My Three Days In America Was Just Shocking. God Help These Uninformed Fools


Typical American Hard At Work Acquiring Their Information. Good Luck You're Going To Need It

Typical American Hard At Work Acquiring Their Information. Good Luck You’re Going To Need It

Hi guys its Barry in D.R. Glad to be back in Cabrera once again. I’ve taken care of my business and had a couple of days to spend with family. While in the states I was invited to a couple of Labor Day parties and managed to attend both. It was a wonderful experience attending parties on the other side of the pond once again. It was quite interesting chatting with all the folks who have been to the D.R. I really enjoy listening to their personal views. From the expert cruise ship people to the all-inclusive professionals, everyone seems to be an island expert. I now have a new understanding why so many haven’t got a clue about what they’re talking about when it comes to this country. However it was very entertaining to say the least.

One Of My Neighbors Everyday He Has The Same Greeting. Oh Yea He's 94.

One Of My Neighbors Everyday He Has The Same Greeting. Oh Yea He’s 94.

One of the interesting points that was made over and over was how nice the people are and more importantly how come they are always so happy. Can you believe it? Like there’s something wrong about being happy. One fellow was very accurate in his perception and I quote: “Those people know something about how to enjoy life that we just don’t have a clue here in America. Here we are with everything at out finger tips and look around you. Nobody seems happy here. We walk around with these sad expressions or out in left field glares all day long. What don’t we know?” That brought up an excellent point.

Another Neighbor About 88 and Still Enjoys The Dancing Along With The Brugal

Another Neighbor About 88 and Still Enjoys The Dancing Along With The Brugal

While I was mingling around and meeting several of the guests, it was very apparent that the vast majority still is very clueless on what’s about to take place. I’d drop in a hint or two just to test how cold the water was and their answers were almost too much to bear. I’d hear the petro dollar will always be the method of exchange, or we’re already climbing out of the recent economic problems. It makes me sad to see such highly regurgitated people still so damned stupid and clueless. Of course then the illuminated comments about another four more years of Obama will cure everything. I had to agree it will fix everything, but not in any way close to how they were referring it would.

Our Friend Carolyn

Our Friend Carolyn

Then out of nowhere the republicans in the crowd came out and had to voice their opinions about how their candidate (Mitt for Brains) Romney would be the ticket to patch the flat tire called America. Just made me shake my head in disbelief.

None of them mentioned the need to accumulate hard real assets. To start stockpiling food, meds, and basic needs never even mentioned by this scholarly bunch. Not even mentioning the need for weapons, ammo, protective gear and a good used tank if you can find one. Best one of all, nothing about the importance of a good solid escape plan including moving your assets out of the nation. Of course not, as for them, there’s nothing really wrong to begin with. All I can say is God help these fools.

My Brother, My Partner and The Good Times

My Brother, My Partner and The Good Times

Tuesday morning and it’s time to head on back to the airport. A recent new informed friend of mine was nice enough to not only pick me up, but drop me off for my return flight. One of the best things I enjoy about blogging is the similar minded people who over time become friends. Really helps me get over the people I’ve tried to help but just won’t even do any research to accept or dismiss the thought. Work with the ones who want to work. This I restate to all my listeners one more time. You already know how draining it is to re-commission the dead.

My friend along with my mom and myself all enjoyed a great breakfast. Then came the goodbye hugs along with my mom’s tears. I hate that part but I know she loves to be around me and really misses me when I’m gone. Then it was off to the airport. The part I hate most is all those dumb questions.

First at the ticket counter it commences. Can I see your return ticket please? No, I don’t have one as I live in the D.R. Oh really? Yes Really? Can you prove it? Yes look at the passport and you’ll see the last stamp was an exit from the country. I went on to assist in explaining that if you exit one country that is where you would be returning to, right? She seemed so confused and went on to ask if I had other proof. I decided to hand her my D.R. cedula which would be like a citizen’s I/D card here in the states. She looks like she’s still lost and begins to explain how she will have to make a photocopy of it. Not going to happen I stated. I figured this will not go anywhere and ask if I could see the managing party at the counter.

I explain to him and ask if he would look at the stamps in the passport and make some common sense out of this simple situation. Well I just learned that the funniest thing about common sense is, it’s not all that common. I took my last attempt to solve this no problem situation and showed him one of my business cards. He goes on it’s in Spanish I can’t read it. I yelled back at this point and right in front of his face. Of course it is, I live in the FUC**N Dominican Republic!!!!! Finally he says you don’t have to be so rude I’m only doing my job. My last response was, if you were doing your job we wouldn’t be having this discussion would we? So off my cheerful butt goes to meet up with the Homeland security gorillas.

I go through the scanner and as always I get “may we open this carton”. I always move my metals from country to country. It’s never a problem if you know what you’re allowed to carry and how to do it. He begins to look at my walking liberties and asks me what these are? So I tell him I collect U.S. coins and that they are one dollar coins that most people don’t use anymore as the paper dollar is easier to carry. He says wow!  He goes that’s a nice box they come in too. O.K. Have a good flight. Easy as always.

Traveling to the gate the flight was delayed because of a hard rain. No problem it’s understandable but the A/C in the plane wasn’t working. Hot as hell for half an hour on the tarmac. And we’re off, once we’re at altitude the air of course is nice and cold. Slept for the short two hour flight to the D.R. Upon landing I made my way to customs where the Dominican Customs officer began their grueling interrogation. He asks me ERES Americano? I said Si. He said Bienbenidos (welcome) and forgot to take my paperwork. God I love this country!!! Went on to pick up my car that I parked at the airport for four days, paid a grand total of twelve dollars.  Stopped to grab a couple of beers to enjoy while driving home and here I am back in the zona I love most. I missed my wife, cats and of course the mango tree.

Checking out what I thought was worth you reading, I came across four articles. The first is dealing with the mistakes people are making believing that their Government actually knows what they’re doing. A Train wreck statement if ever I heard one. Secondly titled “everything won’t be alright.” An excellent comparison to what I just went through on my trip. Complacent people who are heading for slaughter without even a clue of what’s about to happen to them. Third up is an informative article about the Euro zone. I try to stay away from this because it’s already so over publicized on other sites but felt it had some recent and worth-reading news. None of it changes my thoughts about getting off the tracks first and then acquiring the details if you feel it’s worth the time. Last is by Doug Casey entitled: Doug Casey predicts day of reckoning is near. I say no sh*t but Doug is always worth the read whenever he puts it to print its educational. Never a disappointment as in my view he’s the Bestus Festus.

Glad to be back and running. Remember success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal. It doesn’t happen all at once. Keep the trust in yourself, when you trust in yourself you are actually trusting in the source that created you. Until tomorrow this is Barry in D.R. and I’m out.

Some Of The Really Bad Things That Could Happen If You Do Not Prepare For The Coming Economic Collapse

” Most people just assume that since things have always been a certain way that they will always be that way in the future.  Most people just have blind faith that the people running our government and our financial system know exactly what they are doing and that they are doing their best to take care […]”

Everything Won’t Be Alright

” Looking around at those… around me family, friends, acquaintances and random faces in the crowd of apathy the level of complacency is so concentrated I can taste it, yet I can’t even describe how bad it tastes. I’m not really talking about the understanding people lack about the numerous predicaments we face as a species that’s definitely there too… but what I’m talking about is even worse. It’s the assumption that we can just go about our day to day lives, doing our day to day work, having Read more…”

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Doug Casey Predicts Day of Economic Reckoning Is Near



Inter Milan September 8, 2012 at 9:55 am

How-do-you-do? an amazing blog post dude. Thnkx But I’m having problem with ur rss feed. Unable to subscribe. Is there anybody else facing similar rss feed issue? Anybody who knows please respond. Thanks in advance

Barry September 8, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Thank you for your kind words. We have changed the RSS feed button and you can now easily find it. Hope this helps and pass the word around. As silver bumped up dramatically this past ten days its a good/bad signal. Time is running short so stay tuned but more importantly plan for yourself and your family. Stay Blessed, Barry

Jonny September 23, 2012 at 5:57 pm

Hello Barry…

Found you on SGT man.. 🙂

Got a question.. Having an escape road, sure, very important.
One thing though, D.R. for us europeans is pretty far off. Plus, i´m not sure about island countries..
´Coz of the water supply can be pretty bad, and also power outages can happen more easily than on mainland etc…

What other countries have you heard about as being still comparably free?


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