced mocha cappuccino. Of course you’re going to say zero, no way, never happen, and you’re right. Then ask yourself WHY? That all important word again…. WHY. It’s not what you may think. The answer is because it’s not in his blood. One can’t crave what one never experienced. That goes for anything. Money, fame, drugs… if it’s not already in the blood you can’t crave it. You can’t miss what you don’t know. Don’t under estimate the power of these last couple of sentences. It’s the single biggest reason why America is going to soon suffer more than any other nation in the world.

Our Third World Dangerous Beaches. The Street Gang Is Just Cooling Off For A While

Our Third World Dangerous Beaches. The Street Gang Is Just Cooling Off For A While

See you’ve all gotten used to having everything right at your fingertips. Take for example Wall Mart, Target, convenience stores, drug stores, hospitals, and food of every variety… all at the snap of your spoiled little fingers. Best Buy, Super Stores and bulk food discount centers. “SNAP” goes the fingers and here we are again. Presto and right before your eyes it’s appears like magic. Hate to be the one informing you but very soon the next snap of the fingers and presto it’s gone! The things you’ve mistakenly come to recognize as value are suddenly gone.

Take Notice Of The Expression Of Terror On the Faces Of us Living In a 3rd World Country

Take Notice Of The Expression Of Terror On the Faces Of us Living In a 3rd World Country

Unfortunately for you the cravings still linger in your blood. It’s because you’re hooked that you still are craving them. That’s right, you’re a junkie and if you disagree then show me the book where it’s written that to be a junkie means you have to be addicted to illegal drugs. I’ll save you some valuable time “you won’t find it”.

It’s a mime, just the same way you’ve grown to believe that a relationship has to last forever to be considered successful. What kind of crap is that? If you believe that is accurate… so what you’re telling me, in essence, is that the longer an abusive relationship goes on the better that relationship is.

Your MSM Twisted Version Of What a 3rd World Country Is

Your MSM Twisted Version Of What a 3rd World Country Is

I don’t think so. Some of our most successful relationships have lasted less than an hour. You think about that, and if you want, place a comment below the article and let me know whether you agree or don’t.  I’ll answer back, and if enough people do comment I’ll be happy to post a blog about the subject.  I’m confident you would find it to be a fascinating subject.

Politicians are addicted to power. Bankers are addicted to money. Actors are addicted to fame, get my point? They’re all junkies!! Withdrawal takes time, lots of time and is very painful because the mind keeps reverting back to what it’s become accustomed to receiving. A cigarette smoker, heroin addict or even an alcoholic…. it doesn’t matter as they are all only effects. The actual cause still remains, because it’s already in the person’s blood. Review some of my earlier articles as they mention “the cause is always hidden so all we ever see are the effects.”

Look at the Obamas, Bernanke’s, Romney’s of the world and we see them every single day. Of course we do, they are only the effects. How many times are you seeing the actual cause? That’s right, the elite. Other than mentioning them as a shadow, imageless group under one title “The Elite”. We never see anything other than that, the elite. Because that is the cause, and the cause is always hidden so all you will ever see is the effects.

Another mime you’ve been brought up to believe as truth is the term “3rd world country”. The MSM has twisted this term to make the uninformed mistakenly believe that they are dangerous places with corrupt violent undertones. When corruption is mentioned, you should actually be thinking of the real metal winners. The United States, Europe and Canada. There’s your gold, silver and bronze winners in a nutshell. As always, one should consider doing some research and come up with the truth for a change.  SNAP those fingers one more time and on goes the T.V. to gather your information. Such a sad state of affairs when you’re viewing the situation from the outside looking in.

A good friend of mine summed it up best when he told me he has figured out in only one sentence what happened to America. “America traded what worked for what sounded good.” I added on to that: “no matter what price you sell yourself for it never represents the total cost”. I really hope my listeners can readjust their way of thinking. If not, the results are going to be nothing short of catastrophic.

The term “3rd world” actually came about right after World War 2 ended. Post World War 2 the world split into 2 main world’s, the capitalist west considered the first world, and the communist/Socialist east considered the second world.  The term third world came from the countries that had not determined which system they fit into and that there was basically a battle going on between the west and east to push their systems onto this undefined “third” world.  The way one can interpret this is that the third world doesn’t have a defined system and we still have the ability to define it.

Post World War 2, the first World had already moved into a Socialist philosophy and hence ended up exporting Socialism. You could potentially link this to how the U.S rebuilds nations (such as Iraq) – public schools, public medicine, public roads – all socialist ideals are the things the West ends up exporting. I’m betting it’s vastly different than what you thought the term meant, isn’t it? It would be to your advantage to start questioning everything you thought you knew to be correct. You’re going to be very surprised at the end results.

Remember a junkie needs to be weaned off of the addiction a little at a time. This is not a light switch type of change over. It’s not going to be an on and off deal but rather an awakening from a deep sleep and slowly opening and readjusting your eyes to what is really being seen, perhaps for the very first time. Once awake though, you will have an internal feeling of strength instead of helplessness. An alert mind will replace that end-of-the-world feeling many experience when even the slightest thing goes wrong. It won’t cloud your thought or your day…. you’ll be focused.

Did you know the word enthusiasm comes from the Greek Latin word Entheos which means the god within? So when someone is enthused this just might explain why they work at their goals with such endurance. They never seem to get tired.  Another mime is that enthusiasm is connected with  only positive goals. One can be enthused for negative as well. Both enthusiasm and motivation have falsely been connected to mean only for a positive purposes so don’t get fooled by it.

Today I’ve selected three articles along with one short YouTube. First off is “Welcome to the 3rd World Part Seven”. I’m confident, now that you understand where the term came from, you will have a broader understanding of this piece than 99% of the others who have read it. Second in line is how America got snubbed while Europe made progress in the latest meetings in China. Third up is about over three tons of food, raided from a grocery warehouse. Talk about stacking!! And batting cleanup in forth is a short YouTube. A reporter’s chance at one of the Rockefeller boys.

Hope you are beginning to understand one more of the universal laws that I try to live my life by. We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. You need to grab on to this. My final thought of the day….. I’d like you to consider is this. The public will believe anything, so long as it’s not founded on truth. This is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.

Welcome to the Third World, Part 7: Bye Bye, Public Services

“Meredith Whitney was an obscure Oppenheimer & Co. bank analyst back in 2008 when she broke from the pack and predicted Armageddon. She was right, the pack was wrong, and she parlayed her new-found fame into a research boutique of her own. Last year she went for it again, predicting that the next big crisis […]”


Merkel and Clinton Go To China: One Makes Deals, The Other Gets Snubbed


Breakdown: Three Tons of Food Looted From Grocery Stores In Spain As Millions Struggle

“In Spain, a country that just a few years ago was heralded as a shining example of real estate entrepreneurship, international tourism and a rising middle class, the situation is so bad that many are unable to meet the most basic necessities for life.”


John D Rockefeller And His Eugenics Agenda (Video)

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